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  • Anita "Needy" Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried) is coerced by her childhood friend Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) to attend a performance of the Indie rock band Low Shoulder at a bar in the small town of Devil's Kettle, Minnesota. The unthinkable happens, and the bar catches on fire. Fortunately, both Needy and Jennifer escape, but Jennifer is abducted by the band and taken to the woods in their van. Some hours later, Jennifer appears at Needy's house, bloodied and throwing up. The next day, however, Jennifer is fine and convinces Needy that she was simply overreacting and blowing the event out of proportion. When several of their male classmates are found dead and partially eaten, Needy begins to suspect that something evil has happened to Jennifer. However, no one, not even Needy's boyfriend Chip Dove (Johnny Simmons), will believe her. They all think that it is Needy who needs psychiatric help. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jennifer's Body is based on a screenplay by American screenwriter Brook Busey, better known by her pen name Diablo Cody. The movie was subsequently novelized by Audrey Nixon. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • About half-way through the movie, Jennifer explains to Needy that she was chosen by the band because they believed her to be a virgin, and the band needed to sacrifice a virgin to Satan in return for giving them success and fame as a rock group. Unfortunately, Jennifer was not a virgin. Instead, her body was taken control of by a demon, and Jennifer was turned into a succubus that needed to feast on human flesh, particularly that of men, so as to remain beautiful and powerful. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A succubus is a mythical female demon who seduces men in order to drain them of their lifeforce. In some folklore, she drinks their blood; in other myths, it is their semen she is after. The male counterpart is known as an incubus. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Many viewers conclude that Jennifer was jealous and that she was actually "in love" with Needy. They point to Jennifer's comment about how she and Needy used to "play boyfriend and girlfriend" when they were children and refer to the scene where Jennifer and Needy are kissing each other. Without necessarily calling it "lesbianism", there was indeed some measure of "love" between the two girls, be it due to their lifelong friendship or to actual romantic feelings. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, Devil's Kettle Falls, the "waterfall that goes nowhere," is in Judge Magney State Park in Minnesota. The Brule river splits in two as it goes over the falls. The section on the right, lands at the base of the falls and continues downstream. The section on the left vanishes into a pothole known as the Devil's Kettle, and no one knows where it goes. It is believed that the water makes its way out to Lake Superior by means of underground passages, but they have thrown dyes and logs and other things into the pothole, and nothing ever comes out. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's a slang term that means "Shut up". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The head toll is ten. Jennifer kills and eats Jonas Kozelle after luring him into the woods. Colin Gray is seduced, killed, and eaten by Jennifer in an abandoned house. Chip Dove, although not fully eaten by Jennifer, loses enough blood from her attack that it results in his death. Ahmet is later revealed to not have died in the fire but to have been Jennifer's first meal. Jennifer is killed by Needy. The five guys making up the group Low Shoulder are also killed by Needy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Needy escapes from the isolation cell by using her new demon powers to levitate herself to a window, which she kicks out and escapes into the night. While walking down the road, she discovers the knife that the band used to sacrifice Jennifer, afterwhich they tossed it into the Devil's Kettle. Needy flags down a passing car and says that she's heading east and following a band. She adds that tonight is going to be their last performance. As the credits begin to roll, shots are shown of the members of Low Shoulder drinking and smoking dope in their hotel room. The clips gradually change into photos of the band members, dead and bloody with the sacrificial knife in the chest of one of them. In the final scene, the security camera shows Needy walking down a hotel corridor while some female fans of the band head toward their hotel room and start screaming. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Most likely. Diablo seems to be a fan of Courtney Love's band, Hole, having incorporated Hole's "Doll Parts" in her movie Juno (2007) (2007). The Hole song "Violet" is also featured in Jennifer's Body. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's called "Through The Trees". Low Shoulder is a fictional band. The guy singing is actually Ryan Levine. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The unrated version contains more than 70 alterations, making a difference of more than 5 minutes. Edit (Coming Soon)


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