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Grossly mismarketed
ambrakay20 July 2013
The director, Diablo Cody, never meant for this to be categorized as a "horror" film, which is precisely what happened. This movie is a fine example of a dark comedy. The dialogue is very quotable, and, if you have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy sarcasm (as I do), you will enjoy this movie. The "scary" scenes aren't scary; there is a lot of over the top gore. Essentially, this movie mocks teen horror flicks. It plays off of the emo trend to create ironic humor, and the laughs come in when you least expect them. It also has a surprisingly respectable soundtrack. If you've yet to see this, I recommend it as a rental for a night in. You will be entertained. Please realize that this is a comic gem full of snark and wit, and don't expect to be frightened. Sit back and enjoy it for what it is; entertainment.
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There isn't anything wrong with a movie being fun
KieranCoughlan25 February 2010
Clearly this is a movie that polarizes opinion, but I'd urge anyone with a taste for black comedy to give Jennifer's Body a chance. Having finally seen it, I enjoyed myself so much that I was left a little mystified that so many people seem to hate it.

Let's be straight about this, Jennifer's Body isn't awards material, but neither is it trying to be. It's a deliberately cheesy and darkly comic movie that definitely harks back similar movies from the 80s. Some of the darkest parts of the movie had me stifling guilty giggles; that's good black comedy in my book.

I thought the performance from the two leads was solid and enjoyable. Megan Fox played up Jennifer's sexiness, but gave her a subtle undercurrent of insecurity which gave tension to the character. Amanda Seyfried's Needy might not have been the cheerleader but was really the more settled and self-assured of the two characters.

Friendships held since childhood can become somewhat ambiguous as people age. This movie captured that well. To me the kiss between Jennifer and Needy really showed the low-key battle that was constantly raging between them, one they weren't consciously aware of most of the time.

Funniest scene for me involved some extremely shallow hipsters involved in some very dark dealings. Deliciously silly.

So, in conclusion, give this movie a try. There's a strong chance that you'll have a very good time.
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The Incompletion of Great Premise...
jaddison3832 October 2009
When Jennifer's Body was first announced to me, I met the idea with cautious curiosity. The idea of Megan Fox playing an evil high school beauty queen who eats the boys she seduces sounded... interesting, to say the least. When the trailer finally emerged, I got excited. Seriously. The combination of thrilling and funny hadn't been explored well at the theater in a long time.

Unfortunately, it still hasn't been explored well; at least not very well. The movie understands what it's going for: a comic horror film with just enough gore and jumps to be jarring and plenty of witty dialogue to stay fresh. The problem is, the two don't seem to meld together very well at any point. It's hard to say whether this has more to do with Diablo Cody's script or Karyn Kusama's direction; neither is at it's full potential here. Although, on recollection of the film, the too-random use of humor sometimes seems to have been the biggest problem.

But let's talk about what works. The leads are both very good. It was Megan Fox who got lots of good buzz about proving she could actually act, but Amanda Seyfried really impressed me more with her edgy role. The performances of both are worthy of accolades. They bring honesty and realism to what could have become total caricatures, and their performances help paint the deeper themes of the movie quite well.

Yes, there are deeper themes. It's not too hard to spot what Ms. Cody is trying to talk about here: The relationships girls have with each other. The whole 'Frenemies' idea that so defines high school girls. It's an interesting concept to examine, and it could have made for a truly entertaining AND thoughtful film.

But it simply isn't. While it wants to get there, it gets too lost in trying to be hip and current and 'alternative' to really become a film. And while the tension builds decently toward the finale, it all leads up to a climax that... doesn't really climax.

However, this is not to say Jennifer's Body isn't worth watching. Hell, I was entertained, and there are some sexy little scenes in there. The disappointment lies in thinking about what the premise promised, a promise that sadly wasn't quite fulfilled... 6/10 stars

Jay Addison
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A worthy film not deserving of all the hate.
c_p_c23 September 2009
It has been some time since I've written a review on this site, but I felt this movie and its current underwhelming performance at the box office warrants some good press. "Jennifer's Body" is a very entertaining film, and is sure to be one that many discover in its DVD release, which according to interviews, director Karyn Kusama has material she is anxious to release.

Make no mistake, JB isn't an Oscar contender, then again, it's not trying to be. It is attempting to throw the viewer into a world of heightened teenage brutality, and in that it succeeded. Diablo Cody, who seems to draw a love her/hate her reaction from audiences, writes a script that perhaps has one too many pop culture references or quirky word choices. But, that is Cody's world. Why say someone is good looking when you can say they're "salty?" It may not make a whole lot of sense, but Cody captures "teen speak" in her dialogue and it is a lot of fun to watch her characters say such unusual things with such ease and normalcy. Cody's writing is what separates this film from other "evil-teen" horror films. Also impressive is when Cody is able to create some genuinely sincere moments between the characters amid the violence and chaos occurring.

This film does not apologize for its odd premise nor does it try to compensate for it. JB plays it straight, recognizing the plot is entirely superficial. This premise doesn't hold the film back. The plot throws enough fun details in the mix that drive this film forward, making it a fantastic platform for the starts of the film, obviously the cast and Cody's writing.

