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a mainstream comedy that actually works
Buddy-5128 February 2010
Kevin Klaven (Paul Rudd) hasn't a friend in the world - or so he realizes when he becomes engaged to Zooey (Rashida Jones) and finds he can't come up with a single male buddy to be in his wedding party. The solution? Go out and make some platonic guy friends, even if it means having to rely on your mommy (Jane Curtin) and your gay younger brother (Andy Samberg) to help you do it. Eventually, after a number of faltering attempts, Kevin alights on Sydney (Jason Segel), a mucho macho bundle of testosterone who, like a latter-day Henry Higgins to Kevin's Eliza Doolittle, instructs the awkward lad on the fine art of "being a man." But as with any good teacher/pupil relationship, each side winds up learning a little something from the other before it's all over.

A straight man far more comfortable in the company of women than of men, Kevin emerges as the ultimate metrosexual figure: fastidious in demeanor, sensitive to the needs of others, and courteous to a fault (he even admits to liking "The Devil Wears Prada" in a moment of unguarded weakness). He doesn't really know how to roughhouse it with the boys, and any efforts he makes in that direction inevitably lead to failure. Until our man Sydney steps into the breach to give him a few badly needed pointers, that is.

Smoothly directed by John Hamburg, "I Love You, Man" is a relaxed, breezy and sharply written male-bonding comedy that - miracle of miracles - doesn't play down to its audience (it may be crude at times, but it's rarely childish). The Hamburg/Larry Levin screenplay does a clever job poking fun at the double entendres inherent in any modern-day bromance, though one wishes certain characters - Kevin's family members, in particular - had been allotted a little more in the way of screen time. That being said, the performances are all first-rate, with Rudd and Segel playing to their respective strengths - Rudd's of the tongue-tied, self-effacing Mr. Nice Guy who needs lessons in "manning up," and Segel's of the refreshingly blunt but socially indelicate Man/Child who clearly needs to do some growing up.

There's additional excellent work from J.K. Simmons, Jamie Pressly, Sarah Burns and Rob Huebel, among others.

It's also a bit of a casting coup to get both Jane Curtin from the first generation of SNL players and Andy Samberg from the current one together in the same film. Finally, some unlikely cameo appearances by Lou Ferrigno and the band Rush, all appearing as themselves, add to the spirit of fun that permeates the film.
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A Nutshell Review: I Love You, Man
DICK STEEL14 June 2009
I Love You, Man is a delightful film not just for its brand of humour which worked almost all the time, nor because it stars the bunch of contemporary jokers who have taken Hollywood by storm, but because it had a meaningful story to tell, and has translated that key insight of friendships and relationships for the big screen effortlessly, wrapping up some deep, intrinsic behavioural observation deceptively behind a curtain of laughter.

Like the 40 Year Old Virgin in its quest for a woman to get laid with to pop his cherry, this film works on the reverse in its protagonist's quest for a male friend, since Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) has no problems with female friendship as he's the quintessential ladies man, only that he's about to marry his fiancé Zooey (Rashida Jones). Since the bride has a maid of honour, it's up to Peter to find a balance in a best man, only that he hasn't really had a man friend for the longest time, and so begins a crazy montage of hooking up with casual friends in the hope of striking gold.

It might seem like a hypothetical situation, but as the film progressed, it brings to mind how many of us have friends (male or female) that we sometimes take for granted in knowing that they'll always be there for us. Only a reality check brings up the fact that everyone has their own personal lives to lead, and it wouldn't be nice to impose (mid-life crisis singles, hands up here), especially not with an ulterior motive. Some of us too when having a girlfriend, tend to allow male friends to fall on the wayside as we skirt chase, and depending on whether you get someone who provides that much leeway as Zooey, you can kiss goodbye to those male-bonding sessions.

Then there's the difference between the premise of a girl's night out, and a guy's, and the dynamics of what happens within the groups. It can be somewhat stereotypical here in the film, but you get the drift as the film lays it all out on the table, with the girls talking about the boy-stuff behind their backs, and the worst bit being that cause for comparison, and the guys, well, talk about what else, sex! There are some lines clearly drawn here in what can, or cannot be discussed, and how much of that you can bring to the table, and how much you can take away from. A secret's a secret, and should stay that way with clear segregation in order to prevent upsetting anyone. Talk about compromises and "truth".

If what you're saying is that it reeks of hypocrisy, then yes, sometimes it does, and the married couple played by Jaime Pressly and Jon Favreau (yes, he who directed Iron Man) epitomizes the crankiness of a marriage with its idiosyncrasies, and the hypocrisies that come with presenting a united front, and worse of all, trading favours in both directions. They have some of the best lines and insane moments in the film, and poor Jon has got to suffer two verbal abuses (for you to watch and find out).

Many of us who have remembered Jason Segel's comical turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and here he cuts his Sydney Fife both ways, one an alpha male type who seems way cool with his frat boy sensibilities, which is actually a facade for a lonely life he leads in his garage where he can be the man he actually is. As the friendship between Peter and Sydney grow from their numerous hanging out sessions, from short drinking sessions to weekend rendezvous just to jam to their favourite tunes, so too does the strain in Peter and Zooey's relationship, because as the saying goes, two's a company, and three's a crowd. This aspect serves as an adversary in the film, though it doesn't come unexpected when it suddenly dawns upon Peter that he can't have two birds in one hand. Being the novice in this aspect of a man-friend relationship here, there are many times Peter trips up, and the experienced us would know that it's perfect danger territory to find yourself in.

