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  • I'm not sure who this character is. Could it be that IMDB incorrectly lists Ahren Elessedil as Arion Elessedil?

    No, Arion is the son of Eventine in ELFSTONES, a hot head and a jerk. Ahren Elessedil is featured in ILSE WITCH, ANTRAX, MORGAWR, JARKA RUUS, and TANEQUIL. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They call it the Four Lands, formerly Earth, 3000 years after a massive war erupted and wiped out most of humanity. The main part of the show is located along the US west coastline. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They are the true protectors of the Four Lands. They carry elfstones that hold great power. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A group of seven elves who completed the Gauntlet given the honor to guard the King and the Ellcrys. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A sacred tree within Arborlon overlooking the Four Lands meant to protect the realm from the demon onslaught. When the tree was dying, the demon hordes power grew stronger. The only way to save the tree is if someone is chosen to be the seed and sacrifice. Amberle Elessedil sacrificed herself in Season One to save the Four Lands. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Aside from humans(not mystical):

    There are elves, gnomes, trolls, witches, demons, orcs, and druids. This is what we've seen so far. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, in season 1, Jared Turner debuted the role. The actor was replaced in season two with Glen Levy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • An outcast human in the Four Lands known for criminal activities including thievery and murder. They are also known to take slaves. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season One: The Dagna Mor

    Season Two: Bandon, the Crimson(led by General Riga), and the Dagna Mor

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • So far from what we've seen and heard:

    Only elves can possess the power of the stones.

    They can be as a weapon against demons.

    They harness healing powers.

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Before the series

    Shea Ohmsford died in a cave long before the series. It is not know how he died, but the elfstones were blamed for his behavior and demise.

    Aine Elessedil is stabbed by the Dagna Mor in the throne room.

    Season One

    Heady Ohmsford fell to an illness in her bed.

    Lorin is stabbed by the Changeling under the guise of Amberle.

    Pyria Elessedil is ripped apart by a Fury Demon.

    Went is murdered by the resurrected Changeling.

    King Eventine Elessedil is stabbed by the Changeling under the guise of Arion.

    Mag is shot with a crossbow by Remo, which was meant for Wil.

    Remo is cut down by Amberle after attempting to kill Wil.

    Crispin is slain by the Rage Demon, allowing Will, Amberle, Eretria, and Cephalo to escape.

    The Changeling is stabbed by Ander while under the guise of King Eventine after being made.

    Zora is killed off-screen by Cephalo. We do see her body laying in the woods.

    Cephalo is shot in a fight with Tye and his people.

    Tye, Frances, and their people are slaughtered by the Trolls.

    Mallenroh and Morag are vaporized by Wil Ohmsford.

    Commander Tilton is slain in battle by a possessed Arion.

    Arion Elessedil was captured and possessed by the Dagna Mor. Ander frees him by killing him in battle.

    The Dagna Mor is decapitated by Allanon during the fight at the Ellcrys.

    Princess Amberle Elessedil sacrifices herself at the Ellcrys to save the Four Lands. She now emerges as a spirit in the dreams of those destined to protect the Four Lands.

    Season Two

    Captain Edain is pushed into the Waterfall of Leah for treason by King Ander.

    Valcaa has his arm broken and his throat gutted open by Garet Jax just before he could execute him.

    Flick Ohmsford was poisoned by Bandon. He thrusts himself into Bandon's sword to avoid letting Wil make a huge mistake.

    King Ander Elessedil was stabbed through the ribs by General Riga. His body is later dumped into the Waterfall of Leah.

    Queen Tamlin walks over the edge of Leah and drops into the waterfall, denying Riga the satisfaction of killing her.

    Catania is stabbed by Bandon as part of a test of the Dagna Mor.

    General Riga has his head ripped off by the Dagna Mor.

    Bandon takes a blade through the torso by the Warlock Lord after attempting to kill him.

    Allanon is stabbed in the back and burned to an ash by the Warlock Lord.

    Grandal is killed off-screen by a Red Wraith-possessed Eretria.

    The Red Wraith is removed from Eretria and vanquished back to the Forbidding by Cogline and Garet Jax.

    The Warlock Lord is pierced through the heart by a badly wounded Wil.

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Changeling was stabbed by Allanon during the attempt on Amberles life. He reawakened before Went could cremate him.

    Arion Elessedil was slain by the Dagna Mor. He was brought back and brainwashed to lead the invading forces.

    The Warlock Lord was brought back in a ritual by Bandon, but in the form of Allanon.

    Catania was stabbed by Edain. She was resurrected by the Warlock Lord at Bandon's request.

    Edit (Coming Soon)


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