About the cast: As Jennifer, Megan Fox is quite great! Not only does she have the looks to support her character, she creates a girl you love to hate. Jennifer is the ultimate high school goddess, but underneath the sexy exterior and projected confidence lies a tortured soul...physically personified by the demon within her. Fox is sexy when she needs to be, but wrecked when it calls for it. One short scene has possessed Jennifer, disgusted with herself, smearing makeup across her face in a very desperate fashion, desperate to hide her insecurities from the world. It is an impacting moment. Fox is another love/hate personality these days who draws just as much backlash as praise. Say what you want about her prior efforts, but Megan took charge of her character and was creative with her.

Amanda Seyfried stood against Fox well. Naturally, Fox is a force to be reckon with these days and Amanda, playing the gawky, nice girl who hides her beauty, holds her own. The girl can act, and also creates a very sympathetic and relatable character. She manages to create some very humorous moments while being natural. Her admiration for Jennifer is quite clear and Seyfried manages to capture it nicely, without making the character seem obsessive.

The guys in the cast, most who are present so Jennifer can have a meal, are each unique. Props to Kyle Gallner who disappears in his emo-goth role. I had only seen him in the bland "Haunting in Connecticut." Adam Brody, who plays the lead singer of the band that sacrifices Jennifer, had a lot of fun with his role. He creates a character that is so selfish and evil, but seems like a guy who would be fun to have drinks with...if you knew he didn't want to kill you.

Finally, Kusama's direction is swift and competent. She captures the film well not overusing horror techniques and keeping the look of the film fresh. The film's soundtrack is also offbeat and unusual for the genre, but is filled with some great music. The song sung by Brody's band, "Through the Trees," has a great rhythm and lyrics. It's the sort of song that if actually released would undoubtedly be a chart topper.

Is JB the best film you will see all year? No. Is it the worst as many have been claiming? Not by a long shot. JB is different. It's star has been the center of a media obsession. JB is taking the brunt end of this. Behind the harsh criticisms of reviewers who seem to be shifting their disappointment lies a very entertaining and well-made film, despite its subject matter being quite superficial. Forget what you've heard against it, forget what you were expecting. If you like horror, Cody's style, clever films, character films or any combination of the above go see Jennifer's Body. This film deserves a better box office. I for one would like to see more films like this made, and that will only happen if people go see them. Make it happen ya'll.
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Better than what trailer shows
dejan83781 September 2010
Enjoyable movie, though not fits right in horror genre, but it doesn't even trying that, nor comedy since is more, witty, funny and smart than hilarious and in the end is more clever and emotional than usual. Unfortunately all that didn't leave much space for scares, tension, anticipation which are basis for the genre in which after all this movie belongs. Trying to much to redefine the genre and approach at all, the director and screenwriter has for the most of it succeeded, but still the before mentioned flaws are leaving a hole on the final product, a small one but it is there.

Also, I can't resist saying that the short erotic scene between the two beautiful, young, talented actresses was amazing and well integrated in the story. Too bad the makers weren't braver, to concentrate more on their connection.
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Wow, bubble gum horror done right....
sid19963 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This being a movie written by Diablo Cody set the bars quite high, and I was surprised how good it was, especially since I'd seen the low average here at IMDb. First of all, this review contains SPOILERS! This is a horror comedy with a razor sharp script and beautiful music video footage. A lot of the latter part of the movie feels kind of like a Rammstein video - in a good way. But the thing that I like best with this movie is that it doesn't pretend to be something it isn't. It doesn't take itself too serious. I suppose that you could compare it to 'The Faculty', although I'd say this one's a lot better. But the movie that I think is most appropriate to compare it to is the eighties movie 'Heathers'. And I believe that it's a fair comparison and that 'Jennifer's Body' is just as good. So if you like 'Heathers' you should definitely see this. If not, you might as well give it a miss.
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I love this movie
eddieglass31 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First of all let me say that I love this movie. Yes I used the word "love". I love the actors, I love the location, I love the look of the film, and I love Diablo Cody. I can understand all the people who don't like Diablo Cody's writing because she uses "hip" language and things like that, but that is in fact why I love it! For the film nerds out there, No, I did not go to film school. I like many different types of movies. I like all the same movies you like, and then probably a lot you don't. But the difference between you and me is that I can appreciate a movie for what it is.

We can all agree that Jennifer's Body is not going to win the Oscar for best picture....SO WHAT!!! I love it anyway, and here is why.