And who would have thought friendship and relationships could be such a chore, especially when expectations start flying around being that spanner ready to be thrown in the works. As a comedy, this film hit plenty of right spots in eliciting laughter from the audience, with funny lines that do work, and carefully crafted characters in Peter (with his nonsensical one- liner conversation endings, and nicknames), and Sydney being quite multi-dimensional. And what's a film like this about man-friends without that dose of fanboy-dom in it, with the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno playing himself in a very short supporting role, and many other film references thrown in for good measure too?

I Love You, Man is an excellent story on friendship, and what makes friendship tick. For that and its healthy dose of comedy, and a great spin on the tired romantic-comedy genre, it goes without a surprise into my list of contenders for top films of the year.
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I Loved it, Man!
misterembryo21 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Man, I love Paul Rudd. And I'm almost positive that right after you watch his latest feature, you will too.

Paul Rudd (Clueless, The Shape of Things, Anchorman, "Friends", 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Role Models) plays Peter Klaven, a semi-successful real estate agent who proposes to his beautiful girlfriend of eight months, Zooey, played by the talented heartmelter Rashida Jones (Karen from "The Office").

Their relationship seems almost picture perfect, their classic love-at-first-sight story, their comfortable HBO TV Nights, and best of all, her girl friends adore him. The only problem is, Peter's guy friends don't care much for Zooey, because well, he doesn't have any. In fact, he's never really had any. Which begs the question: Who the hell will be Peter Klaven's Best Man at his wedding??

A couple of uncomfortable and unpredictable man dates later, enter Sidney (Jason Segel), who shows up at an open house hosted by Peter Klaven. Only he's not there to check out the multi-million dollar estate owned by "The Incredible Hulk" Lou Ferrigno. Sidney's there to scope out the recent divorcées who commonly show up at open houses, and to grab some free sandwiches while he's at it.

With Sidney's uncanny understanding of male behavior, his barbaric display of testosterone, his similar taste in Rock & Roll, and his honest and vulgar approach to male bonding (hence the R-Rating), is this really the Best Man Pete's been looking for? Or the Worst Man that could ever happen to not only Pete's pending marriage with Zooey, but also his career, and ultimately his life??

As implied by the sentimental title, this film was building up to be the definitive Bromantic Comedy, and in my opinion, they pulled it off. I Love You, Man is Paul Rudd at his finest. He charmed his way into a clueless Alicia Silverstone, he started a timeless string of homophobic questioning with Seth Rogen, and he helped a self-loathing Jason Segel forget Sarah Marshall with a spaced out surf lesson.

Now Paul's back to find a best man, and the chemistry he has with the best man to-be is pure comedy. Thankfully we get a front row seat to all his awkwardness, his flamboyance, his unabashed silliness, and his hopelessness, and all of it is completely hysterical, and completely endearing. (You know how I know you're gay? You think Paul Rudd is endearing.)

Alongside Paul is a unique ensemble of characters, including Andy Samberg playing Pete's gay brother, JK Simmons playing the everyman father (not unlike his role as Juno's dear old dad), and a handful of other awesome cameos that create some great moments. Director John Hamburg does a great job of creating an open environment to let them play off of each other, uninhibited and sometimes ridiculous.

I Love You, Man is funny, honest, over-the-top yet true-to-life, and yes, I'll say it again, completely endearing.
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Gut bustingly funny and actually endearing
moviesleuth222 June 2010
When I first heard about this movie, I became a little irritated. The premise seemed to me like a "romantic comedy for gays" except with a few lines to make it a "bromance." It makes sense, as most guys in the target age group (high schoolers and college aged) are quite uncomfortable discussing sexual orientation in any context (Don't believe me? Try raising the topic with your best buddies). It seemed like it was wimping out instead of taking a chance and really making a movie that could make said guys comfortable about this sort of thing.

This may be the film's intention, but it hides it well. The romance between Peter (Paul Rudd) and Zooey (Rashida Jones) is well-integrated and quite important to the story. If anything, it represents a major stepping stone.

I approached this film with much trepidation; I don't especially like Judd Apatow movies. Some of the stuff is funny, but a lot of it is too understated, like Clark Duke in "Sex Drive" or "Kick Ass" (watch the trailers of either one of those movies and when the dorky kid with glasses talks, you'll see what I mean). Worse, Jason Segel wrote and starred in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," a movie of that ilk that I didn't like at all. Fortunately, none of those characteristics made into this movie. The jokes flow naturally and the film has energy and chemistry between the actors. This result is 90+ minutes of absolute hilarity.

