"Rugrats" I Remember Melville/No More Cookies (TV Episode 1994) Poster

Elizabeth Daily: Tommy Pickles



  • Tommy Pickles : I promised Angelica that no matter how much she asked, no matter how much she begged, no matter how much she cried, I wouldn't let her have any cookies! And guys, I'm gonna keep my promise

    Chuckie Finster : I love it when he gives these big speeches.

  • Tommy Pickles : [Angelica starts eating cookies that fell into a bucket of suds]  But, Angelica! Those cookies are all soapy!

    Angelica Pickles : I don't care!

    [keeps eating, then groans] 

    Angelica Pickles : Ugh... Tommy? Come closer... closer...

    Tommy Pickles : Yeah?

    Angelica Pickles : [screams]  Never, ever, ever let me eat cookies again!


  • [the babies are holding a funeral for Melville] 

    Tommy Pickles : We're here to say goodbye to our friend, Melville the Bug.

    [Chuckie taps Tommy on the shoulder and whispers in his ear] 

    Tommy Pickles : Uh, that's Melville the Bug *Finster*. Does anyone want to say a few words?

    [Phil and Lil both stand up] 

    Phillip 'Phil' Deville : Ahem. Melville was a good bug. He was a good friend to Chuckie.

    Lil Deville : I remember Chuckie would throw a stick for Melville, even though Melville would never bring it back.

    Phillip 'Phil' Deville : I remember how they used to eat leaves together, even though I don't think Chuckie really liked leaves.

    Lil Deville : I remember how they used to eat chocolate pudding together, even though I don't think Melville really liked chocolate pudding.

    [Phil and Lil both tear up as they clutch on to each other. Chuckie starts laughing] 

    Lil Deville : Chuckie!

    Phillip 'Phil' Deville : Have a little respect!

    Chuckie Finster : I'm sorry. It's just that you guys reminded me of all the fun stuff me and Melville used to do together.

    Phillip 'Phil' Deville : We did?

    Chuckie Finster : Yep! From now on, when I remember Melville, I'm gonna be happy! Thanks, guys!

    [Phil and Lil both start sobbing] 

    Phillip 'Phil' Deville : You're welcome, Chuckie!

    Lil Deville : That's so beautiful!

    [They both continue sobbing as Tommy and Chuckie look at each other and shrug] 

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