A script can only be so good on paper. It really does need great actors to take the film to the next level, and thats just what happened with this movie. Jennifer's body does start out with a good script. Yes that's right, I think Diablo Cody has a great and unique style of writing...ooooooooooooo, get over it. Amanda as the character Needy is fantastic. She is a great actress with a lot of talent. Megan Fox is almost too beautiful to be real, and that really helps the character of Jennifer stand out. She is improving as an actress and the movies she are in are meant to be taken as fun. Not some film like Citizen Kane. The character Chip is great along with the goth kid Colin. These two dudes play great awkward teenagers. The teacher played by J.K. Simmons was cool. The sex scene with Needy and Chip was (for the most part) unlike the typical "Hollywood" sex scene. It was real and funny. The movie has great direction from Karyn Kusama. And how about the make out scene with Needy and Jennifer?! that was crazy HOT. Low Shoulder were hilarious as the indie band that try to sacrifice Jennifer to the devil. Adam Brody was great and the fact that the band goes to such great lengths to get popular only shows how fake indie bands are anyway. They just want to be rich and famous like other rock stars. I don't know what else to say, I could go on forever. I hope Diablo Cody goes on to write more scripts and i hope they get made into great movies because she has a fan for life right here. Thats about it I guess. I love Jennifer's Body!!!!!!!!
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Booze Revooze: Holding Something Against Jennifer's Body
Al_K_Hall24 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
You know how when you meet some really cool girl and you get along really well and you've known her for a couple years and you don't see her all that often but every time you do you remember what a blast you have with her. And then you find out she's got a big sister, who's really hot because your friend shows you a picture and your friend says she's gonna introduce you to the sister. So it's all good and you get pumped about the meeting but then when you're at the Bar None and you meet the older sister, you find out she's nowhere near as cool as the younger sister and you're disappointed because you thought there'd be some family resemblance not in looks but in the way they act but there just isn't, to the point it's harder to get drunk than usually because you're not having the fun you thought you would.

It's kinda like that with "Juno" and "Jennifer's Body". Diablo Cody, the writer who stripped for a year before she decided to write "Juno", has presented us with this, her latest. But Jennifer leaves an aftertaste that Juno didn't.

Here's what i like about "Jennifer's Body". The film was written by a woman (Diablo Cody), directed by a woman (Karyn Kusama) and stars two women. i like that it's a strong feminine movie, where the male and female roles are reversed for what i have baptized a 'Switch Flick'. Megan Fox (while maybe, at 23, a little old to play a high-school cheerleader) does a solid job as Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried makes the most of her portrayal as Jennifer's best friend; while, even more interestingly, the male parts of Jennifer's Body are tiny and insignificant. The chesty victims of traditional horror films are replaced by flat little boys and here the boy's meatier parts are held by women.

The downside of the movie is that, as a satire of teenager slasher films, there is some humor but the basic framework is exactly the same as the movies it mocks. The director and writer should have taken the originality of their treatment of the characters and spread it into the story, the directing, the plot and all the rest of that stuff. As it is, Jennifer doesn't go as far as her little sister Juno.
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Love this
ilovewwe9425 August 2015
Jennifer's body is one of those movies that you probably will either love or hate. I on the other hand prefer to love this movie.

Jennifer Check is the one girl in school who is drop dead beautiful. She gets mixed up with a band called Low Shoulder and they are Satan worshipers. They offer her soul for fame and fortune but it ends up turning her into a succubus. Her best friend Needy is the one to realize something is wrong and decides to stop her.

Adam Brody who plays Nikolai, the lead singer of Low Shoulder is a great casting choice. Know for being the hilarious Seth in the O.C, he does good at still being comedic yet a dangerous killer. Megan Fox who in real life is drop dead beautiful plays a very good female killer. Amanda S. as well has a great talent.
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Something is terribly wrong in Devil's Kettle.
callanvass21 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Jennifer's body is a movie I actually had a lot of fun with, and I'll tell you why. It's a great throwback to the cheesy, yet fun 80's horror films, only with a bigger budget. I really felt like I was back in the 80's, and it made me reminisce a lot, heck even the characters feel 80'ish. All I have heard was how terrible this was, but those are probably the people who appreciate the never-ending pg rated crap, that comes out like crazy now a days. I thought it was a nice touch how Needy was telling the story from a Mental institution at the start, it set the perfect tone for the movie. Megan Fox is actually pretty arresting as Jennifer, not only because of her looks, but she shocked the heck out of me with her devilishly funny performance. The gore level is pretty decent, and Horror fans will be pretty pleased with that. The character development, was also better than usual for this sort of thing. Amanda Seyfreid's geeky, yet undeniably dynamic performance often made many highlights for the movie. Jennifer's body is silly fun, and never tries to be anything more, I really don't understand the hate for this movie.

Performances. Megan Fox is the epitome of sexiness, no doubt about it. For us guys seeing her swim naked in a lake, or act like a complete b*tch, is a major turn on, but I think the woman will be quite surprised by her devilishly funny and witty performance. She has come a long way from Transformers, and while she's far from an A list actress, this is a step in the right direction. Her chemistry with Seyfried is on the ball as well. Amanda Seyfried is the heart of the movie in my opinion. I was impressed with her in Mama Mia and here she delivered big time. Her geeky, yet captivating performance was great, and she only got better, when she was bordering on the edge of obsession. Johnny Simmons is quite likable as Chip. He's naïve, but not a pig like many are in this sort of genre, it was refreshing. Adam Brody is fittingly menacing as Nikolai, he did what he had to do well. Kyle Gallner plays a nerd well. J.K. Simmons has a great part as a teacher.