Peter (Paul Rudd) has always been a ladies man. Women love him, and he finds them very easy to talk to. That's one of the reasons why Zooey (Rashida Jones) falls head over heels for him, and when he proposes, she accepts. But once wedding plans get underway, he realizes that he has no best guy friends to make up his share of the wedding party. So with his friends encouragement, he sets out to find a new best guy friend. After a few disastrous "man dates," he runs into Sydney (Jason Segel), a fun loving guy with a lot of advice on how to break loose and have fun.

The best thing about this movie is that everything unfolds naturally. True, it follows the familiar beats of the genre, but nothing that happens is contrived. The characters actions are genuine and make sense from what we know about them, and that makes it more honest (not to mention effective.

The leads are great. Paul Rudd tones down the "funny smartass" personality that made him famous and instead acts like a likable guy, albeit without male/male social skills and a penchant for creating bad nicknames and catchphrases. Peter is an easy guy to like, and he has good chemistry with both of his co-stars, Rashida Jones and Jason Segel. Segel is a revelation. He's one of the most likable characters I've seen on screen in a long time. He's easy going and earnest, the type of guy anyone would want as a best friend. However, some of his philosophies on life and social skills come off as scripted, and try as he might, Segel isn't able to make them sound otherwise. Rashida Jones is also very good (looking and sounding like Jessica Alba, only more relaxed). When Peter tells her about Sydney, she's excited for him. If us guys could all have such wives, we'd be in heaven. As the gay brother who is on hand to give advice about "man dating," Andy Samberg is far less irritating and obnoxious than he was in the utterly awful "Hot Rod," which is near the top of my list of one of the worst movies ever made.

John Hamburg is making a comedy, and like the best ones, he lets everything flow naturally. The humor isn't kept on mute, or drained of energy, or kept low-key. It's totally natural, and that's what makes this such a funny, and dare I say it, touching, comedy. I was actually discussing this film with my best guy friend, and the movie reminded us quite strongly of the sort of things we would do when we were in college together. Movies that have establish that kind of a connection with a viewer don't come along very often.
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Very likable and sweet, a great date/group movie.
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises24 March 2009
Though you won't find the name Judd Apatow on this film at all, he certainly has a hand in it, as his influence is all over the film. However, unlike most of the movies that can certainly be grouped with this one, 'I Love You, Man' is a movie almost anyone can enjoy, even women and kids. It's the lightest, warmest, and the best for buddies of either sex to see. It's a delightful comedy that will make you laugh throughout and brighten your day.

Whether it be the great buddy chemistry between the leads, or the simply hysterical supporting cast, I found myself loving this movie. Like director John Hamburg's previous effort, 'Along Came Polly', the movie is incredibly likable because it relies on the awkward humor that Paul Rudd does pretty much perfectly, playing off the happy-go-lucky humor of Jason Segel.

Rudd is likable and reliable as usual in a role showcasing the best of his abilities (I really can't say how happy I am that he's finally getting leading roles), and unlike in 'Role Models', he's the undisputed lead here. Segel is a character in Rudd's story, his life, and his journey to find a friend, and essentially, become a complete person before his life changes for the better. Segel is at his best in a role as what appears to be the perfect friend (I would hang out with this guy for days). Rashida Jones is adorable and likable as Rudd's fiancé, and it's a role that most actresses would've over done (Jaime Pressly's performance should remind people of how it could've been over done), and Jones plays it with an ease that makes her likable.

The supporting cast is what makes the movie great. It's the foundation of characters played by Thomas Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Jon Favreau, Jaime Pressly, and Andy Samberg that completes the movie and makes it worth watching (because, let's face it, the movie wouldn't be that great if Rudd and Segel just sat around bro-ing out for 2 hours). Lennon and Truglio are hilarious as candidates for Peter's best man position, and Lennon will bring down the house as Doug, with his classic monologue about how he feels when his advances towards Peter are rejected. Truglio is great in yet another small cameo that stacks up with his previous appearances in 'Pineapple Express' and 'Superbad', as well as the icing on the cake that was 'Role Models' (he's an example of the whole "everyone will like this movie" thing. Jon Favreau is hysterical in his part as a cynical ass that makes you go, "this guy directed 'Iron Man'?".

I think the reason most people will like this one is because it'll put a smile on most people's faces. It's a generally happy movie that is a good movie to see in a group to start off a night, and is even a decent date movie. It's got jokes that even kids can like (though most of the film is obviously not appropriate for them...what I'm saying is if they HAVE to see one of these movies, this is the one for them). I really enjoyed this movie, it left a good taste in my mouth, and my friends loved it too.
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Go see this movie!
jewelledflower6 March 2009
Just saw a screening of this movie. It was great. Paul Rudd & Jason Segel are an amazing match - we've seen that in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - their chemistry is natural...and it just works. I laughed A lot during this movie. It's been a while since I've run across a comedy that is smarter than most in terms of humor.

The other supporting characters are quirky, delicious... Jamie Pressley plays to perfection. I recommend this movie to everyone for a great laugh...it's a very feel-good movie. Oh, and Rashida Jones was cute, lovable and had a great character to play. I haven't seen her in too many movies in the past, so it was refreshing to see a different leading lady for a chance.
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No beating around the bush, this was a great comedy.
DarkVulcan2925 March 2009
The makers of the film tried to follow in the style of director Judd Apatow, you know add in some raunchiness, but not too much of it, but at the same time make it heartwarming and relatable. Like The 40-Year Old Virgin(2005), and Knocked Up(2007) where.

