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Will the Oscars finally sing BOLLYWOOD?
susanbanthony064 September 2007
Will the Oscars finally sing BOLLYWOOD? There is a definite happiness when viewing diverse movies and Boot Polish is no exception.

Similar to 2006 Oscar Winning Short 'West Bank Story' Is this consequently the next musical movie to win the Best short film for 2008 at Academy Awards? Over the years various South Asian movies have received Oscar Nominations & failed; however is this THE Movie that finally wins? Boot Polish deals with various issues concerning the world, addressing predominantly about hardship and the way we perceive ourselves.

It is refreshing to see a different movie as I've been reviewing shorts for the past 20 years and once in a while it's good to see inventive movies that have demonstrated some panache or challenged to be unique. Boot Polish unquestionably looks the part.

Running at 15 minutes it does encompass all the right emotional attributes to impress the Academy Voters (Even though in a different language its sure to keep mainstream audiences interested) On first viewing in the US and now reading up on the press it's receiving in the UK, it won't be long before the movie will be appreciated worldwide.

Boot Polish is a fine attempt to be unique, visually the movie is gorgeous. The sets are great, so are the costumes. The colors are beautiful. And it really does not try being anything else except an uncomplicated story about escapism. Some scenes i.e. the Courtesan were over-acted, making their scenes unrealistic. Maybe the over-acting was intentional - it fits the type of acting that's usually practiced in Stage Musicals. However it remains to see how the Bollywood fraternity receive Boot Polish.

Bollywood is now a Multi Billion dollar industry and a force to be taken seriously. It seems that there is a move to bring Hollywood and Bollywood closer together these days. Sony Pictures is the first in what will become a wave of American studios to produce their own kaleidoscopic, song-and-dance Bollywood films. American studios are eager to make money in South Asia, but in a country where $19 of every $20 spent at the box office goes to domestic films, the studios are deciding to join Bollywood, not trying to beat it.

However Boot Polish as stated below is a Hybrid and I'm sure the director will now use the film as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
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BAFTA, BAFTA, BAFTA - OH MY GOD Boot Polish is Breathtaking!
alankrita5552 September 2007
OH MY GOD! Boot polish is one of those films that really REALLY stands out! A couple of friends any myself had the pleasure in watching it's at a screener in London. And the beauty of the film amazed us all….. And yes being girls we were all in tears.

It's such a shame that the director was not present, as within the auditorium all people were discussing was Boot Polish! By the way is this director Indian? Or is he Pakistani? I think I LOVE HIM :()

There are so many plus points about the film, it reminded me of the Shah Rukh Khan's "Devdas', the beautiful music, colour and some of the scenes were breathtaking!

The performances from the characters were fantastic especially the boy, and the dance sequence was Pure "Bollywood'. This film just looked far advanced judged against the other short films.

But what everyone really was talking about was the poor little boy! This film certainly remains with you, and makes you realise how privileged we are. Perhaps this is why so many people love it. I also agree that the only problem with the film was that it desired and needed to be longer.

There are countless short films made on the British scene, but not many are made with the talent or creativity as boot polish. I think the director should definitely go to India and make films there, as he is without doubt truthfully talented.

To all the Asians in the UK this is the must see short film of 2007, it should be screened on TV.

Reading below YES, YES, YES! Boot Polish clearly deserves to WIN the British Academy for BEST short film (Ok I may be bias as an Indian girl), but frankly speaking it was far better quality than the other films we watched and like the remarks below the only film that everyone was taking about in the cinema was Boot Polish.

I want to see this film screened on television so more people can watch it. 10-10
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Ahmad is very talented - 10-10
azizmohammadabdul111 October 2007
I watched this short film and I enjoyed it.

Boot Polish is not a romantic film, its also not a Bollywood film. This film is Art House with a mixture of mainstream cinema.

Congratulations to Aneel Ahmad for getting shortlisted (20) at the Middle East Film festival this year 2007,

I have heard that the programmer was very competitive. I don't have any personal links with the festival or links with the panel(So please don't email me), but i got to see the film via a friend on DVD.

I will say that Boot Polish is one of those films that stands out because its cinematic and the story is simple. Its beautiful, i personally liked the music and the courtesans dance. There is a lot of symbolism in this film which will remind you of Merchant Ivory Productions. They Boys performance was very good, and there are some good emotional scenes the stealing of the bread.

Ahmad will go far in the film industry let me say this. Other film directors will come and go. But this director not only is very talented, he seems to have a down to earth(superstar) personality.