Bottom line. I actually enjoyed Jennifer's Body, and when the sales price inevitably comes down, I am definitely adding it to my DVD collection. It's a wonderful throw back to 80's Horror, and hopefully people notice that. Recommended.


P.S Don't turn it off when the credits roll, there is stuff you may wanna see.
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Scary, Gruesome and Satisfying in the southern regions...
lyfzabytch24 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, lets get one thing out of the way: JB is not a bad movie. Its a movie that will keep you glued to your seat for 100 minutes and make you flinch after every 15. The first 10 mins are beautifully shot not to mention the narration by the main character is pretty good too. The storyline is intriguing even though you decipher the final twist of the movie you are not 100% certain that you are right about it and most of you were not even though you won't admit it now. The horror scenes are extremely unnerving ((spoiler alert!)) especially the scene right after Jennifer's possession when she comes back to needy's home. The love scenes (rather lust scenes :)) depict the state of mind of teenagers very truthfully. Most people say "that was just stupid", "why would he walk their?" hormones is the answer. Boys would do anything for tail and thats what this film shows. You wouldn't go into a dark street for a pack of cigarettes but you would go running if a girl like Miss Fox is waiting on the other end (2nd Guy). The best thing about this movie is that it has a satisfying end when nowadays capitalist studios make some room for a sequel in the movie's climax when the villain rises again etc ( like "Homecoming"). I am sure you won't be hearing about "Jennifer's Body: The Black Diamond Curse". The last scene when ((spoiler alert!)) Jennifer dies is extremely well shot and written (as in screenplay, the actual dialogs are OK). You will leave the theater content with the movie's end. Some problems are their that didn't let this movie turn into a great one. For example the dialog at some point is simply vague like Megan saying "my tit" at the end of the movie. They could have come up with a better deeper line in accordance with the scene. Also, even though a minor detail, the exchange student is shown as a Sikh whereas his name was "Ahmed" which is a Muslim name. A bit research would have taken this movie even more higher. Megan fox shows (unexpectedly for me) the depth of her acting as she makes you believe that she is a evil teenager. Amanda's acting is flawless as her role is affected less by the vague lines I mentioned earlier. I really liked the movie even though I heard bad things about it from friends. 100% recommended to any Miss Fox fan (& non-fan) and horror/suspense genre fanatics. Peace. Out.

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Return to High School Horror!
insomniac_rod18 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this movie! Anyways.

To be completely honest with you, I enjoyed "Jennifer's Body" for the next reasons:

1) The Horror-Comedy entertainment in fast track, fast-food style. 2) It made me remember about the era when Horror Movies from the 80's were placed in junior or high school with plots such like "Trick Or Treat", "Deadly Friend", or even "Fright Night". I even consider this movie to be very similar to "Prom Night III: The Last Kiss". That's just me... Heck, even the posters look very similar. 3) It has everything to become a cult classic because of it's dialogs and plot.

The plot is dynamic and it presents killings and gore very soon. Sure, always accompanied by a common bad habit in modern Horror: CGI. But which movie doesn't use it?

I had doubts before watching the movie mainly because it's writer, Diablo Cody was the responsible for creating "Juno", a movie that generated plenty of controversy and gained plenty of hype to the point to be considered overrated and tendentious.

Anyways, the script/plot is nothing new but it joins two very attractive topics that were extremely popular in the 80's: 1) Vampirism and Cannibalism; but this time it's a sexy succubus. 2) Hard Rock-Metal bands that worship the devil.

All those elements land in a high school atmosphere, a situation that isn't bad at all if you take in consideration that the movie is oriented for young adults or teens.

Let's keep in mind that this PG-13 movie invasion has had good exceptions like "Drag Me To Hell"; and in the case of "Jennifer's Body"; I truly believe it's a worthy option because it adds somehow originality to the genre.

I think that the events are treated adequately in order to maintain a "cool" feeling through the running time for the audience thus making "click" with the characters. This is made through good acting from Amanda Seyfried who completely believes in her character and demonstrates her versatility as an actress. The good news is that Megan Fox's acting isn't painful. Heck, she even delivers signals that she could become a "decent" actress.

Megan's role was perfect for her because she could exploit her obvious sensuality and sexuality and her "role model" image for young people. The chemistry between Seyfriend and Fox is really good and it's displayed in all the scenes they share. Even in the kinky and passionate kiss that rose the theater's temperature.

We got memorable scenes like Jennifer walking in slow motion wearing tight jeans and a pink shirt. Or Jenn wearing the skimpy cheerleader miniskirt, the tough guy's split corpse, the fire in the bar, some junior high students singing the "In" song, Needy walking with a good attitude in the ending, the last fight between the two leads, the death scenes, etc.

The negativity of the movie deals with the high expectations towards it created by the poster where it sells Megan's body. Some dialogs that try to be "cool", the now popular vampiric plot (this could be considered as "Twilight" for men!), and the not so good CGI.

