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Josh Brolin: Jonah Hex



  • [tied up] 

    Jonah Hex : You still have that Derringer in your bustle?

    Lilah : They took it.

    Jonah Hex : You still have that snake in your garter?

    Lilah : They took that too.

    Jonah Hex : You still have that...?

    Lilah : They took it.

    Jonah Hex : Searched you pretty thoroughly, didn't they?

    Lilah : Wouldn't you?

  • Burly Turnbull Guard : Hey, what happened to your face...?

    [Hex kills him with a thrown tomahawk] 

    Jonah Hex : I'm all out of wiseass answers.

  • [a dozen Union soldiers burst into Lilah's room] 

    Jonah Hex : Christ, woman, how many men you seeing today?

  • [after killing the Stunk Crick Sheriff and his deputies, Hex takes the man's badge and pins it on the nearest man, who is staring at him, slack-jawed] 

    Jonah Hex : Congratulations.

  • Lilah : You worry about me, don't you?

    Jonah Hex : No.

    Lilah : Mmm. Well, I worry about you. Look how many times have you been shot. It's just one more that's gonna do it.

    Jonah Hex : Well, it seems like I've been luckier than most in that respect.

  • Jonah Hex : Keep him fed and watered. Don't you tie him up. If I don't come back for a spell, he'll know it. He'll head out on his own way.

    Boy : He got a name?

    Jonah Hex : Yeah. Horse.

    [to the dog] 

    Jonah Hex : You. Yeah, I... I don't what to say to you.

  • Jeb Turnbull : You killed me, Jonah!

    Jonah Hex : You drew on me, Jeb.

    Jeb Turnbull : Yeah, that was a mistake.

    Jonah Hex : Well, obviously.

  • Jeb Turnbull : You disobeyed a direct order.

    Jonah Hex : To burn down a hospital. Your father was gonna kill all those people, just to make a point. I couldn't stand for that. I'm surprised you could.

    Jeb Turnbull : He was our commanding officer, he was my father! I didn't have a choice.

    Jonah Hex : Neither did I.

  • [Jonah rides into town, dragging three dead bodies with his horse] 

    Jonah Hex : These the boys you wanted?

    Stunk Crick Mayor : The Clayton boys?

    Jonah Hex : That's right.

    Stunk Crick Mayor : It would appear we have a little problem, Mr. Hex. They's four Clayton boys. This here's only three. I don't see anyway we could pay you the agreed-upon "reconciption"...

    [Hex tosses him a burlap sack. The Mayor glances inside, and retches] 

    Jonah Hex : The rest of him was too fat for my horse.

  • Dumbass Outlaw : He don't look so tough.

    Bartender : He looks tough to me.

    Dumbass Outlaw : Not to me. Watch this.

    [draws a knife] 

    Dumbass Outlaw : Hey, Hex! What happened to your face-?

    [a gunshot blasts him through a window, and Hex lifts his hat off the bar, revealing his pistol] 

    Jonah Hex : Cut myself shaving, what happened to yours?

    [drops a coin on the bar] 

    Jonah Hex : For the broken window.

  • Stunk Crick Mayor : You surely have done us quite a favor.

    Jonah Hex : Transaction's all it was. I'll collect my hundred dollar bounty on them and be on my way.

    Stunk Crick Mayor : That there, Mr. Hex was more of a limited-time offer.

    Jonah Hex : But you'll pay it just the same.

    Stunk Crick Mayor : Hell, Mr. Hex, there's an unscrupulous character or two would pay double that for your stinkin' hide!

    [Hex glances at the undertaker's] 

    Jonah Hex : Five coffins...

    [counts the Mayor, the Sheriff and his deputies] 

    Jonah Hex : Sure you don't need eight?

  • Burke : You look like a right freak, you know that? Tell me, what's it like to go through life with a face like that?

    Jonah Hex : Let me show you!

    [punches him] 

  • [last lines] 

    Jonah Hex : They say that a man with revenge in his heart should dig two graves. One for his enemy and one for himself. I guess mine's just gonna have to wait.

  • Jonah Hex : You got anything new, Smith?

    Smith : Thought you'd never ask.

    [shows him new weapons] 

    Jonah Hex : Wow...

    Smith : I take it that means you approve?

  • [first lines] 

    Jonah Hex : War and me took to each other real well. It felt like it had meaning. The feeling of doing what you thought was right. But it wasn't. Folks can believe what they like, but eventually a man's gotta decide if he's gonna do what's right. That choice cost me more than I bargained for.

  • [Hex beats up a bunch of thugs who were attacking a dog for fun] 

    Jonah Hex : [to the dog]  I envy your good looks, boy.

    [walks off, the dog follows him] 

  • Jonah Hex : This is for my wife!

    [kills a laughing Burke... then resurrects him. Burke is now terrified of what he saw] 

    Jonah Hex : And this is for my son!

    [burns him to ashes] 

  • President Grant : [pays Hex]  Here's your reward, in full. I also hope you'll reconsider.

    [Hex looks at a Sheriff badge] 

    Jonah Hex : Country's too big for patrollin' sir. But if you're ever in a jam, you know who to call.

  • [from trailer] 

    Lieutenant Evan : Quentin Turnbull surfaced about a month ago.

    Lieutenant Grass : We want Turnbull dead.

    Jonah Hex : Why didn't you just say that to begin with?

  • Jeb Turnbull : I've been watching you, and I've been watching him, and I gotta tell you, it's getting real hard to tell the difference between you.

    Jonah Hex : Your father is a monster, you hear me?

    Jeb Turnbull : And you ain't? From where I sit, you're just two men bent on murdering people to make your own pain go away. Life like that, it sounds a hell of a lot like being damned.

  • [being raised from the dead] 

    Jeb Turnbull : God! You are such an asshole.

    Jonah Hex : Good to see you again, too, Jeb.

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