Ahmad should be proud that his film was shortlisted and look towards the future. Sometimes selection is not because the film or the director doesn't have talent, sometimes projects are selected for various reasons.

Well done to him and the entire Boot Polish Team.

Keep going Aneel Ahmad - If you are reading comments on IMDb, don't lose your faith, you are exceptionally talented - You have a huge fan-base in the Middle East.

Keep going and well done

Very good 10-10
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A Wonderful film -Deserves Viewing 10 -10
robinsontracey0110 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Boot Polish is a wonderful short film. This film needs viewing. It was shortlisted (Top 20) for The Pearl Grant (Abu Dhabi Film Festival) this year 2007 which goes to show that 10 years of hard work and persistence will take you far.


Havery Weinstein - (Producer) Thomas Augsberger - President, Eden Rock Media, Akifumi Sugihara - President and COO, AMG Entertainment, Anant Singh - CEO, VideoVision Entertainment, Ashok Amritraj - Chairman and CEO, Hyde Park Entertainment, Craig A. Emanuel - Partner and Chair, Los Angeles Entertainment Dept., Loeb & Loeb, David Thompson - Head, BBC Films, Deborah Zipser - Head of Business Affairs, River Road Entertainment , Hal S. Sadoff - Head of International and Independent Film, ICM, Isabel Begg - Senior Legal and Business Affairs Manager, BBC Films, Mark Damon - CEO, Foresight Unlimited, Parminder Vir OBE- Executive Producer/Consultant, Ingenious World Cinema, Peter Watson - Managing Director, Recorded Picture Company, Robert Hayward - Chief Operating Officer, Summit Entertainment, Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer, Netflix,Deborah Zipser Head of Business Affairs, River Road Entertainment ,Nansun Shi Producer, Film Workshop (Hong Kong), Branko Listig Producer, American GANGSTER, GLADIATOR, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (Croatia), Andrew Marcus Executive Vice President, Relativity Media (USA),Ryan Kavanaugh President and CEO, Relativity Media (USA),Paul Federbush Senior VP of Production and Acquisitions, Warner Independent Pictures (USA), Deepak Nayar -Executive Producer, Kintop Pictures (UK/India) Eric Pascal - Managing Director - Middle East and North, Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer, Netflix (USA), Akifumi Sugihara - President and COO, AMG Entertainment (Japan), Graham Taylor - Head of Independent Film, Endeavor Agency (USA),Esaad Younes - Chairperson and CEO, Arabia Cinema ,Nansun Shi - Producer, Film Workshop (Hong Kong)

Congratulations to the entire film production team - Surly this shows that BOOT POLISH deserves a shot at the ACADEMY AWARDS!

I have heard that Aneel Ahmad reads his comments on IMDb)

I do not know Ahmad personally, but I have a friend that knows of him, and I have read that Ahmad is one of the most hard working and talented new film directors within the UK.

His story to critical success is genuine and an inspiration for all wanting to take the next big leap into the film Industry.

But back to this wonderful short film. Boot Polish is really emotional, Its a simple story, romantic & dreamy. As a short film its wonderfully constructed and deals with genuine issues about Poverty.

The central character the young boy's performance was very emotional, and I personally liked the Evil Woman Madam - I also agree its similar to Romeo & Juliet.

Boot Polish is a film that lifts your soul, as well as showing you the harsh realities of life.

One thing I must point out is Boot Polish is not one of those gritty shoddy British shorts made abroad - This film looks like a feature and is made for a wider audience.

New film directors tend to shoot in a style to appeal to critics and follow trends, yet Boot Polish is the opposite. Its made for Cinema & also shows the characters its portraying in a humane way. This is perhaps why so many Industry Professionals & Critics are liking Boot Polish

I personally feel that Ahmad is clearly trying to make a statement that he can make a films, that not only deals with real issues, but belongs in the real world of mainstream Cinema.

How many new film directors have you seen over the years that have made a short film as BOLD as Boot Polish? None! There isn't any short films made to this scale with an 18k budget.

I honestly wish this film director the best not only as a film-goer but as on a personal level.

Come on Industry - Havery Weinstein & Co (Find this young director)

IMDb is read by many Hollywood Professionals around the world! Give him the 100 million he deserves to make his next film!

Watch this short film - It's fantastic! I am also a BIG FAN OF HIM!