The story starts with Peter(Paul Rudd) who purposes to his longtime girlfriend Zooey(Rashida Jones), and she says yes. And should be smooth sailing from there right, well not so much. Peter quickly discovers that he has no best man for his wedding, the painful fact is that Peter has never really had a male friend, most of his best friends are females. So Peter goes out on a search by going on a couple of man dates, in hopes to find the perfect B.F.F.. But comes close to giving up, until he meets Sydney(Jason Segel), a wild fun loving guy. Peter and Sydney soon become the best of friends, has Sydney shows Peter on how to be wild and crazy. But will it put a strain on his relationship with Zooey?

One funny comedy, that hits it's mark perfectly. And a great bunch of characters, that don't over do it either. Paul Rudd is great, always, he had better chemistry with Rashida Jones and Jason Segel, then he had with Elizabeth Banks and Seann William Scott. Rashida Jones is also great in her role, although she doesn't quite get the big laughs, she endearing and believable in her role. Jason Segel was perfectly cast also, he managed to get some good laughs. And rest of the supporting cast are memorable. Including Lou Ferrigno as himself.
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It's OK, but don't expect too much of it...
Sonny_Darko7 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I did. I saw it because I saw Rudd and Siegel on the lead and thought it was probably an Aptow or similar kind of humor. It tried to be but fell short.

Turns out that a Realtor (Rudd) who's about to get married realizes he doesn't have any friends, and goes on a series of man dates to find one, releasing a series of "humorous" events, like getting kissed by a guy, puking on another one, realizing the other one is too old, etc. Anyways, he has a gay brother, which they try to pass off as a comical situation, (because being gay in a Hollywood movie is SO funny, right?) but he doesn't ask him to be his best man, simply because of a small age difference. That honestly would have been the smartest thing to do, but then we would have no movie. Finally he meets the perfect guy (Segel) at an open house, which turns out to be the complete opposite of him, and teaches him a lot about the typical guy life and so on.

It's pretty cliché at times and has some of the typical characters in a comedy movie (the dorky lead, man rule follower best friend, the gay relative, the perfect wife, a-hole coworker, etc). Give it a try none the less if you have nothing else to watch, it's an OK movie, (don't fall for the great rating it has on here) I still had fun watching it, but seriously, don't expect too many LOL moments. If you liked Along Came Polly, Heartbreak Kid, (pretty much most of Ben Stillers similar type movies) Then You will probably enjoy this. If Your waiting for the next Old School, 40 Yr Old Virgin, Anchorman, etc, then you might wanna simply stick with The Hangover instead.
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Smart & Enjoyable Film; Jason Segel's and Paul Rudd's Best
D_Burke11 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Even though Judd Apatow had nothing to do with this film (as far as I know), it will inevitably be compared to both "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin". It's not very hard to see why, since both male leads are frequently in lead or supporting roles in Apatow-directed or -produced films. Since those two films most especially exceeded many people's expectations, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd both probably had a lot of pressure for this film to be funny. Fortunately, this film succeeded in being as funny and as refreshingly honest as the aforementioned comedies.

"I Love You, Man" is a comedy that doesn't quite fit into the "romantic comedy" or "feel good comedy" categories. It has elements of both, and fortunately, all the right elements.

The premise of the movie is a bit unconventional. Paul Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a moderately successful and ambitious real estate broker who just proposed to his beautiful and articulate girlfriend, played brilliantly by Rashida Jones. He seems to have everything going for him, until he realizes he doesn't have a best guy friend. All his life, he has had woman friends, which isn't a bad thing. However, he feels a void, especially since he doesn't have a best man to choose. He enlists the help of his mother (SNL alum Jane Curtin) and brother (current SNL player Andy Samberg) to find a guy friend, creating a hilarious montage of unsuccessful "man dates". After those attempts don't go well, he spontaneously meets a broker named Sydney Fife (Jason Segel). Through Peter's awkwardness with having a best male friend, they hit it off. However, Peter's cluelessness with what information to share with a male friend as opposed to a female friend creates tension between new friend Sydney, his fiancé, and her friends.

The premise is one of the best things about this film. It's safe to say that everyone has had moments where everything is going right except for one minor thing, except it doesn't seem too minor to you the more you think about it. One of the most poignant scenes is when Rudd is driving around L.A., and he sees various types of male bonding. The left-out look on Rudd's face was both heartfelt and understandable. Of course, when he asks his family for help, it's not made clear why he didn't ask his brother to be his best man. The brothers appear to get along well, although once Rudd's character goes on a quest to find a guy friend, Samberg's character appears to get pushed into the background until the very end. Samberg was very funny in this movie, but his character created this tiny plot hole in the film.

That being said, Jason Segel's character was absolutely brilliant, and the opposite of whom he played in both "Freaks and Geeks" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". He's confident in this movie, and his humor comes from street smarts more than awkwardness and self-doubt. That's not to say his previous performances weren't good. Rather, Segel shows in this movie that he's good at playing a different kind of ambitious person. His lines are often times laugh-out-loud funny, and he plays very well off of Paul Rudd's slightly unsure-of-himself character.

