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Vince killed ECW, and he just swallowed it.
The_Light_Triton10 June 2007
Way back in 2005, ECW was somewhat revived for one night. then came some DVDs and Books that people began to buy. then People began to chant "E-C-W" at WWE events whenever an ECW superstar came to the ring. Thats when Vince decided to deceive ECW. He told ECW's Owner Paul heyman that he would buy ECW. Many WWE people thought this was cool at first because they'd get to see their favorite ECW superstars back and The ECW show back. everything was sweet at first with the ECW one night stand 2006, then Tommy Dreamer opened something called the hardcore diaries. and in his many entries, he was censored. what he said about the new ECW was all bad. and evidenced by the fans, the New ECW Sucks. The pay-per-view Reflected that.

First, the highlighted matches.

  • The Hardys VS The worlds greatest tag team in a ladder match Possibly the best match on the card. it was filled to the brim with extreme and kept the butts in the seats. normally ladder matches are boring, but the hardys know how to make a sweet ladder match, anywhere. in the end, the hardys defended their tag team gold.

  • Vince McMahon VS bobby lashley in a street fight.

The 3rd best match in the card, because lashley won his title back. whats so sad is that tommy dreamer or the sandman aren't getting a shot at the title, it's always someone who's making their name in the WWE or WCW. (Big show and lashley, RVD became more popular in WWE) in the end, Bobby won his title back. not many things were broken, and Vince's big minions were at hand.

  • John Cena VS The Great khali in a Falls Count anywhere.

Cena has held his title since unforgiven 2006. that was last September. He's successfully defended that gold everywhere. no one can take it from him. he's like a hero that never dies. you cannot make a hero or a wrestler like that. Cena should have lost that title at wrestlemania, and when you think it over, Cena has made both members of DX tap out to the STFU at both Wrestlemania 22 and 23.

Bottom line, this Pay-Per-View was a hunk of poop and wasn't worth paying to see.
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Not as great as the 2005 and 2006 One Night Stands, but still good in it's own right
jts040510 January 2009
Match 1: Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton in a Stretcher match - Good opener for the extreme pay per view. Orton starts this whole Raw vs ECW rivalry, in which he goes around attacking legends and ends up beating on ECW Originals Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam. Van Dam is signed for a Stretcher match to end his feud with Orton at this event. Van Dam wins the match, but Orton DDTs him from the ringside barrier to the mat for the win. They play it off that Van Dam has a concussion.

Match 2: CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs Elijah Burke, Matt Striker & Marcus Cor Von in a Tables match - The ECW brand needed to throw in it's share for the extreme event. This is what transpires for them in the end of it all. A very good tables match. The New Breed would have probably won if CM Punk had not teamed with Dreamer and Sandman. In the end Punk suplexes Striker onto Burke through the table for the win. Great match.

Match 3: The Hardys (c) vs The World's Greatest Tag Team in a Ladder match for the World Tag Team Championship - The Hardys have really recaptured the eye of the tag team division since reuniting and snagging the tag belts from John Cena and Shawn Michaels. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin give a great performance in a title match they really didn't earn. In the end The Hardys end up retaining against The World's Greatest Tag Team in a fantastic ladder match.

Match 4: Kane vs Mark Henry in a Lumberjack match - There really is nothing extreme about a Lumberjack match. You don't use weapons or anything, people just throw you back into the ring. Wow really extreme stuff. This was a poor match. Mark Henry is a poor wrestler, entertainer, performer. Basically everything there is to say he is bad at. In the end he makes Kane submit to a bearhug. Weak match.

Match 5: Vince McMahon (c) vs Bobby Lashley for the ECW Championship in a Street Fight - This turned out to be more of a handicap match as usual with McMahon. Lashley ends up fighting Shane McMahon and Umaga along with Vince. Although we see great efforts to preventing Lashley from regaining the title, he in the end slams Vince to recapture the ECW title.

Match 6: Candice Michelle vs Melina in a Pudding match - The hottest match of the night. Not worth it for the wrestling, but worth it for other reasons. Candice Michelle beats Melina once again.