The Direction is pretty good and I enjoyed the contrast between some colorful atmosphere (school, bedrooms, the band playing, flashbacks) and the night sequences (dirty pool, woods, mist). A very good cinematography and art direction. I like the movie's look. The soundtrack was good and I even noticed myself moving my foot following the rhyming of some songs!. It's catchy, rock from the new millennium, but it works for the movie's tone.

Gore is just decent although we don't get that much blood; we get a cool vampiric creature spitting insects and black blood, stabbings, harsh beatings, and more (Megan's demise).

The vampiric-cannibalistic action is tremendously entertaining. The dialogs are pure trash but highly entertaining trash. Through some dialogs I realized that I'm getting old and I barely understood some in-jokes such as a thing with Hannah Montana, PMS, insults like Monistat, Vagisil, etc. It reminded me of my good days in late 80's Horror.

The Horror-Comedy aspect is very well handled and delivers some smiles of irreverent. The same goes for the black humor which is the element that saved the movie from being...let's just say, another one from the pile.

You should definitely check out "Jennifer's Body" in order to get some nostalgia feelings that deal with Highschool Horror which was often used in the 80's. Sure, not adapted to the needs of a consumerist society filled with cliché'll understand why.

I have the slight impression that we will have many, many movies like "Jennifer's Body" in the future. Not a bad thing.
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It Held My Attention
lostinafantasy865 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I watch movies, all I ask is to be entertained. This movie did just that. It held my attention the entire way through. I will admit that there were a few scenes where I may have rolled my eyes, and wondered why they felt the need to take certain scenes in certain directions.

First, I must say I adored Adam Brody in this film. I have always been a fan of him since his O.C. days, and I enjoyed the few moments in this film where "Seth Cohen" came shining through! Being an emo rock god works for him...he had my attention, that's for sure!

Now on to the film. I sat here and read most the board posts and while I was quite enthralled by all the interpretive views of the film, I will review as I saw it. What a fantastic idea Diablo! High school is hell and so are teenage girls, as was pointed out in the very beginning. Many girls in high school had that one friend who you knew was prettier, more popular. And although you were friends, you were secretly jealous of her more. This movie did a great job depicting that. It was a fun movie, and semi-relatable. Minus all the demon crap. I wasn't that thrilled with either of the female characters, I found myself getting more annoyed than anything. Although the quote from Jennifer "I Am A God" cracked me up a bit, if for no other reason then it being random. The dialogue was very Juno-esquire, that's for sure. I mean who says "salty" and can do so without cracking up? I did enjoy the relationship between Needy and Chip (who I loved in this movie, he was great). I wanted so bad for them to live happily ever after, but that dang Jennifer just had to take a chunk out of his neck...if for no other reason but to prove to Needy, she could have and do whatever she wanted. Which seemed to be the main theme of the movie. It was always Jennifer speaking as if or trying to prove that she was an irresistible force in their school. No one had a chance up against her, including her supposed "BFF". And that was even BEFORE the demon took her over...

All in all if you are looking for jump out of your skin scary, this isn't your movie. As a matter of fact, it wasn't scary at least not in my opinion. But if you think Megan Fox is hot, you like lesbian scenes, you remember high school and could relate to this, or you're looking for an all around fun movie, then I recommend renting it. I would never buy it, it's not that good, but it's worth the 4 or 5 dollars!
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Am I the only one?
csamp200018 September 2009
Am I the only one that thinks Diablo Cody is a terrible writer? Though I did enjoy it, Juno was extremely overrated, and this piece of crap cements it for me. I hate Diablo Cody as a writer. Her contrivance and witty attempt at being hip and relevant just doesn't fly. I will give her credit for trying to look at dialog from left of center, but people don't talk like that....well except maybe Diablo Cody. But I didn't go to see a movie full of Diablo Cody's, I went to see a movie with moving characters you care for. If they die, I should care, which I didn't. and the "twist" ending made the Happening look like Citizen Cane, and I'm talking in this day and age where my future unborn children already know what rosebud is. It is still more of a reveal than this movie. It was a shame because there were same great actors in this movie and Megan Fox. Though I will give both Cody and Fox credit, because she actually fit the dialog well, but it doesn't make me hate it less. I found myself bored, and bored in a horror movie is unacceptable. I've seen some awful horror movies too, but never have I been this bored. I gave this movie 3 stars, one for Amanda Seifried, one for the (in my opinion) under appreciated Kyle Gallner, and one for the few interesting shots throughout the movie. Notice NONE for Diablo Cody!
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Why are people "expecting more" from Diablo Cody?
iKramerica-120 September 2009
Okay, people, this movie is simply proof that this woman's Oscar was a sham. Had Megan Fox been cast in Juno, would DC have won the Oscar for the screenplay? Of course not. Juno was a mediocre film on the page, brought to life by the amazing performance of Page and direction of Reitman, with the quirky music and and the quirky acting of Cera helping it feel "fresh" when it wasn't. But what do the stupid Oscar voters do? They give DC the Oscar and ignore the fact that she was CARRIED by the others, while denying Page and Reitman Oscars. Probably because of DC's personal story of sex worker turned "genius", as Hollywood loves to reward the sleazy people, and DC had a sleazy life.

