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  • A conflicted Torchwood team is surprised to see Captain Jack suddenly return to their lives, and though he tries to come back as if nothing had happened, Jack soon finds that some things have changed since his disappearance. There's little time for explanations, though, as a mysterious stranger from Jack's past steps through the rift, and he's on a mission that only the Torchwood team can help him finish. But it becomes quickly clear that Captain John Hart is not all he claims to be, and as usual, Captain Jack Harkness has some secrets of his own.

  • Jack Harkness returns to Cardiff - in his own spectacular fashion - after his exploits with the Doctor. He refuses to tell anyone where he's been or what he's been up to and is immediately confronted with someone from his past, a fellow time agent by the name of Captain John Hart. He says he's come to Earth to collect three cylindrical explosive devices and enlists Torchwood in his quest. Jack Harkness is a bit wary of his old comrade and knows that he could be up to no good. Which, as it turns out, is exactly the case.


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  • Captain Jack Harkness returns from visiting the Doctor. Captain John Hart (James Marsters) visits from the future through the rift to save the earth from radioactive bombs.

    Little does the team realize that, in keeping with their mysterious leader's suspicions, Captain Hart is not out to save the earth, but to reclaim the cannister bombs for his own purposes.

    Coming to a rooftop battle Captain Jack falls to his death. Despite their history together, Captain Hart is unaware of Harkness' inability to die. (Courtesy of his resurrection by Rose Tyler and the Heart of the TARDIS -- Doctor Who.)

    Captain Hart finds his plans destroyed not by the actions of the Torchwood Team, but by the very woman he murdered.

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