10 - 10 Wonderful
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Surely Boot Polish has to win the BAFTA 2008
timberlandbustaman11 September 2007
Surely Boot Polish has to win the BAFTA its cinema at the highest level. It's a different type of film, very unique in style and content.

Boot Polish is a brilliant example for making shorts for Cinema. And the director and his cinematographer created a wonderful job making this film.

The film won BEST cinematography at the BFM Awards. The cinematography really is truly spectacular.

First of all, there is no real dialogue between the characters and yet it's emotional, beautiful and fascinating, I really enjoyed knowing these characters. I also agree that some of the scenes were very emotional and my girlfriend was on nearly in tears.

Secondly it showed real insight into poverty, Indian culture & the music was fantastic.

Third point, the film does not divulge into a lot of the plot, you will notice that when you see the film. The boy's performance was fantastic It's a cinematic piece of art. The entire team should praise themselves and I do hope they make more films in the future. I also agree with the comments Boot Polish needs to be made into a feature film.

I congratulate the director and his team in making Boot Polish with such a small budget of 18k. Everyone at BFM was in total admiration for the production team.

Well done a fantastic 10 – 10 And I'm not following the crowd with my points, you really have to watch Boot Polish at the Cinema and I promise you, you will also give it a perfect 10.
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A distinct style of Cinema, by one of Britain's hottest new directors
hebronstella16 September 2007
A distinct style of Cinema, by one of Britain's hottest new directors Aneel Ahmad, a self taught film director, makes a bold statement with his debut short film Boot Polish, a stark metaphor set in some unspecified time and locations on the Pakistani subcontinent and made in the Punjabi language.

Boot Polish is a bold and tremendously assertive piece of film-making, a short film which thumps such an inspiring step from the outset it is hard to praise that this is a short film created by a novice director of no official film school training.

It's poetic, and genuinely the music demonstrates to be the film's true grabber. It's an honest peace of film-making and looks magnificent on the big screen.

Boot Polish is a really impressive film, Ahmads' vision, and the sheer nerve in the method his film is arranged, and determination to make it with a tiny budget is reminiscent of directors from the golden era of cinema.

Ahmad has all the right trademarks of becoming one of Britain's brightest new film directors and he should continue making projects that are distinctive and sparkle with cinematic intelligence.

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A unique cocktail of Fantasy & Cinema
alisonstone-a27 November 2007
I had the chance to view Boot Polish at the Encounters film festival 2007.

I must say that there wasn't any other British short film that out-shined Boot Polish this year. (And this film being created by a novice British film Director)

Yet speaking to others, the film has not been recognised for its ascendancy by the mainstream British film festival establishment, which is a dreadful shame and a huge embarrassment.

The film director Ahmad was not at the screening, which was a disappointment, as I hunted to applaud him for putting together such a commanding and visually beautiful film.

Boot Polish is a unique cocktail of memory, dreams, fantasy and desire/ All the elements in making a good short film. There are comments on IMDb that the narrative is simple but I disagree.

The three characters are linked to each other, yet they are all ingeniously connected. Ahmad has clearly explored, studied and utilised theory from filmmakers such as Powell/Pressburger, Fellini, Satyajit Ray, Hitchcock & Merchant/Ivory.

Why wasn't this film in competition for Best British short film? It's a question one has to ask. Once upon a time we British prided ourselves on Art and Cinematic quality, yet genuine cinema has been lost to standard British TV drama.

I was profoundly dissatisfied by the poor standard of British films on view this year at Encounters by British directors. Most of the films of quality were coming through the World section.

We need to educate our children at film school about cinema. Most of the other films made by the new wave of British directors did not comprehend the differentiation in crafting films for Cinema and making films for Television.

Boot Polish needs to be viewed in the Cinema and the film director deserves some sort of accolade

I have been working in the film industry for over 35 years and it would be an injustice If Ahmad is not given recognition.

10- 10 well done
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A wonderful hypothesis for creating Short films for Cinema
sophsbaggy22222 October 2007
Boot Polish is a wonderful hypothesis for creating Short films for Cinema. I must say that I am really impressed by this film director, considering he has no real film credentials.

I sat though its film screening at the Buffalo Film Festival (for the first time six months back from America) and the beauty and the strength this film had offered surprised me. Ahmad has encapsulated all the right emotional characteristics within this short film that most definitely merits accolade by media professionals and film Academy peers.

