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25 Great Gay Sex Scenes from Modern Movies

Back in 2007, we ran an article called Gay Sex Scenes that Made Movie History. A delightfully naughty exploration of firsts and foresk- ... er, foremosts in terms of gay male intimacy on the silver screen, it celebrated some of the films that blew the celluloid closet to bits, one modesty sock at a time.

Six years later, it's shocking just how far pop culture has come in terms of normalizing gay characters and stories, and how much bolder the gay film audience has grown in demanding films that speak truthfully to their sexual experience (though, it must be said, the films that answer the call are usually decidedly outside of the mainstream). So we've decided to bring you an update to our foundational piece that looks at what has happened since. Of course, since most of the ground breaking was done over the last four decades or so, our focus is
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A Monster-Sized Case of Rotgut

Reason #1 we don't drink tequila - the worm. We ingest Nothing that is the home of an insect dead or alive. Hell, we wont even go near honey. Screw all that. Still ... the characters of the new indie flick Rotgut are about to find out why the hard way.

Directed by Billy Garberina and starring Whitney Moore (Birdemic), Jeremy Owen (Paul, Wedding Slashers, Pornography), Billy Garberina (Taintlight, Gimme Skelter, Feeding the Masses) and Israel Wright (The Stink of Flesh, “Death By Chocolate”).

Check out the plot crunch, some stills, and even some early art along with a teaser trailer below. For more visit the official Rotgut website.


A man walks into a bar. It’s not the start of a joke. In this case, it’s the beginning of Rotgut, a new horror film from director Billy Garberina (Necroville, Stiffed, I Heart U) and screenwriter Devin O’Leary (Stiffed,
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The Nine Best Gay Movies of 2010!

"Gay movies all suck!"

As a critic who regularly reviews movies of gay interest, I hear this a lot. And while it's undoubtedly true that there are gay movies that do suck, I'm not sure they suck at any higher rates than other genres. Do micro-budgeted gay indie movies tend to suck more? Not any more than all micro-budgeted indie movies, I'd argue. Most of us just don't watch that many micro-budgeted movies.

And even if some gay movies do suck, there are indisputably plenty of others that don't. In fact, when I sat down to make this annual list, I was surprised by how quickly I came up with a number of truly outstanding films. And what do you know? They all veered between "micro-budget" and "low-budget," with a smattering of "high-enough-budget-to-at-least-pay-a-caterer" (and there's also one studio movie).

All in all, it wasn't a bad year for gay film
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Indie Gay Film Star Matthew Montgomery to Be Honored at Philadelphia QFest

Matthew Montgomery, Steve Callahan, Role/Play (top); Montgomery in Robert Gaston’s Flight of the Cardinal (bottom) Described as "an unheralded superstar in the American independent gay filmmaking scene," Matthew Montgomery, among whose credits are Gone, But Not Forgotten, Back Soon, Socket, and Pornography: A Thriller, will be the recipient of the 2010 Artistic Achievement Award for Acting at this year’s Philadelphia QFest, which runs July 8-19. Montgomery, 32, will be honored at 7:15 on Sat., July 10, at the Ritz East Theater 1. The award presentation will be followed by a screening of Rob Williams‘ Role/Play, in which Montgomery co-stars with his [...]
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Ask the Flying Monkey: Gay Typecasting Woes and a Simon Rex Sex Tape Scandal Primer!

Real-life gay couples who both act, and whether Mark Indelicato and Chris Colfer will end up bitter and typecast like Sean Hayes! Plus, a Simon Rex sex-tape scandal primer!

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Contact me here (and be sure and include your city and state and/or country!)

Q: I have always had a massive movie crush on the ever-darling Simon Rex. I was not of the generation that lived through his rise to stardom and/or the revelation of pre-stardom past. How did he survive it? How did the gay community go through it? It seems stunning to me that the news of his past is not more widely discussed. Was it well discussed in the past, or simply a notch on a tabloid page? Did he ever fend off allegations of him being gay? – Maharajah, West Palm Beach, Fl

A: I appreciate your interest in gay history,
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Theatrical Review: Pornography: A Thriller

Rating: 2/5

Writer: David Kittredge

Director: David Kittredge

Cast: Matthew Montgomery, Pete Scherer, Jared Grey, Walter Delmar

Studio: Triple Fire Productions

Writer and director David Kittredge’s feature film debut, Pornography: A Thriller may strike audiences with its bold title, but the film works more off of attempting to flummox its audience than titillating them with taunt flesh or genuine thrills. It’s most certainly an ambitious project, one that seems to draw comparisons to David Lynch left and right, but the film tackles so many different styles and stories that it’s hard for it to hold up over time.

Read more on Theatrical Review: Pornography: A Thriller…
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Review: “Pornography” Should be More Fun to Watch

Peter Scherer (left), Dylan Vox

With a provocative title like Pornography, the new film by writer/director David Kittredge won’t have any trouble getting attention for itself.

That’s probably a good thing for the filmmakers, because the word-of-mouth is going to be bad.

The movie is pretty clearly a “gay” riff on David Lynch’s deliberately obtuse Mulholland Drive, which I happened to love. Both movies shift storylines midway through, and the same actors play different characters.

