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Season 4

21 Aug. 2011
The Worst Woman in Sydney
Tilly Devine and her husband 'Big Jim' own Australia's largest brothel network. Kate Leigh runs a ring of speakeasies all across Sydney. The rivalry between these two crime empresses will plunge Sydney into gang war.
21 Aug. 2011
Whips and Scorpions
The true story of glamorous crime queens Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, and their deadly battle to control Sydney's underworld in the 1920s.
28 Aug. 2011
Cat Amongst the Pigeons
Sid 'Kicker' Kelly recovers from the vicious knife attack but refuses to talk to Detective Bill Mackay, preferring to work his own brutal brand of street justice on Norman and Razor Jack. Tilly, Kate and Phil hold a war council to stop Norman and restore order to Sydney.
4 Sep. 2011
The Damage Done
Furious over Tilly's decision to kill Norman Bruhn, Kate sparks an all-out war by recruiting Tilly's prostitutes to sell cocaine. Snowy Cutmore returns to Melbourne for a fateful showdown with crime boss Squizzy Taylor. Fresh from his first kill, Frank 'The Little Gunman' Green wins the ultimate prize - Nellie Cameron. But can he keep her?
11 Sep. 2011
The Darlinghurst Outrage
Phil Jeffs faces the hangman's noose for a scandalous crime that has all of Razorhurst guessing.
18 Sep. 2011
Blood Alley
Bill Mackay, newly-appointed Head of CIB, creates NSW's first-ever drug squad to crack down on street dealers. Meanwhile, a desperate Phil Jeffs gets aggressive with Kate, leading to one of the bloodiest street fights Sydney has ever seen.
25 Sep. 2011
Tripe and Brains
With Kate Leigh in prison, Tilly devises a radical new strategy for taking control of Razorhurst. Meanwhile, Wally faces an uphill battle to protect Kate's business and family interests while she is in prison. Dashing nightclub singer Eric Connolly pledges his undying love to Nellie Cameron, with tragic results. Black Aggie is publicly humiliated in a bar-room brawl with Nellie but finds love from an unlikely source.
2 Oct. 2011
A Big Shivoo
Black Aggie strikes up a romance with Greg "the Gunman" Gaffney and gives-up prostitution. But she's still dirty on Nellie for putting her out of work, so she fronts her with a cut-throat razor. Frank Green intervenes and gives Aggie thrice as many cuts and bruises than she started out with. Greg Gaffney swears that he'll kill Frank Green in revenge, but when he gets the chance he only manages to shoot Green in the shoulder. Because Gaffney is Kate Leigh's man and Green is on Tilly's side, Wally Tomlinson is anxious to avoid a gang war. But Gaffney is intent on ...
9 Oct. 2011
The Crash
The Wall Street crash wreaks havoc on the gangs and a midnight attack on Barney Dalton and Wally Tomlinson has dire repercussions when one of the victims violates the criminal code of silence.
16 Oct. 2011
The Sentimental Bloke
Frank Green is on trial for the murder of Barney Dalton. With Wally Tomlinson as the star witness, will he face the noose?
23 Oct. 2011
Jerusalem Revisited
Tilly's decision to visit London has dire consequences for her business and marriage. With Tilly in London, Kate moves to seize control of the drug trade.
30 Oct. 2011
Big Moves
Big Jim faces the noose over the attempted murder of his wife but at the 11th hour Tilly refuses to testify against her husband and the charges are dropped. The ultra-nationalist New Guard are proving such a danger to his government that Premier Jack Lang guarantees Bill Mackay the new title of NSW Police Commissioner if he can stamp them out. His wife having left him and taken the kids, Frank throws in his lot with Nellie and the pair try to escape Razorhurst for a new life in Queensland. Guido Calletti's ambitious plans to seize Kate's cocaine supply are forgotten ...
6 Nov. 2011
After a decade of gang warfare, Kate and Tilly have their final showdown. Phil Jeffs returns from exile and vows to drive Kate Leigh out of business. Frank and Guido fight to the death over the love of Nellie Cameron, and Razorhurst celebrates the grand opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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