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26 Jul. 2011
Road Trip!
The Guildies head to the gaming convention but find the road a bit...bumpy.
2 Aug. 2011
Crash Pad
Six people sharing one hotel room does not a happy Guild make.
9 Aug. 2011
The Guild members hit the floor of the gaming convention full-force.
16 Aug. 2011
Ends and Begins
Blaadez, dressed as the Pirate Paddy Guy, opens up a "booth" where fans can pose with him; he later gains groupies in the form of Rachel, the first convention staff member the guild had met, and her friends, much to Vork's disapproval. Tink and Clara continue searching for someone who would let them borrow his or her booth so they can legally sell their t-shirts; one of the booths they come across is steampunk-themed, which Clara becomes overly-fascinated by. Codex decides to confess her new attraction for Zaboo, which does not turn out as she had hoped. Meanwhile, ...
23 Aug. 2011
Focus Problems
Codex's neurosis is rejected by the Guild as close quarters lead to hot tempers.
30 Aug. 2011
Revolving Doors
Vork manages Bladezz's career as Codex sets out on her own to solve the problems with their game
6 Sep. 2011
The Seat-Saver's network created by Zaboo gets serious as a famous writer seeks convention help, while Vork and Bladezz meet sci-fi celebrities in the autograph area.
13 Sep. 2011
Social Traumas
Zaboo's "Seat Savers" reach breaking point as his Master Chief henchmen confront a big star. Codex encounters Tink's secret origins while Bladezz and Vork hobnob with "the fancies" at an exclusive celebrity party.
20 Sep. 2011
Invite Accepted
Zaboo pays back Clara's favor as Tink and Codex set out on a mission together.
29 Sep. 2011
Strategy Timez
The crowded hotel room hosts a war summit as the Guild regroups to head off the breakup of their game.
4 Oct. 2011
Costume Contest
The Guild, semi-somewhat incognito, infiltrate the convention costume contest to stop their game from being ruined.
11 Oct. 2011
Grande Finale
Codex tries to save the day while having to avoid cosplay carnage and hired muscle.

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