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  • Celia tries to adjust to life on the inside; Nancy runs into trouble making her first border run; Silas finds a new place to start growing; Roy Till begins to believe Celia's story; an argument between Andy and Lenny reveals more family history, while Bubbie finds a way to make a revelation of her own.


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  • Nancy gets ready for the day. Silas waters his pot plants in the shower. She tells him to move them. She tells them she's going on an errand, all dressed up.

    Len tells Nancy and Andy he doesn't care what they're up to, he just wants $300 and he'll drop it. Nancy forks over the cash and Len leaves.

    Nancy tells Andy she's doing something potentially illegal today.

    Still in jail, Celia gets a visit from her public defender who tells her the charges won't stick. No one saw her drive the Escalade through the convenience store. Wrong client. She pulls out Celia's file and tells her she;s not getting out any time soon. Her hearing is in three weeks.

    Nancy drives the Prius into Guillermo's drug den. He busts out her tail light. He tells her she needs to drive to Tijuana to get it fixed. And also get some inhalers. There's $10,000 in it if she doesn't mess it up. They also give her a bobble head Jesus, because who doesn't need one of those? Guillermo won't tell her what she's really doing.

    At the house, Len prepares to leave for the track for the day and tells Silas and Shane how to take care of Bubby. The words "diapers" and "bedsores" are involved. He tells them not to go through his stuff because it's rigged to blow up. "If she dies on your watch, it's your fault. Got it?" he says.

    Doug and Isabelle visit Celia, who has gotten a prison make-over. Tim Gunn would not approve. Dean is staying in the lobby because they won't bail her out. Celia says her cell mate is threatening to make her her "special girl." Doug tells her someone spray painted "hypocrite" on the charred remains of her house. She begs to get out and says Nancy should be there.

    Nancy arrives at the mechanic's in Tijuana. The gentlemen discuss amongst themselves what Guillermo was thinking. They send her away for an hour.

    Back at the house, Silas tends to his plants in Andy's car. Silas tells Andy that Len said Andy stole $20,000 from him.

    Nancy returns for her car, inhalers in hand. They charge her $30 for the light. She asks what to do next. They tell her to go home.

    She waits in line at the border, buying stuff from vendors to fill her car. She sees a woman with a drug sniffing dog. It checks out her car, hovering in the trunk area...and then moves on. Thank you bobble head Jesus.

    She inches along, regretting her iced latte and praying for a bathroom. Industrious as ever, she takes her latte cup into the backseat and pees, with a kid in the next car watching her. Shane calls. He tells her Celia is in jail while he wrestles with his grandma's diapers. Just as he says they should change their identities, a border agents asks Nancy for her passport. Thinking quickly, she says she doesn't have one. She says she went for a skin cream.

    He points to her cup and asks if that's alcohol. Nancy goes with the truth: "No sir, that's my urine." He tells her to pull over to the second inspection area.

    Back at the house, Andy calls Doug and learns that everyone fingered Celia. They have a Beavis and Butthead moment.

    Len comes home, having lost all his money. He and Andy get into it, as Len remembers a time he sent Andy to the track to place a bet. Andy pocketed the money and Len would have hit a trifecta. Len says Judah never would have done something like that, and Andy says it was Judah's idea.

    The border agents check Nancy's car. One shouts "bingo!" and asks her why she has drugs in the car. He pulls out the bag of inhalers.

    Back at Guillermo's, he tells her there are no drugs in the car and that bobble head Jesus was a camera to see how she handled the agents. She's not pleased, probably remembering how she peed in her front seat with Jesus watching, but he pays her half anyway, saying it was practice.

    In jail still, Celia has a black eye. Agent Roy Till visits her. He holds something up to the window, a picture of Nancy and Guillermo. He tells Celia he's starting to believe her.

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