Match 7: Edge (c) vs Batista in a Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship - This turned out as a mediocre Cage match for the biggest prize on SmackDown. It seems that Batista is the only person allowed to challenge for the World Championship, which is getting ridiculous already. Edge sneaks out of the Cage in the end to retain, Batista gets all unhappy and throws some stuff.

Match 8: John Cena (c) vs The Great Khali in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the WWE Championship - Another main event in which Cena overcomes the odds. Khali throws Cena around the arena for a good amount of the match. Cena then in the end overcomes it all and FU's The Great Khali off of a truck onto the floor to retain the WWE Championship. Weak main event, good ending.
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An Extreme PPV
kliko40029 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Normally I really don't care about ECW, as I just watch it sometimes for fun, but this PPV definitely downed the work 'Extreme'

FIRST MATCH- RANDY ORTON VS. ROB VAN DAM IN A STRETCHER MATCH It started off slow but picked up later on, this was also RVD's final match before leaving WWE. RVD nails a huge kick on Orton, puts him on a stretcher and pushes him past the line. After the match, Orton destroys RVD with numerous kicks and shots on the head, and a DDT from the barricade. May I just say that it is good RVD is leaving, as he is the worst wrestler ever and is a drug user, I hate RVD. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- CM PUNK, TOMMY DREAMER AND SANDMAN VS. THE NEW BREED {ELIJAH BURKE, MATT STRIKER AND MARCUS CAR VON} IN A 6 MAN TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH This was a damn good exciting match, I really enjoyed this contest as it had the fair bit of time it deserved, and all six men did their best to entertain the fans, and they definitely did. CM Punk superplexes Striker on Elijah Burke through a table for his team to win the match. 6/10

THIRD MATCH- HARDY BOYS {CHAMPIONS} VS. THE WORLD'S GREATEST TAG TEAM IN A TAG TEAM LADDER MATCH FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP At first, I said that the match between Undertaker and Batista in a last man standing match at Backlash was a match of the year candidate, I may have to change that as this match was definitely match of the year. So many high spots, risky and bumpy moves, all thanks to Hardy Boys and Shelton Benjamin. Charlie Haas didn't really do anything, and should be released from the WWE, he is a bad wrestler. Shelton Benjamin is really championship material, and should be a champion again one day. Hardy Boys climb up and grab the titles together to retain. 9/10

FOURTH MATCH- KANE VS. MARK HENRY IN A LUMBERJACK MATCH It is sad to see the way Kane is being pushed, against a man who can hardly wrestle, which is Mark Henry. This match was pretty bad, that I was paying attention to the reaction off the lumberjacks, then Mark Henry wrestling. Kane is a great wrestler, but couldn't keep up with Mark Henry, since he just cannot wrestle. Mark Henry beats Kane by making Kane pass out to a bear hug. 4/10

FIFTH MATCH- VINCE MCMAHON {CHAMPION} VS. BOBBY LASHLEY IN A STREET FIGHT This was the second best match of the night, that's right Vince McMahon was finally in a good match against the man Bobby Lashley. This was a really enjoyable street fight, which saw Lashley having to fight against Shane, Umaga and Vince as well. Lashley overcomes the odds, and spears Vince for the win, and to win back his ECW Championship. I guess the feud between these two men is finished, but it was a great feud. 7/10

SIXTH MATCH- CANDICE MICHELLE VS. MELINA IN A PUDDING MATCH This match was just bad, plain bad. Words cannot describe it, as it is a waste of PPV time, and has no sense at all. Thankfully it finished pretty quick. Candice Michelle wins but no one, as well as me cared. 1/10

SEVENTH MATCH- EDGE {CHAMPION} VS. BATISTA IN A STEEL CAGE MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Out of all the steel cage matches I witnessed as being a 3 year wrestling fan, this has got to be the weakest cage match ever. Why, because we have Edge who is an alright champion but is a bad wrestler fighting against the worst wrestler ever in WWE Batista. But it finished at the right time, as Edge climbed over and out of the cage for the win to retain his World title. 5/10

EIGHT MATCH- JOHN CENA {CHAMPION} VS. GREAT KHALI IN A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP It was an so and so match, but their encounter at Judgment Day was a bit better. John Cena who is the best wrestler alive today, is facing against Khali who is not so far behind Batista as the worst wrestler ever. Cena carried this match to a good level, but I'm serious, Great Khali should never main event a PPV again. Cena wins after nailing an FU on Great Khali from the top of a tractor to retain his WWE title. 4/10

ECW has definitely made it's mark, as this was one of the better PPV's off the year after No Way Out and Backlash. Some matches were disappointing {especially the pudding match, my god that was awful}, but the Street Fight, Tables and Ladder match made this PPV a must see. Once again, good job WWE as their PPV's are improving every month.

