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  • Brooke is visited by an adoption agency and has an interview to find out if she would be a suitable mother. Lucas flies out to see Lindsey who says she will edit his novel. Dan gets Jamie back and bonds with him at School. Nathan and Haley have a good counseling session and decide to take up their hobbies of basketball and music again. Peyton is visited by Max and still has feelings for Lucas.

  • Jamie thanks grandpa for saving him, Nathan and Lucas only treat Dan to unanswered knuckle-sandwiches. A month later, Nathan and Haley are told in marriage counseling, they'll do fine if they allow themselves to be fun-loving tweens together again, not just responsible, and consider giving basketball or music another shot. Andy encourages Lucas to fly to New York and find a way to make Lindsay spend time with him. Dan talks to his parole officer Sam and to Jamie. Brooke's honesty helps disqualify her as potential adoptive single mother. Peyton confides in previous record shop manager Max.


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  • Lucas tries to deal with being left at the altar, while Haley and Nathan handle the fallout from Jamie's abduction and recovery. Elsewhere, Brooke looks into adoption; and an old friend visits Peyton. Jamie connects with Dan in a new way; Peyton tries to sell the Comet. Lucas has a talk with Andy.

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