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A look back at pro athlete salaries
AlsExGal7 January 2020
Fifty years later I remember this one. Coach Kinkaid has an ex student who plans to drop out because he had an injury that would prevent him from playing professional football. The student thinks there is no point in getting a degree if he can't go on to the pros. I think what sticks out in my memory is that Kinkaid introduces the former student to the school gardener who dropped out of college and played pro football, but his career ended because of an injury. And here he is just a working class guy mowing lawns.

Today pro football athletes make so much money that in a few years you could literally buy the college of your choice, the salaries have gotten so insane, particularly for the future hall of famers. Most pro football players leave college after three years because who wants that career ending injury as a college senior?

So this one is odd not only because of who is giving the moral lesson, but because of how invalid that lesson has become. The NFL league minimum salary for a rookie in 2019 was 495K a year.
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