So now we have this movie, where there is no strong director, no strong actors, and we see that DC is a mediocre writer. Not awful, but not great either. Predictable and clichéd in places, just like Juno. Anti-men, just like Juno. Oscar nomination? Ha, not just like Juno. ;)
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Feast and Famine
Jonny_Numb30 September 2009
Winning an Oscar for a first film is a perilous position for a screenwriter to be in, for with adulation comes high expectation, and with high expectation comes hype that is almost always self-defeating. Such is the case with "Jennifer's Body," the sophomore script from Diablo ("Juno") Cody, which takes an uncomfortable union of concept, content, and direction (by Karyn Kusama), and transforms it into a film I really WANTED to like, but in the end couldn't. Marketed as a hip, self-aware horror flick, it never delivers much beyond the norm of the genre (it follows firmly in the tradition of Kevin Williamson, who gave us "Scream" and "The Faculty" over a decade ago), and passages of heartfelt emotion are shortchanged for ridiculous horror segues (an indie band sacrifices a virgin to make a pact with the Devil, for instance) and Cody's own contrived linguistic quirks. The quirks worked for "Juno," which told a dramatic story populated by fully realized characters and peppered with moments of bittersweet humor. "Jennifer's Body" almost succeeds based on the strength of its central duo: the titular cheerleader (Megan Fox) and her bespectacled, dorky BFF, Needy (Amanda Seyfried), who undergo serious issues when Jennifer becomes a literal man-eater; the bond between them is so palpable and effective that it almost saves the film when it goes off into the realm of bloodshed and digital trickery. If Cody's script can't find a balance between the horror, the humor, and the pathos, director Kusama steers the film even more erratically, resulting in a tone that remains unsettled until the very end. Ultimately, "Jennifer's Body" has its share of visually arresting moments and fine performances (particularly Seyfried's), but it has much less to offer than its obvious (and far superior) influences: Jacques Tourneur's (and Paul Schrader's) "Cat People" and the "Ginger Snaps" trilogy (which took the metaphorical monstrosity of puberty and its own clever dialog into much more exciting territory).
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If you like demons and lesbians, you will like this movie.
xlipgloss-veins15 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
However, if you don't care much for movies that appear to be in existence for the sole reason of giving pubescent boys one and a half hours of Megan Fox in various sexually referencing scenes, then give it a miss.

I watched this film on a pre-release viewing, and I did not know what it was I was in for until I saw the films' title across the screen.

'Jennifers Body' appears to be a dark comedy. There are humorous parts that are related to some sort for sexual innuendo or blatant sexual act (such as the charming description of Jennifer, played by Megan fox, who had to sit on a bag of frozen vegetables after losing her 'backdoor virginity.') But there are good suspenseful horror moments I must admit. There were a lot of screams from the girls in the theater, due mostly to what I call 'cheap scares', the typical "I know someone is going to jump out now, I'm just waiting for it" scare. Yet, the blood and gore was convincing, and I have to say that the scene where Jennifer appears in her best friends house covered in blood, giving a demonic blood filled smile and spewing out black goo WAS pretty good horror. As this scene was in the first 10-20 I thought we were in for a reasonably good movie. Meh. Not really.

The acting wasn't bad. But you could tell that Megan Fox loved every second of being semi-naked or sexually flirtatious on screen. Her character was the 'hot chick' who could woo anyone with the flutter of her eyelashes. Yes, we all know she is attractive, but every second of this film was like "HEY GUYS! LOOK AT MEGAN! ISN'T SHE HOT!" It got old pretty quick. And Adam Brody was terrible. You'll see why.

Yes, there were demons AND the mandatory lesbian scene with Megan Fox. Contrasting I know. But apparently, that's what the people want, so lets give it to them! A little insulting to say the least.

To be honest, a pretty disappointing script from Diablo Cody, especially after Juno, which was witty and clever.

Overall, 5/10. I would not pay money for a ticket and petrol to go watch it at the cinema, but probably would borrow it off a friend to watch if they hired it. Cheap thrills. Watch it if you want to tune out and not think for 90 minutes. Average, average, average.
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This came from the pen of an Oscar winner?
BA_Harrison11 December 2009
I appreciate all types of horror, from the intelligent and atmospheric to the plain dumb and gory, but in the case of Jennifer's Body, I have to admit that I just don't get it: I can't identify with the characters; I fail to understand their motivation; I don't appreciate their idiotic 'hip' language; but most of all, I just cannot comprehend what the film was trying to be. Did writer Diablo Cody intend Jennifer's Body to be a straight-up horror, a dark comedy, a teen drama, a pro-feminist tale, an allegory, or even perhaps, a mixture of all of these? Whatever the intention, it doesn't really work.

Veering awkwardly from one poorly constructed scene to another, Jennifer's Body offers very little in the way of scares, laughs, or emotional content, and if there is a deeper meaning to the film—and the inclusion of recurring imagery does support this idea—then it's virtually impossible to decipher, making it all rather redundant. Even those who choose to watch in the hope of seeing Megan Fox in the altogether will be disappointed: despite playing a sex-mad schoolgirl slut who becomes a seductive boy-eating succubus, she fails to flash the goods.