Of course, in similar buddy movies, there's always the subplot when a person is either married or in a committed relationship, that the main guy meets an outgoing other guy, they become friends, and they spend so much time together that the wife/steady-girlfriend immediately becomes jealous. This subplot is especially prevalent in movies where Jennifer Aniston is that girl. Here, Rashida Jones plays a far more realistic counterpart to Paul Rudd. She's not immediately jealous of Segel, but there is some friction later in the movie. The most refreshing part is that Jones' character is far more reasonable than other similar characters. Her reactions are familiar, yet she still maintains a calm dignity throughout the movie that's rare, especially in romantic comedies. Jones, a regular on "The Office", shows brilliance in this role. As long as she stays the hell away from chick flicks along the lines of "She's Just Not That Into You", she'll be a welcome face in film, and not just in Judd Apatow-influenced movies.

I highly recommend this picture. It's funny in some of the same ways the aforementioned Judd Apatow films are, but there's another level of refreshing honesty, brilliant writing, laugh out loud humor, and a slightly-unusual plot line that sets it apart from those films. It hasn't been released to theaters yet, but when it does, I hope it's a hit. If the writing team here was worried movie goers would think the film to be "Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2", hopefully they won't have anything to worry about.
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A fresh breath of air to the relationship movie
KUAlum2629 May 2009
We all know that Hollywood seems to have the originality of a spastic Xerox machine;in other words,find a successful formula and there'll be about eighteen different takes or copies of it lying in wait. Never does the dearth of originality seem to raise its big old ugly head than in relationship movies,sometimes called romantic comedies or "rom coms". Even when different angles seem to be explored,they still come to the same,tired wrap-up that involve the cute major players,boy and girl,to find love in each others' arms despite the obstacles. Every once in a while,I'm relieved to say,you do run across a film that decides to mine the margins of these love stories to make a movie.

I submit to you I Love You Man,made with the sensibility--and at least two members of the stable of actors--of a Judd Apatow/Greg Mottola film,and VERY appreciated.

Peter Klaven(Paul Rudd,the nicest,most likable mensch in movies and TV today,with a punum you could just....)is a reasonably successful Real Estate agent in Southern California whose engagement to Zoe(Rashida Jones,the girlfriend from Heaven)couldn't be going better. They're very much in love and she gets his silly,sometimes lame persona and he appreciates her patience and physical receptiveness. Everything's going well for their impending connubial bliss,save one thing:Peter has no guy friends. None. While Ol' Pete has a great touch with the ladies,he has almost no bro bonding to fall back on.

This previous situation,once not considered a problem if even considered at all now weighs upon our hero,and he gets help(both solicited and not)from family--Mom(Jane Curtin)and bro(Andy Samberg)--and from fiancé herself. The phrase 'hilarity ensues' is overused but,in these instances,they apply.

Then walks into an open house Sidney Fife(Jason Segel,physically the same from Forgetting Sarah Marshall,but character-wise a near one-eighty),an investment broker whose own,self-actualized sense of zen and bro-supreme self-sufficiency hits it off perfectly with Peter,balancing the groom-to-be's pleasant but feminine recessive qualities.

Featuring a supporting cast that doesn't try to stand out but still does: Curtin,Samber,J.K.Simmons(as Peter's dad),Tom Lennon(as a potential guy friend "suitor"),Sarah Burns(as one of Zoe's more pathetic friends),Jaime Pressly(as Zoe's perpetually angry married friend),Jon Favreau(as Pressly's dickish husband)and Lou Ferrigno(as...well,Lou Ferrigno),this film has a delightful time bringing to screen a "love" story angle that is as fresh,real and relatively ignored in most movies starring(pick any two of the following):Matthew McConaughey,Kate Hudson,Sandra Bullock,Meg Ryan,Hugh Grant,Ryan Reynolds,Renee Zellweger,Richard Gere or Reese Witherspoon. Co-writer John Hamburg directs this film,and he seems to be perfectly fine with letting this film amble along to its conclusion,scattering more than its share of laughs and pratfalls along the way. If this isn't love I felt for this fine film,it certainly with a fine affinity,nay a mild infatuation,I felt here...man(you HAD to know THAT was coming).
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Funny movies have to be funny. That's the only rule.
ellieforpeace12 July 2009
Funny movies have to be funny. That's the only rule about funny movies. They don't have to live up to any expectations, they can be about the same thing that movies always are. It really doesn't matter. As long as they are funny.

I Love You, Man is a funny movie. In case the plot is of any interest to you, it's about this guy (Paul Rudd) who is getting married to this woman (Rashida Jones), but he realizes that he doesn't really have any male friends to fill out his side of the wedding party. So he starts on a quest with the aid of his brother (Andy Samberg) to find a best man. When he finally thinks he finds one (Jason Segel), hilarity ensues.

On the spectrum of comedies, this is a bro movie. One made basically for guys, a little raunchy. But honestly, it's not too R-rated. It cusses a bit, discusses sex a lot, things like that. But not nearly as R-rated as say... Role Models, which I feel is sort of along the same lines. Comparable at least. They are both very funny movies, and both have Paul Rudd.

