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  • Patty Hewes meets with Judge Reilly who, given the events in Antigua, decides she is making enough progress to keep her on the Tobin case. While she is very appreciative of his decision, he goes on to tell her about Tom Shayes' financial situation and the loss of all his assets in Louis Tobin's Ponzi scheme. She tells Tom there is only one thing he can do. Ellen meanwhile is surprised when her boss tells that she will be co-prosecuting Carol Tobin for the murder of Danielle Marchetti. Arthur Frobisher oversteps the line when he alludes to the actor portraying him in a film that he once arranged to have someone murdered. When Patty gets hold of the information she goes straight to the DA and Ellen is now hopeful that the murder of her late fiancée David, will now be solved. Leonard Winstone's past comes to light and Ellen makes sure that Joe Tobin knows the details.


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  • Patty slumps asleep in her office chair, dreaming of a horse farm. We see a barn with a huge hole in the side of the wall and Patty walks up and peers through - just as she's done through the hole in her apartment wall.

    She's awoken by someone telling her Judge Hughes is there to see her. Patty claims Tessa getting killed means they're close to the money. He's buying the charity laundering theory. He tells Patty and Tom he's leaving them on the job. Then he asks to speak to Patty alone.

    He hands her some information on Tom. By the look on her face, we assume it's his financial losses. She had no idea.

    (roll credits)

    Open on Tom looking chagrined as Patty asks him why he didn't tell her he's broke. She tells him he knows what he needs to do.

    Joe Tobin leaves his hotel room and runs into a very angry Stuart Zeddeck. Joe told their Antiguan contact Emmanuel that Zeddeck was on board killing Tessa. Zeddeck doesn't think she was going to turn, but Joe tells him Tessa was found with a body guard and account number for the charity. Zeddeck asks him how he plans to launder money now with Tessa gone. Zeddeck tries to tell him what do and Joe shouts him down, saying he's in charge.

    An upset Lenny visits Marilyn Tobin in a bar. He realizes she didn't tell Joe that Tessa was his daughter. She tells Lenny he couldn't understand, he doesn't have kids. She's very nonchalant about the whole thing. "You know what I have to do," Lenny says. "Don't tell him, Lenny," she says. "What's the point now?"

    At work, Curtis Gates tells Ellen that thanks to Patty they've got the evidence to prosecute Carol Tobin for Danielle Marchetti's murder. And Ellen gets to work the case. She's not fired. "Because I like to win," Gates tells her, "and your instincts, despite being completely unethical, may be an asset." Besides, when he made the deal with Patty she made him promise to keep Ellen on. As she leaves, Gates reminds her that one call to the bar committee and she's finished.

    Zeddeck's henchman brings some paperwork into a private banking office. He's making a withdrawal from the Fund for Africa's Future. We learn the man is Zeddeck's attorney and the people at the bank have never met Zeddeck. Outside, he gives the bag full of cash to Lenny.

    Lenny brings a small envelope to his father, lurking in the park. Again, his dad calls the Tobins a mark and Lenny corrects him. "What do you say we go bag a couple of whores? My treat," dad offers. Lenny passes.

    Tom walks into Patty's office and hands her his resignation (in a scene that started a previous episode).

    At her house, Patty checks with Ellen that she lied to her only to protect Tom, and that Ellen knew about his losses and didn't tell Patty. "Tom was in a bad place and I decided he needed my loyalty more than you did," Ellen says. "One of the reasons I didn't come back and work for you was so I could make my own decisions." Patty respects that.

    Patty tells Ellen that Tom resigned for the sake of the case, even though she agrees it's toast without Tessa. She's got one play left: turn the Tobins against each other.

    Another day, Patty's son Michael drops her work. He tells her his baby with Jill passed its chromosome test and the DNA test proves it's his.

    Lenny picks his drunk dad up from lock up for a bar fight. The officer working the desk takes note.

    Cut to the officer meeting Josh Reston, the reporter and Ellen's sometimes squeeze. He asked the officer to look out for anything connected to the Tobins and she tells him about an arrest he might want to look into.

    At the office, Tom gives a press conference announcing why he's quitting after "willfully hiding his agenda" from Patty and the clients. It's heavy on the remorse and apologies.

    Patty meets with Jill in the park. Jill tells Patty she'll accept her offer. But instead of $200,000, she wants $500,000. Patty pauses for a moment and keeps writing the check. "You leave tonight, you don't even say good-bye," Patty says.

    Josh gives Ellen whatever he's found, saying he'll hold off writing about it but he wants the inside story of whatever they find.

    Ellen brings it to Patty. She's found Leonard Winstone died in a car accident shortly after graduating from college. And Albert Wiggins had a son, Lester (we see a mug shot of a very young Marty Short).

    Tom looks up a car on-line. It has a statue of liberty bobblehead on the dash.

    One week later That car speeds down the road and slams into Patty.

    (back from commercial) Patty peers through the barn hole and sees a horse. Then she sees Julian Decker. She wakes up.

    Joe Tobin shares at an AA meeting, saying he blamed his dad for his problems and was self-destructive but now his family needs him to take charge and make "tough decisions." He says he's almost grateful because it's given him some purpose.