Of course, there is the much touted lesbian clinch with nerdy best friend Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried, who is much hotter than Fox in my opinion) to keep the lads (or ladies) momentarily happy, but a little girl-on-girl action alone does not make a good film.
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Underrated Gold
leonardshelby17-127 September 2009
In one of the saddest movie news of this decade, Jennifer's Body fails and so many seem so happy about it. Question is though, how many of these haters actually saw the film? Judging from it's box office take, very few. Aside from Tarantino's Basterds, Jennifer's Body was the most anticipated movie of the year for me. Diablo Cody has had me hooked ever since her wonderful book Candy Girl years ago, then with Juno she cemented proof that this woman is no joke, and once again it pays off with Jennifer. Amanda Seyfried caught my attention in Mean Girls, and I've loved her ever since, and she shined in Jennifer. Finally, there's Megan Fox, someone who seems to just have to sit there to be hated by many. Jealousy fills so many with rage. She doesn't say all the right things that we expect from celebrities, and somehow this causes even more hatred. Curiosity and the fact that she's the reason 'wow' is in our vocabulary, has kept me interested, and the hatred from everyone for nothing made me even more. Put all three of these people together and you've got Jennifer's Body. It's fun, silly, disturbing, wild, sexy, and one of the best movies of the year. Megan has proved she has the talent so many say she doesn't and becomes Jennifer Check. What a movie. Being IMDb though, you all seem to only go to movies and actors you hate.
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Jennifer's Body, my pick for the worst film of 2009 so far.....
MovieFanGuyy21 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Jennifer's Body, which stars current it girl Megan Fox, and Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfriend, is my pick of the worst film of the year so far.

The Oscar winning writer of Juno, Diablo Cody, is back with her second script, the very UNfunny Jennifer's Body. While her snappy dialog propelled her first feature to box office success, and an Academy Award for her script, her second feature, Jennifer's Body, shows that so far, Cody seems to be a one-trick pony.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: Jennifer is a teenage cheerleader who gets picked up by some devil's worshipers and become a demon who eats the guys who like her. The whole thing plays like a bad horror comedy. Fox can't act and has a great difficulty portraying anything remotely believable as the lead. She's nothing more than eye candy here.

Amanda Seyfriend fresh from Mamma Mia and the hit show, Big Love, is far better as Jennifer's best friend, appropriately named Needy.

The ending, while a shock, sets things up for another film, and I heard a lot of whining from the audience by the time the credits rolled.

My advise, wait for this one on DVD, save your money for a better movie.
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Neither scary nor particularly funny...
SebaZava30 November 2009
Predictably, the only reason I went to see Jennifer's Body was because of Megan Fox. Not because I think she's a great actress - she's done nothing to prove this - but because... well, it's Megan Fox. The only reason why she was "discovered" by Michael Bay and put in the Transformers movies was because she's hot, and that's precisely the only reason why she was given her first starring role with Jennifer's Body. Because, really, although she isn't particularly awful - I've seen worst performances in porn movies - her performing skills don't deserve as much attention as she has been receiving. Yes, that basically means she doesn't give a very good performance in Jennifer's Body. And to be honest, that's something of a disappointment - before watching the movie, I had a little bit of hope that the reason why Fox had given such horrible performances in the Transformers movies was Michael Bay's inability to direct actors. After watching this movie, though, I concluded that Fox is nothing more than eye candy - whether she's directed by Bay or Martin Scorsese, she'll always give a bad performance.

The film tells the story of teenager Needy (Amanda Seyfried), whose best friend is the ridiculously hot Jennifer (Megan Fox). The former has a somehow timid but likable boyfriend, Chip (Johnny Simmons) while the latter loves the fact that she can sleep with whoever she wants whenever she wants. One night, Jennifer takes Needy to a bar to watch the semi-popular rock band Low Shoulder. The lead singer (Adam Brody) gives Needy the creeps but Jennifer likes him. After the show is abruptly ended by a fire, the group takes her to their van and they disappear... Needy fears the worst. Next day, though, Jennifer appears to be all right. It turns out that, instead of dying a pretty horrible death, she was turned into a demon who has to eat boys in order to maintain her hotness.

I understand what Diablo Cody (screenwritter of the fabulous Juno) tried to do. Instead of crafting a straight-forward horror story, she tried to write something a little more humorous and a little more quirky, but the problem with this approach is that the movie doesn't really know what it wants to do. At times, it can be hilarious - because the filmmakers are providing with a joke or gag or some weird-ish, quirky line -, while at others it can be unintentionally - and awfully - funny. And when it tries to be scary, it utterly - and somehow embarrassingly - fails. You'd have to be either a very small boy or girl or a very frightful person in order to be scared by the movie.