But this is about I Love You, Man. The highlight of the movie, for me, is Thomas Lennon as Doug. I have been a fan of his for a long time, at least since Reno 911 came out. Which is a brilliant show. Paul Rudd is very, very cute, but not always convincing, the same with Rashida Jones as his fiancée. It's a movie that Ben Stiller would have made if he were younger. Jason Segel does what Jason Segel does. He plays his role very capably as Sydney, the crazed friend.

And that is I Love You, Man. It's a rather simple, but funny movie.
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Heart, satire and potty humour
Simon_Says_Movies26 May 2009
Curiously, the buzz surrounding the latest R rated adult comedy I Love You, Man is fairly superficial as many of the media eyes are on the clever creation of buzz word de jour 'bromance', meaning a platonic bond between two men in the spirit of a traditional romantic comedy. Now I don't know too much about all that, nor do I truly care. What I am concerned with however, and what I feel should be first and foremost on all accounts is how incredibly funny this movie really is.

What happens when you put two comedic actors who can do no wrong in a vehicle with an original premise and an experienced comedic director? Well, you get I Love You, Man which is one of the funniest comedies in years. Not quite as good as Superbed, better than Forrgetting Sara Marshall and about on par with Tropic thunder, leads Paul Rudd and Jason Segel anchor director John Hamburg's film so securely it adds a complete additional layer of heart and gravitas to material that could have been executed disastrously.

With both Rudd and Segel in recent years we have seen they can carry a movie, having starred as leads in Role Models and Forgetting Sara Marshall (which Rudd also starred in) respectively and uniting them as co-leads works fantastically. Neither sinks to a stereotype or falls to a role they have previously played nor do they play the hilarious (but not silly for the record) premise anything but straight. The duo score massive laughs together and apart and a fantastic supporting cast highlights all the talent involved marvelously.

Rudd stars as Peter Klaven a freshly engaged real-estate agent who has always been more of a girls-man then a best buddy guy. With the wedding approaching Peter soon realizes he has no close enough friends that could serve as a best man, or even a proper wedding party for that matter. So Peter does what any mature professional would do. he recruits his gay brother to set him up on man dates to find a suitable suitor for his big day. After a string of failed, sometimes homoerrotic ventures Peter meets Sidney Fife (Segel) a slovenly but oddly charming bloke at an open house. The two hit it off and a bromance is born, but the bond puts a strain on his engagement to Zooey (a lovely and delightful Rashida Jones) and more hilarity ensues.

As I mentioned Rudd and Segel are given oodles to work with by way of a supporting cast including Andy Samburg (who has evolved by leaps and bounds since Hot Rod) as Peter's gay brother, John Favreau as a disgusting family acquaintance, J.K. Simmons as Peter's father, and The Hulk, Lou Ferrigno as himself. Along with the endlessly clever writing and bountiful talent, director Hamburg also manages to blend in rib cracking potty humour, satirize rom-coms and meld it all together with a whole lot of heart and warmth. I loved it, man.

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simoncmoore3 August 2009
A truly awful film.

The dialogue was awkward and at times embarrassing.

The characters were two-dimensional. The acting was mediocre. I'm just sad that I wasted some of my life watching this. How this ended up rated 7.7 on IMDb is beyond me.

The plot revolves around a rather average estate agent who has no friends. Realizing that this might cause problems further down the line he engages in a peculiar search for a male best friend through going on increasingly bizarre "man dates". These end up with him being kissed by a gay man and him vomiting on the face of a fellow poker player. Both awkwardly staged and, frankly, unbelievable.

In the end he teams up with some random "bloke" and does a bunch of out-of-character manly activities.

The only reason I watched it to the end and registered here at IMDb was so that I could post this review and hopefully steer people away from also wasting a bit of their life on this dreadful film.
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Jason Segal and Paul Rudd are a perfect match
reneemsm11 January 2011
I normally wouldn't review a movie that wasn't just released on DVD or still in theaters, but I honestly couldn't believe there were negative reviews of this movie! How can you not like it!? In my opinion the only people who probably won't like this movie are those who are offended by cussing and sex talk (there's a lot. Less than "The Hangover" but more than "Something about Mary") or those who read WAAAAAY too much into things. I mean, TV and movies are not meant to be your moral compass in life. It's supposed to be funny and slightly over-the-top...it's a comedy, not a documentary.

Someone was complaining that it makes men look bad? Come on. You can't be serious. I think that Peters character is a little shy in the beginning (which A LOT of men are) but Sidney brings him out of his shell and shows him how fun life can be if you let loose once in a while. Once he and Sidney meet, he really starts enjoying himself. He's kicking a** at fencing, he's "slappin da base" again, etc. It's a definite bro movie but it's also a couples movie. I know some women who find it offensive...like my mom (which I still think is ridiculous), but I honestly can't imagine a man being so overly sensitive that they think it's anti-men. If anything, it's PRO-men. It's showing how guys need time with their friends, not just sitting at home with their girlfriends every night.