    Tom's wife freaks out over him resigning and panics over what they're going to do about money. He tries to tell her he's got it handled but she keeps yelling, and freaks out even more when he tells her he put their town house on the market. She wants him to ask Patty for money, saying he's done enough for her. Finally he shouts at her to shut up, telling her to just let him handle it. He sounds like a man with a plan.

    She tells him she wants him out of the house.

    Ellen drops by Joe Tobin's hotel room, bringing him files on Lenny. But he won't talk to her.

    Tom calls Lenny, saying he's losing his family and his home and wants to talk to him. Lenny says it isn't possible and hangs up on him.

    Patty walks down the street and shakes with fear when she sees a mounted police officer. She flashes to her bloody feet then heaves into a nearby trash can. She sees Julian Decker on the horse talking to her, then she walks away.

    Tom and Ellen talk in a diner. He tells her his wife Deb kicked him out. Ellen offers to let him stay with her but he says he'll be fine. Tom says his job with Patty is the greatest thing he ever had, but it looks like it might cost him his family.

    Lenny talks to Joe on the phone. Joe asks him to bring something with him. Lenny meets with Joe at an apartment he wants to rent. Lenny gives him the papers he asked for (the ones from his dad) and Joe shows him his mug shot. Lenny stays calm but Joe yells at him, calling him a "piece of s---" and asking who he really is. "Who am I? I'm the man who's taken care of your family for almost three decades," Lenny says.

    Lenny says he came clean to Joe's dad years ago and he didn't care. Lenny says he knew Joe's dad better than him and he trusted him with things, like Danielle and the Ponzi scheme."I know this is hard for you Joe, but he needed me," Lenny says, "he needed a son. He knew he couldn't count on you."

    Joe grabs Lenny and pulls him close."He trained you so that you would do whatever he wanted you to. You know what he called you behind your back, to make me laugh? He said you were his little monkey."

    As he leaves, Joe tells Lenny that if he ever comes near his family again, he's finished.

    Patty takes a meeting with Terry Brooke, the actor. He says he's still trying to get a handle on Arthur and he can't tell if Arthur was trying to impress him or just talking because he was coked up. Terry tells her that Arthur said during their case he hired a guy who'd do anything for him, a cop. He asks how desperate Arthur was. "I guess murder sounds a little too crazy," Terry says. Patty laughs, but is clearly interested. Still, she tells him that Arthur is many things, but he just isn't a killer.

    Tom meets with Lenny. He knows the Tobins have shoved him aside. Lenny thinks they might be able to help each other. He thinks he can restore Tom's finances and his reputation. Lenny wants immunity. He knows where the Tobin money is. He offers Tom half of what the Tobins stole from him upfront and the other half when he gets immunity. He offers account information.

    Lenny says Joe is dangerous.

    Tom says he wants his money in cash and he'll talk to his friend in the DA's. Lenny gives Tom a key to the apartments he owns, saying they'll meet there.

    Back at the bank, a secretary announces there's a Stuart Zeddeck there to see the banker. In walks Lenny's dad, with Zeddeck's name on a passport. He wants to make a withdrawal from the charity, for a project in Tanzania.

    Jill stands with Michael on the street, making him close his eyes. He opens them to see his brand new red Jaguar. Jill tells him she put a down payment down on an apartment, too. She says she sold an art collection.

    Patty meets with Curtis Gates, repeating what Terry Brooke told her about Arthur. Ellen's there and thinks the person Arthur had killed was her fiance, David. She tells Gates about Detective Rick Messer contacting her last year with info, but getting killed (murdered, we know) before he could tell her more. He said he was worried about corruption in the department (even though we know he's the one who killed David).

    Gates shows Ellen his file. She recognizes his former partner, Wes (Timothy Olyphant). She tells them so.

    Outside, she leaves him a message, saying she needs to talk to him.

    Tom waits in Lenny's apartment building as Lenny brings him the bag of cash. Tom tells him he can get him immunity.

    Lenny leaves.

    Tom checks the bag of cash then calls Ellen, telling her they're in business.

    Cut to Patty, looking at the bag of cash with Ellen. Ellen tells Patty that Tom was the one who leaked his investment with the Tobins to the judge. He set up his own resignation so he could make a deal with Lenny.

    Tom paces Lenny's empty apartment building late at night. He takes off his suit coat coat and goes to sleep on the floor.

    Ellen tells Patty she knew Tom was approaching Lenny.

    Someone creeps into the apartment where Tom's sleeping on the floor. It's Barry the homeless guy. Tom wakes up with a start. Barry asks why he was there with that guy from Thanksgiving. Tom offers to let him stay there.

    Ellen tells Patty she'd think Patty would be impressed with Tom, he's going to win them the case.

    3 Days Later

    A very short cut montage of the mayhem to come, including Tom being attacked, his car crashing into Patty's, someone cocking a gun at Ellen, Tom fighting for his life, Ellen with blood on her hands, Tom beating someone and finally Tom plummeting from a bridge and ending up wrapped in a blanket, dead.

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