There’s more to reality than just what we see with our eyes, both movies say.

Since Pornography depends on the surprise of these shifting storylines – and, apparently, differing realities – I don’t want to give anything away.

But suffice to say that the movie involves an ex-adult movie star in the past who disappears under mysterious circumstances, a man in the present writing a book on the history of gay adult movies,
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It’s a packed house on Fangoria Radio tonight!

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Variety is the slice of life at Fangoria Radio, and tonight’s show (airing on Sirius Xm Stars satellite radio, Sirius channel 108/Xm channel 139, from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Est), hosted by Debbie Rochon and Tony Timpone with special guest co-host/indie filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly (sitting in for Dee Snider), welcomes one of our most varied and fun lineups ever:

Fango Radio favorite, the always welcome, always entertaining, shenanigan-bringing actor Thomas Jane (pictured) will update us on his upcoming directorial debut The Dark Country and fill us in on his new HBO show Hung I Sell The Dead writer/director Glenn McQuaid reflects on his adventures in screen graverobbing with Larry Fessenden and Lost’s Dominic Monhagan for the soon-to-be-released feature A veteran of countless B-features, Linnea Quigley is still screaming after all these years and will join us to talk up her latest projects In support of
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Gay Of The Dead #16: Fango Weekend of Horrors and NewFest Recap, Day 3 and 4

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Note: This blog is a continuation of a post we ran yesterday. To read the first installment, please click here!

Day Three

On Sunday I tried to make it to the Vindication panel to see writer/director Bart Mastronardi and his cast, but just couldn’t do it as I had NewFest commitments. Later I did race from NewFest (in Chelsea) to the con to catch the Vindication screening. I got there about 10 minutes late, but the room was standing room only. I’ve already seen the film, so I’m glad my butt wasn’t taking a seat from someone who hasn’t seen this really f-ing awesome film. Keep an eye out in this blog for more info and interviews from the cast and crew in the near future.

Mastronardi had the amazing fortune of getting a copy of the film into the hands of Clive Barker, who
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Gay Of The Dead #15: Weekend of Horrors Recap, Day 1 & 2

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Somehow the gay scheduling gods and the horror scheduling gods saw fit to allow Fango’s NYC Weekend Of Horrors and NewFest: The New York Lgbt Film Festival to overlap this year. Which meant that I got to fly to NYC for both the world premiere of my latest gay thriller, Pornography, and some good, fanboy geekout.

The downside to film fests and conventions is - I really hate crowds. I’m a very shy person, believe it or not, and being dropped into a crowd of people I don’t know is pretty much torture. (Strangely, I love to talk in front of a crowd.) I’ve learned to handle it because I have to, but… blech. So I have to give big ups to Alan Rowe Kelly, Bart Mastronardi and Jerry Murdock for letting me tag along all weekend.

Day One

I arrived at the con on Friday
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Previews: The horror of Pornography

Sean Abley is about to scare you again.

The director of the recent Sf/horro themed Socket has produced a new twisted tale of pain, dread, death -- and porn. Directed by David Kittredge, who edited Abley's Socket feature, Pornography is, according to Abley, a "paranormal thriller set in the world gay adult video."

“It’s about what happens when a porn star disappears in the ’90s," Kittredge explains. " 15 years later, two guys try to figure out what happened. The mystery of what occurred kind of recedes as they search, and the obsession with finding out what was real and what was fantasy about pornography in general, and how they blur, becomes the real journey. It’s kind of about searching for something that you don’t really want to know the answer to, but you have to keep probing.”

Starring Mathew Montgomery and featuring FX make-up by Gage Munster,
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Fango blogger serves up some Pornography

  • Fangoria’s Gay of the Dead blogger/filmmaker Sean Abley sent over word on his latest production, Pornography, which will have its world premiere in New York City Monday, June 8 at NewFest, The New York Lgbt Film Festival. Written and directed by first time feature filmmaker David Kittredge, who edited Abley’s movie Socket, Pornography is described by Abley as “a paranormal thriller set in the world of gay adult video.”

Kittredge elaborates, “It’s about what happens when a porn star disappears in the ’90s, and 15 years later, two guys try to figure out what happened. The mystery of what occurred kind of recedes as they search, and the obsession with finding out what was real and what was fantasy about pornography in general, and how they blur, becomes the real journey. It’s kind of about searching for something that you don’t really want to know the answer to,
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Gay Of The Dead:’s new Bloody Blog has launched Gay Of The Dead, the first-ever gay horror blog to be featured on a major non-gay horror website. The blog is written by out filmmaker Sean Abley, who helmed the critically acclaimed gay sci-fi/horror flick Socket.

“I want my blog to not only be the place to find out all about the burgeoning gay horror genre, but also to explore the good and bad in mainstream horror from a gay fan’s perspective,” Abley says. “I think it will be interesting to any horror fan, gay or straight. And hopefully it will be more of a big conversation than just a blog: I plan on responding to as many comments as I can.”

“I am thrilled to have Sean doing a Bloody Blog for,” says Fangoria editor Tony Timpone. “With gay horror and gay characters/themes in straight horror becoming more popular and interesting than ever before,
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