Bottom line, it's quite possibly one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I can watch it 100 times (and probably have lol) and it still makes me (and my husband) LMAO at the same jokes every.single.time. To me, that is how I know if something is REALLY funny. I will say that I didn't laugh very much the first time I watched it. I honestly don't know why (maybe I was in a bad mood), but the second time I watched it I had to keep pausing it so I could laugh and it's been like that ever since.

Paul Rudd and Jason Segal together are a match made in heaven. All of the "klavinisms" are beyond awkward and beyond funny. They are things that come into my head when someone says a certain word in a conversation and I just bust out laughing b/c I'm thinking of this movie. and Sidney is so hilariously, love-ably, honest, it makes me wish I had a friend just like him.
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Ironic Choice for a Title.
bonsai-superstar25 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The creators of this movie not only don't "love" men, they apparently don't respect them that much either, portraying them as either weak or disgusting.

Here are the things this movie tells us are important: weddings, watching TV with your girlfriend, caring so much about what your girlfriend's friends think that you obsess over it, making money for your girlfriend, etc. Here are the things the movie tells us are trivial: men's natural instinct to pursue sex, enjoying music with your guy friends, creating things with your guy friends, etc. Do you notice a theme here? Even though is a Sydney is a great friend to Peter, even to the extent of sacrificing his reputation (the speech) and his money (the loan) for him, both these things are perceived as negatives until they are approved by the girlfriend: the speech is okay because she likes giving **s and the loan is okay because Peter can make money to buy the property for his girlfriend.

Why, when Peter is searching for male friends, does he not ask _his father_ for advice? Why does he instead ask his mother and his brother (a gay man)? "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? Further, why is he so overly concerned with the opinion of his girlfriend and her gang? In short, Sydney is a (great) guy while Peter is a weak (wo)man ( "Metrosexual"?) Yet, this movie tells us it is _Peter_ we should emulate.

Why are only _male_ qualities shown as negative while those of women are never questioned? For example, no guys I know have a "masturbation table" or whatever set up in plain view as a discussion topic, no guys I know let their dog crap everywhere without cleaning it up, no guys I have ever met are fart experts, etc.). Also, Jon Favreau's character is just a total knob for no reason. This movie reminds me of that female band L7, that tried to be "masculine" by mimicking only the negative qualities of men. It seems the writers felt for some reason that they had to exaggerate the negative aspects of Sydney. Otherwise, I guess he'd just be a good friend, and we can't have that.

"Bromance"? They already have a genre for this and it's good enough: the buddy movie. Wedding movies are for women. This movie tells us every single person (Sydney, the girlfriend's single friend, etc.) needs to get married to live a "real" life. I like Paul Rudd but, though this movie was not funny, the premise was laughable.
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One of the WORST movies of the year!!!
djs8811 August 2009
This is one of the least funny pieces of crap I have watched in a LONG time. I never post comments but I wanted to save people 90+ minutes of their lives. I rented at the Redbox for $1 and I want to get my money back! The jokes were not funny at all. The whole movie is just awkward and lame. We kept waiting for the movie to get funny, but it never did. The movie has to stoop to physical comedy (IE. puke and farts). I don't understand how people enjoy this unless they are intoxicated or under 15 years old. I'm amazed that people get paid big $$$ to write, green light,direct and produce this garbage. Don't waste your time and buy a Big Mac instead.
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m2dad11 August 2009
The pretext is a cute idea. The future groom doesn't have a close friend who can be the best man. Also, his would-be bride's friends assert that he will be clingy and smothering without friends of his own. Unfortunately, that is where the good ideas end. The movie is rife with filthy language and behavior. Isn't there enough crudeness in the world? Yea, so I am a stick in the mud when it comes to this kind of humor. Cheap laughs. Lazy writing. Foul language, fart jokes, and characters debasing themselves in various ways. I say again. Lazy writing. None of this is creative. None of that is clever dialog. These aren't likable people. I would be embarrassed to have any of them as friends or family. So who cares about them? I sure didn't. I would much rather be a part of a nicer, more honest, kinder, and gentler world than the one portrayed here. LOL I guess I'll stay in Utah.
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Typical Hollywood: full of stupidity, cliché's, annoying people, no humor
craigman-herring31 August 2009
I don't know why I still hold out hope that movies like this will actually make me laugh or feel good. My wife really wanted to see this, but I was having doubts, after disliking similar "comedies" like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Knocked up". It was more awkward and painfully embarrassing than funny. I don't think I laughed once. Pretty much all of the characters ranged from bland and boring (Paul Rudd, his fiancé,) to enraging jerks (Jason Segal, John Favreau, who played the most vile, despicable character, ever. The one married to the annoying stick figure Jamie Pressley. I wanted to kill him.) Also, I own two dogs. Letting one's dog crap on a busy sidewalk or beach is NOT FUNNY. It should earn you a good beating. The wedding at the end was especially horrible. People don't act like that! Also, while I have nothing against gay people, the portrayal of the gay brother who tries to have sex with straight men (and succeeds?!?) is not funny, just really skeevy. Why this got so many favorable reviews is just wrong and sad.
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WAAAYYY Overrated
baseballboy_9112 January 2010
I really just don't know why people like this movie so much. I typically really enjoy this genre (Anchorman, Knocked Up, etc.), but this just didn't work on any level. The friend I watched it with, who also loves pretty much any comedy, felt the same way. Throughout the entire movie, I failed to laugh once -- I only mildly chuckled a few times (rather forced chuckles at that). The movie somewhat held my interest for the first part when Paul Rudd is struggling to find a best friend, but as soon as he meets Jason Segal - when you think it will get good - it derails. The ending with the wedding was just plain brutal -- terrible writing, acting, etc. Yet, most people I talk to like this movie, which just blows my mind. I never thought I'd say this about a Paul Rudd movie.
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The Normal Hollywood Dross
arsebandit-128 July 2009
This film is not funny at all, the acting is poor, the clichés piled on by the bucketful, pure Hollywood dross. I cannot understand why films like this get financed and promoted whilst other far more worthy films get overlooked. Paul Rudd is a poor actor, his character Peter Klaven is the typical Hollywood creation, of a man who is inept but somehow has an attractive woman on his arm etc. The film is uncomfortable to watch because it is so bad and it has absolutely no redeeming moments or scenes. I recommend you stay well clear of this film and find a proper comedy, preferably one which is not made in America, where the sense of humour is questionable at best.
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Profane and FUNNY!
james-norman-127 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film tonight at a movie theater in Scottsdale, AZ with an audience of 150-200 people, all of whom were laughing like crazy at this. While the overall plot is somewhat predictable, it doesn't matter because the jokes and dialogue, aren't. And more importantly, the jokes are FUNNY! Take your best bud AND you wife to see it... on separate showings. Paul Rudd plays a guy, madly in love with his woman, who relates better to women than men. He's never had a real "guy" friend, so with his fiancé's encouragement he goes on a series of "man-dates" to find a new friend, and best man. All the actors are terrific and it moves along at a brisk pace. What more can you ask for?
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slapping the bass !!!!!!!
Jamie_Seaton30 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
when i first heard about this film i thought it wasn't going to be anything special. then i saw parts of it round a friends house and laughed my as* off. i ran to the store immediately to purchase a copy. after watching it i had jaw ache because i was laughing so much. a huge plus about this film is it will speak to guys on different levels.