One need only consider how diminished Boot Polish would seem on television or video to comprehend just how this film has so much to offer IE its cinematic epic imagery. Parts of the film do manage to generate a long-lasting impression and In terms of that vision and emotional content this short film must be acknowledged for the amazing technical accomplishments.

Over all Boot Polish by far stands out as one of the most individual and creative pieces of short film-making.

Ahmad has the correct marquee in developing into a successful British film director and I also agree that he is ready to take the next leap of faith and should now concentrate on his first feature film.

Over all Boot Polish is an impressive bold piece of individual film-making. Bravo 10-10
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This is variable cinema at its best 10-10
stevenfunkdowning19 November 2007
I must say - Boot Polish is a wonderful short film.

This is variable cinema at its best. It spoke of tragedy, love and the effervescence of Life. If art were a matrimony linking conscious and unconscious, then Boot Polish is only a narration of this brilliant tale, interwoven through the emotions of the characters.

The amalgamation of its music and cinematography brought a lump to ones throat. This is a wonderful example of cross genre Indian film-making, and… this being shaped by a British director as well. Marvellous!

Ahmad openly admits that great film directors such as Satyajit Ray, Guru Dutt & Raj Kapoor, had influenced him in making Boot Polish and I also agree that there are shades of Ray's work IE the village scene as well the film gleam from Guru Dutt's "Chaudhvin Ka Chand"

Well done and keep making films of moral values.

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Creative, Original and Audacious! 8- 10
mark-forsyth763 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Recently I had the pleasure in viewing most of the Cinema Extreme and Digital Shorts plus programme made in the UK for 2007 and I came across this film Boot Polish within the selection. A hybrid "Bollywood with a hint of European Cinema" Undoubtedly Boot Polish by far stood out as the most individual piece of film-making and clearly the director (Aneel Ahmad)has shown the most potential in making the cross over into his first directorial feature.

I don't want to include spoilers, but there is a great deal to talk about in this particular film.

(On reading other comments) Boot Polish as a film takes a probing look at the internal sentiments without unwarranted and needless dialogue. True, the plot is simple but in the end this is the advantage, and I agree that somehow the lives of these people in a foreign and separate world far away, makes you take a look at your own.

I also believe that Ahmad has shown tremendous steps in trying to go beyond the usual cinematic portrayals of South Asian characters in films made by European filmmakers. He tries to show a mixture of film gloss & humanity for the people who have so many times been observed as inhuman and hard-hearted, and the intricacy of this story roams affectionately in the cavernous atmosphere of Pakistan.

Boot Polish clearly shows parallels to European cinema achieved in the 50's, and Ahmad undoubtedly knows that his direct audience would be the countless South Asians who enjoy Bollywood around the world.

He has also shown incredible confidence, skill and flamboyance in firstly having the audacity in attempting to make a film abroad that undoubtedly required sizable funds, yet the film appears far expensive than its budget. While his counterparts clearly stuck to the safe realism's of British social life.

Boot Polish is a film that doesn't ask for forgiveness for it's deficiency of movement but actually beams in it's own self-reflection. Its cleverly crafted and you can tell the entire production team had put tremendous effort in trying to create a film specifically for Cinema.

Ahmad has shown clever plot devices with his character selection and I totally agree with most of the commentary relating to the performance of the Boy. By far he undoubtedly stood out, and as a none professional actor, Ahmad has shaped wonders in bringing the best out of his young prodigy. (On reading the North West Vision site all the actors were none professionals) Personally the character that interested me the most was the 'faceless man" For me this was what made Boot Polish a well thought out and unique story. The idea for an encircled film that connected all the characters really was interesting.

However Boot Polish has its problems like any short film. It really needed to be longer and perhaps this would of given the film the dimensions it needed to focus on the characters. And now more than ever, the director needs to work with professional actors to bring out the best in his vision. But as an artistic piece of film-making Boot Polish clearly shows what the new generation of filmmakers can accomplish when faced with the challenge.

Short film-making is about providing the director the freedom to put across their true talent and to be diverse. British Shorts have clearly improved enormously within the past 5 years, and Ahmad has genuinely taken short film-making to epic proportions. We should look at the positives and encourage our British filmmakers to be more creative, original and audacious! It will take a bit of doing to knock this young man of his perch and I am optimistic that we will see this young man picking up a variety of awards in years to come and I also agree Boot Polish is the must see film within the UK FILM FESTIVAL CIRCUIT.
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Ahmad is the Satyajit Ray of the our generation. Magnificent short film 10-10
agathalight18 January 2008
I am a 67 year old retired lecturer. Recently I had the pleasure in viewing a short film titled Boot Polish by a new director named Aneel Ahmad.

