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A Killing in Paris
gordonl5625 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
ADVENTURES OF THE FALCON – Decision in Red – 1954

This is 11th episode of the 39 episode run of the 1954 to 1956 series, ADVENTURES OF THE FALCON. Film noir icon Charles McGraw headlines as Mike Waring, an agent of the U.S. Government. The series follows McGraw as he travels the world putting the kibosh on various criminals and foreign agents.

In this one, McGraw is in France keeping an eye on a new prototype fighter for the Air Force. At an airfield just outside Paris the fighter is put through its paces. Half way through its first flight, the aircraft explodes and crashes killing the test pilot, Myron Healey.

Agent McGraw starts an investigation into the crash and is soon on the trail of some possible spy types. It seems that pilot Healey was keeping time with blonde knockout, Teresa Tudor. Tudor is part of an east bloc spy ring working out of a Paris shop.

Joining McGraw on his investigation is Larry Dobkin. Dobkin was Healey's best friend and also worked on the fighter project. McGraw is thrown a few curves and a nice selection of red herrings during his pursuit of the villains. Most of these red herrings etc involve several rather curvaceous females, such as, Betty Lou Gerson and Pamela Duncan.

Having dealt with the female interference and several other annoyances, McGraw flushes out the real saboteur. And to McGraw's surprise, it turns out to be Larry Dobkin. Dobkin was annoyed with Healey for hogging all the glory as well as getting all the girls. It seems spy Tudor had been doing Dobkin till Healey showed up.

Dobkin is handed over to the Air Force and the spy ring has been broken up. McGraw is ready for his next assignment.
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