the cast in this were very good. Paul Rudd (knocked up, friends) is once again extremely funny as a man who gets engaged but realises that he has no friends and would look silly at the wedding. so he goes on a mission to find a friend and leads him into some extremely funny scenes. also starring sort of new comer Jason Segal as Paul Rudd's new friend. i really liked supporting roles by Jon Favreau (director of Ironman) Jaime Pressly (not another teen movie, my name is Earl) and Rashida Jones.

on a whole this is a comedy that has heart and really shows what friendship is all about. i recommend this film to guys mostly although women would also find this funny. two thumbs up.......... 9/10..........j.d Seaton
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Been There, Done that
jery-tillotson-14 September 2009
I should have known what I was getting into from the hype. Here we go again: lovable boy-man needs help with his love life. Enter goofy, off-beat character who sets him on the right path to sexual bliss. What totally turned me off early on was the long, completely unnecessary sequence about flatulence. These "man" movies always have to have the requisite scene about bodily functions to get all the men howling and stomping the floor and rocking back and forth in their chairs. From there, we get another big scene about masturbation. And so on and so on. We've got the usual comic talents that are in all these flicks--with the only one missing was the shouting, F___word sprouting Seth Rogan. Now that would really have given this bomb some class.
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I love this movie, man
emeriqatsi10 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I just got back from a free screening at paramount for this film and it was hilarious. The mixture of the cast is what really made it so funny. The apatow familia, super troopers crew, and snl guys. Everyone had their standout parts and lines that you'll be repeating after you see this. There was really not one favorite character for me in the movie but the one that slightly stood out to me was Joe Lo Truglio's high pitch voice character. It was also a well balanced movie that never had any long scenes that dragged. I think though what helped the film for me was that I didn't know what it was going to be about and i had never seen a trailer for it. The audience including me were laughing almost every couple minutes during the whole movie. Yes there are those gross outrageous random comedy moments that are usually found in recent apatow films, but I wont spoil them for you. Tomorrow I am seeing "The Year One" and let's see how that one turns out too ;)
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Funny, Predictable
kati-houser19 February 2009
I went to see this movie not knowing anything about it just because of the cast. It ended up being pretty funny (the whole theater was laughing a lot). I wouldn't go as far to say it was as funny as Old School, but it was also a different type of movie. It's more of an 'akward moment' type of humor than a 'you're just being ridiculous' type of humor. I enjoyed my time watching it and laughed quite a bit, but if you're looking for the funniest movie of the year, this isn't it.

Although the cast is great, you don't get to see enough of hilarious people like John Favreau and Jaime Pressly. Had the movie utilized their characters a bit more, I think the movie would definitely be funnier; their interaction was pretty rare and funny.

I would spend the money on a movie ticket to see this movie if you like comedies. It's one of the better ones, and if you've seen Paul Blart, you can be sure this one is much funnier.
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