Although the aforementioned Fox is not very convincing as Jennifer - okay, that's unfair; she is convincing when portraying the mega-hot high-school girl because she's basically playing herself; it's when she turns into a boy-eating monster that things become laughable -, the rest of the cast are pretty much all right. Because Amanda Seyfried - who was delightful in the underrated Mamma Mia - can act, Fox's performance seems even more artificial than it already is. What's more - Needy is virtually the only believable character in the whole movie, which is a blessing considering she's the main one. Johnny Simmons is also very likable as Chip - his eventual fate was the only scene in the film that got me emotionally involved with what was happening on screen - and a very small supporting performance by J.K. Simmons - as a school teacher - is as memorable as things get in this film.

Those who want to watch the movie to catch a glimpse of a naked Megan Fox are definitely going to be disappointed. Although there's plenty of gore, guts and language, Fox never gets naked. During a weird skinny dipping scene, her nude body is hidden from view by tricky camera angles and other techniques, and the only really sexual scene in which she gets involved - not even Fox can make cannibalism hot - is a lesbian kissing sequence with Seyfried. Can't say it's not a hot scene - because it is - but it somehow seemed tame for today's standards. Really, though, these are only very small problems which I could have forgiven had the film worked as a horror flick - the main problem with Jennifer's Body is that it's neither scary nor laugh-out-loud funny.

Having seen and appreciated Juno, I was expecting more from screen writer Diablo Cody. This is a case of a very successful - and from what I gathered from her previous movie, talented - screen writer trying to do something different and failing. Yes, her intentions were really noble, but the end result - being, in this case, a motion picture - is nothing short of a disaster. While Amanda Seyfried tries to give her best - unlike Fox, she doesn't embarrass herself -, the rest of the production is so mediocre I can't believe someone thought it was worth releasing in theatres. If Jennifer's Body was a way to prove that Diablo Cody could write a successful horror film, it failed. And if it was to prove that Megan Fox was something more than eye candy, then it also failed. And really, Fox isn't that hot either. For my money, Seyfried is a million times prettier, and she has the advantage that, unlike Fox, she can act.
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When a film turns to the "trendsbian" card, you know it's bad!
Chimera-520 September 2009
Seriously, what were they thinking? "Hey, let's have Megan Fox play up her no-talent-just-a-pretty-face card as a killer she-demon and throw in trendsbian (girls who claim to be "bisexual" so pathetic dudes can go "Cool!" and make them feel special) scenes because suckers will go see it!" Oh boy, what is this world coming to? Megan Fox will age, guys, just like all the rest of them. Hopefully she'll cope will it in a decent manner and not do anything, "stupid", I'll just say!

This film was boring, obnoxious, and "just another" idiotic teen horror romp with a hip lesbian angle to try to rope in its audience. You would be better off watching water freeze or grass grow to try and have a good time. Or wait for "Transformers 3" if you really are into seeing some hot girl you know you don't have enough money for galavanting on a giant screen!
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Jennifer's Body was actually good, why the harsh rating?
king_ghidora1 February 2010
I didn't expect the film to be good, but it was. "Jennifer's Body" avoided all of the tiring clichés used in generic "teen scream" horror flicks. It had a great plot and a great ending that leaves you feeling a sense of satisfactory. Maybe you think Megan Fox is a bad actress. Well, actually, I would say that she gave a good performance in the movie. Plus, the gore/violence wasn't over-the-top, and there isn't an enormous body count like in other modern horror films. Those are just stupid, while "Jennifer's Body" isn't stupid. The film is practically a horror-comedy, so you don't have to really take it seriously (which you probably wouldn't anyway, considering that it's a Megan Fox horror film). Anyway, give this movie a try, it gives you some good laughs and maybe even scares as well as being fun to watch all the way through.
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Surprisingly GOOD!
castrobear22 May 2010
Rented "Jennifer's Body" not knowing anything about it and was pleasantly surprised. The cross between HEATHERS, CARRIE and dozen or so teenage slasher flicks with Diablo Cody's "finger on the pulse" teen language script made this a FUN viewing. I loved the cameo appearances by Amy Sedaris and Cynthia Stevenson and more.

It's a real shame that peple (critics) were expecting more of diablo after her Oscar win for 'Juno".

The is a solid,fun, VERY 'R" rated film that deserves a viewing.

If I were a teenager I probably would have a copy of "Jennifer's Body" stashed under my mattress!!!
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From Ellen Page to Megan Fox
zadkine18 September 2009
After" Juno", Cody could have worked with any studio, any producer, any stars in Hollywood. So what does she do? She took her new-won power and created a cheesy, soft porn, mildly scary, totally worthless sexcapade aimed at white male teenagers. What a waste of talent. It's totally predictable (read her biography), and probably signals her rapid decline on the heels of her rapid ascent. The acting, the art direction, the dialog, the music, none of it works. It's easy to mock it as the HBO version of Buffy the Vampire etc., but that would be an insult to both HBO and Buffy. One can only assume Cody has no moral compass, that she sees writing movies akin to how copywriters write commercials. It's just a job, who cares what you're selling, it's all about the money. It's too bad she's gone down this road. Has she driven too far to turn back?
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