Scott McNeil: Rattrap


  • Optimus Primal : Everyone underground!

    Rattrap : What makes you think it's any better down there?

    [a tank nearby explodes] 

    Rattrap : I withdraw the question.

  • [the Maximals, in their new reformatted bodies, try to transform and fail] 

    Rattrap : Uh, boss, do these upgrades come with a warranty?

  • Optimus Primal : The first robots who came to Cybertron had to learn how to transform. It took discipline, purity of spark, and years of practice.

    Rattrap : News flash for ya, monkey boy: WE AIN'T GOT YEARS!

  • Cheetor : Awesome transformation, big bot!

    Rattrap : So, what's your secret?

    Optimus Primal : I... understand.

    Blackarachnia : Great. That makes one of us.

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