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Christopher Walken: Nat Parker



  • Nat Parker : The fact is, I don't want you to do this. I need you to. I need to make things copacetic between us. I know I've been a terrible father. It's not a thing I can ignore. Sometimes for no particular reason, life falls off and knocks you flat. Slams you so hard against the wind, you think that all your insides are busted. But if you look for something to replace what's broken, if you're luck, you can find it.

    [looks at his son] 

    Nat Parker : You're all I have.

  • Ritchie Flynn Parker : You know what? You are completely insane. You're gone.

    Nat Parker : Going, going, gone.


  • Nat Parker : Yeah, shake your head. These are memories. You'll see what it's like when things stop happening on command. Half mast, and I'm not even dead yet.

    Ritchie Flynn Parker : What are you saying, you're impotent?

    Nat Parker : I'm saying I can't get it up most of the time.

    Ritchie Flynn Parker : Since when?

    Nat Parker : Since - it's hard to say. A couple of years, maybe five.

    Ritchie Flynn Parker : Well, have you tried taking those pills?

    Nat Parker : They're junk. They don't work.

    Ritchie Flynn Parker : Where did you buy them off, a fruit truck?

    Nat Parker : What difference does it make? They don't work. I don't work. The clock is ticking. One last frolic is not going to stop that, is it?

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