Overall I'll give it 8/10 and a B+
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good but not great
bruce4282 August 2007
The new ECW is not the same as the old ECW anyone with brains would know that the new ECW is just another WWE brand where there are mostly WWE superstars with about only 1 ECW original. Tommy Dreamer is the only ECW original left on the show, WWE released Sabu, and Sandman has been dragged to RAW where he is in bad shape and bound to be released soon. ECW is carried right now on the backs of two people, most of the fans are C M Punk fans and Tommy Dreamer fans and some are just original ECW fans. Without C M Punk on the show ECW would be cancelled so nobody can really judge this ECW when you really think about it because its not ECW its just an added brand to WWE and its like saying you hate WWE all together when you hate ECW because most of the stars on the show are former WWE stars.

WWE One Night Stand 2007 (Extreme Rules) This event was really built on a lot of hype except for maybe one or two matches all the matches here interested me as a fan and I told myself probably like everyone else I just had to buy this event. A lot of the matches lived up to what I expected the ladder match which was the best match on the card in my opinion is the one to watch. But some things did have me feel like I wasted my money there was a lame lumberjack match, a lame stretcher match, and a lame falls count anywhere match. Everything else lived up to what it was supposed to be though. I recommend this event on DVD just for something if you are willing to have a good time sit back and watch people get bashed with weapons and other objects. It was not the greatest but some matches where worth watching thats why I give it a 6 out of 10.
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WWE One Night Stand
Held 2 weeks before the disappointing PPV Judgment Day, One Night Stand consisted of some of the same matches that were on Judgment Day. WWE tried to hide this by booking all of the matches under extreme rules.

Overall a good show, but note that I have put WWE One Night Stand as opposed to ECW One Night Stand.

Rob Van Dam defeated Randy Orton in a very good stretcher match, after which 'The Legend Killer' destroyed Van Dam. CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman defeated Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker and Elijah Burke in a fair tables match. The Hardy Boyz downed Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in a risky and exciting ladder match. Mark Henry downed Kane in a mediocre lumberjack match. Edge defeated Batista in a very good steel cage match. Bobby Lashley defeated Vince McMahon to regain the ECW title in a good street fight. Candice defeated Melina in a pudding match (no one cared). John Cena defeated The Great Khali in an exciting falls count anywhere match.

Overall Grade - B-
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One Night Stand 2007
mishalwwechamp8 August 2009
One Night Stand 2007 was possibly the most extreme PPV in history not as good as Aprils Wrestlemania 23 or February's No Way Out though.

Randy Orton defeated Rob Van Dam in a brutal stretcher match fast paced all the way through - 14:31 - 7/10

CM Punk,Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman defeated Elijah Burke,Marcus Cor Von and Matt Striker in a 6 Man Tables Match - 7:18 - 8/10

Matt and Jeff Hardy def Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in a tag team ladder match to retain the World Tag Team titles. Best match of the night - 17:17 - 10/10

Mark Henry defeated Kane in a lumberjack match. Worst match of the night - 09:07 - 5/10

Bobby Lashley defeated Mr McMahon w/Shane McMahon and Umaga in a Handicap Street Fight to win the ECW title. An excellent championship title match - 12:23 - 9/10

Candice Michelle defeated Melina in a pudding match - 2:55 - 7/10

Edge defeated Batista in a Steel Cage match to retain the World Heavyweight title.The best steel cage match i've ever seen - 15:39 - 9/10

John Cena defeated The Great Khali in a Falls Count Anywhere match to retain the WWE Championship.A solid match with an amazing ending good show - 10:31 - 9/10

