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Miami Herald
A crackling crime drama assembled from a scrap heap of hoary cliches, Takers proves that everything old can sometimes really be new again.
The Hollywood Reporter
The stunt work is amazing, and the pace is breathless enough to keep one watching right up to the somewhat ambiguous conclusion.
Chicago Tribune
Noisy, unsubtle, but it gets the job done.
A respectable but watered-down heist movie that, given the Los Angeles setting, either owes a debt to director Michael Mann or suggests an unusually violent and action-packed episode of "Entourage."
Orlando Sentinel
The performers are given stock types to play, and Elba and Dillon, at least, can do a little with that.
It comes to the party overdressed and still fails to make an impression.
Takers might have made a perfectly decent little B heist movie, but someone had to go and forget to give the cameraman his Ritalin.
Did I mention the dialogue? Well, really the armored car driver put it best when he said, "We're in trouble here…" No joke.
Rapper, producer, and mogul Tip "T.I." Harris was recently named "global creative consultant" for Rémy Martin cognac. Coincidentally or not, he's also the star and producer of Takers, a heist thriller that feels suspiciously like a feature-length commercial for expensive liquor.
Boxoffice Magazine
What helps salvage the film (much to the surprise of director and co-writer Lussenhop and his fellow writers Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus and Avery Duff) are the unintentional laughs generated by the film's outrageous gun battles, childish dialogue and an action chase featuring Brown that seems to go on forever.

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