Overall Rating - 9.5/10 Best Match - World Tag Team Ladder match - The Hardys vs Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Comments : An excellent PPV with several outstanding matches, my favourite match was either the World Tag Team Ladder match or the World Heavyweight title match.This is a must see PPV for all WWE fans!!!!
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Ranks the third place against RAW and Smackdown
sashank_kini-129 September 2007
From the time ECW started, I wasn't quite keen to watch it. The first time I had seen, I had felt really weird. Wrestlers from RAW and Smackdown were transferred to fight here. That meant the same thing as watching RAW and Smackdown. Though it is supposed to be hardcore, I didn't find it that ' hardcore' at all. Beating with steel chairs etc. is so common even in RAW and Smackdown. The later episodes too weren't that good at all. Wrestlers like CM Punk and John Morrison, who were only shown capturing Intercontinental or sometimes US championship are shown here as the main attractions, winning the world heavy weight titles. I ain't so gullible to believe that Johnny Nitro, who was even defeated by Brian Kendrik and Paul London is capable of becoming the world heavy weight champion in ECW. There is no good or interesting story line, but is dumbed down by showing so called ' vampires' and what not. And the worst thing is that ECW thinks that the viewers are blind or are forgetful. It is so easy to tell who ' Big Daddy V' is. Then too, many of the viewers are shocked to see the large man, as though they have never seen him before. LAdies in ECW are useless. There are no titles for them. THeir job is to just expose, expose and expose. And a last thing, I did not understand why the ECW organizers don't keep more than one title to fight for. 4 out of ten, four because it is still a part of WWE.
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Decent PPV, but not as good as it could as it should have been.
hungrylee11 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have a problem with today's ECW. I think they should just call it "CW" because there's no extreme. One Night Stand features all extreme matches. I think this is good for WWE because they need all the help they can get lately. I watched this PPV expecting the worst (I always set my standards low so I'm never disappointed). What I got was a pretty decent PPV. However, if you compare it to the previous One Night Stand events, it doesn't STAND out. (main reason being that they didn't have it in the same building) The only person who bled was Sandman.....and that was when he bashed the beer can on his forehead during his entrance.

(RANDY ORTON vs RVD) (STRETCHER MATCH) Worst stretcher match I've seen. Do me a favor, watch the stretcher match between RVD and Sabu from years ago and compare it to this one. You'll see my point. Pathetic match with a pathetic ending.....and way too short. As predicted, Orton gave RVD a concussion sending him to the ER.

(HARDYZ vs WORLD'S GREATEST TAG-TEAM) (LADDER MATCH) They should stop calling them the "world's greatest tag-team". It's obvious they can't win a match. None the less, this was my favorite match of the night. Lots of sick bumps (and screw-ups). Great effort from both teams. Shelton Benjamin is championship material in my opinion. Both teams fought backstage.

(MARK HENRY vs KANE) (LUMBERJACK MATCH) OK....the lumberjacks served no purpose whatsoever because they were to scared to even touch Henry and Kane (and who'd blame em). This was the worst match of the night, but I guess when you put two boring wrestlers in the ring together...then that's what you get. I like to call Henry "Molasses Mark" because that's how slow he moves in the ring. Why is he still in the WWE?

(MELINA vs CANDICE) (PUDDING MATCH) Nothing to discuss. Just another eye-candy match for the fans. Simply pathetic and a waste of time. I think the problem with today's WWE divas is that it's more about looks than actual wrestling skill. I miss Trish, Jazz, Molly Holly, Jacquline....you know....the good ones.

(EDGE vs BATISTA) (CAGE MATCH) Not being a big fan of seeing Batista in cage matches (or seeing Batista...PERIOD), this one was pretty fair. Edge carried most of the match. The ending of the match was my favorite part due to the humor I find in adult temper-tantrums.

(LASHLEY vs MR. MCMAHON) (STREET FIGHT) Wonderful match (carried mostly by Shane O'Mac). Lashley has definitely improved his in-ring skill since his first arrival in WWE. Next to the Ladder Match, this one was the best of the night.

(JOHN CENA vs THE GREAT KHALI) (FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE) Let me start by saying that Khali has yet to entertain me in a match. I'm sorry, but Khali is a sorry excuse for a wrestler. Decent match. Could have been better. Definitely Cena's toughest challenge to date. And for once, the fans didn't boo him out of the arena.

I give this PPV a 5 out of 10.
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