I really cannot describe in words how moved and how impressed i was by this short film and by the director.

Boot Polish is a piece of art and the film director has all the hallmarks of becoming one of the most important film directors of his generation.

There is perhaps no filmmaker who exercised such total control over his work as Satyajit Ray and Aneel Ahmad has publicly stated that he was heavily influenced by the workings of Ray.

Like Satyajit Ray, Aneel Ahmad was in charge for scripting, casting, directing, scoring, operating the camera, working intimately on art direction and editing, even shaping his own publicity material.

Ahmad' individual personal expression, strikes a carefully judged balance between form and content.Transforming the utterly mundane into exciting cinematic perfection.

The film reveals attitude, and sympathies in a subtle manner, through hints and via undertones.

Boot Polish's style grows out of the material itself, and from an inner compulsion to express it through visuals. The storyline that connects Boot Polish works concurrently with its enthusiastic musical association and humanist origin.

Boot Polish is a film of magnificent importance with outstanding film composition and excellent direction.

All in all 2 different directors from 2 very different generations with one ideology - human documentation and cinematic excellence.

10- 10 Marvellous
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Oscar Contender for Best Short film Wonderful
pennyabbott593 December 2007
Boot Polish is a breathtaking film and Aneel Ahmad is an inspiration to all of us.

He is one of the very exceptional Minority filmmakers whose shaped their career with natural film making talent, moral fiber, diligence, strength of mind and determination. Against all odds he got this film made, and on reading his profile he has spent over 10 years working in factories and perhaps has experienced all the despondency a person can live through, yet Ahmad on no account gave up his dream on becoming a film director.

Rejection after rejection with strength of character Ahmad kept marching on, and it's a real anecdote of spirit and willpower and genuine talent. Ahmad should be proud of Boot Polish and so should all the team. This is a astonishing Indian film about Hope and Dreams. Ahmad has encapsulated all the right emotional content to make this film into one genuine Oscar Winner. The film also has artistic value and Ahmad has shown genuine film-making proficiency.

Boot Polish yes is a simple film, but as a piece of artistic expression it's really up there as one of the best British Short films made in 2007. It really is a fantastic piece of short cinema, very unique in content and style which has to make it a worthy Oscar contender. I have bought into Ahmad as a talent. Short films are about the talent on offer and as a viewer Ahmad has sold it to me that he has a gift.

Ahmad has tremendous talent, ambition and creative flair. He has brought something else to the short film market and I also agree with the many comments written by industry professionals and the public about this film and this young man.

Well-done and good luck with all your future endeavours. You have done yourself and your team very proud.

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Congratulations Boot Polish acquisitioned (BFI) British Film Institute National Archive
delly-daniels7724 December 2007
Congratulations Boot Polish acquisitioned (BFI) British Film Institute National Archive.

Congratulations Aneel Ahmad. Recently the British Film Institute (BFI)has acquisitioned JAN 2008 Boot Polish & Waiting For Sunrise (2005) for British National film heritage archive. I saw this movie a short time ago at a special Student showing in London it was a dreadful shame that the director was not present. 2 of his short films were presented "Waiting For Sunrise" and "Boot Polish". One word Magnificent!

I've read a few reviews from various sources about the lack of Cinema time the film "Boot Polish' is receiving at the UK film festival circuit, but from watching both short films, I knew there was something special about this film director.

Boot Polish has to be one of the most stunning short British films ever made in 2007. The performance from the boy was inspired. This is Aneel Ahmad's first debut short drama and its directed with conviction and professional capability, the result is astonishing.

The Narrative perhaps does lack structure, but I found out afterwards that this was on purpose due to Ahmad wanting to make a cinematic film and one of the significant scenes (i.e. the mother scenes) when it happens you were instantaneously reminded of how the world we live in is totally separate from many developing counties. The balance between bleakness and film gloss (Bollywood) is never crossed too far either side.

There are a few minor scenes in Boot Polish, which some members of the audience most definitely could relate to, and there are similarities of Ahmads work to Hitchcock, Satyajit Ray and also other reputable film directors.

Ahmad is already a wonderful documentary filmmaker, Waiting for Sunrise has to be one of the most powerful straight to the point short documentaries i have ever seen (It was also shortlisted for a Grierson Award in 2006 one of the UK's highest documentary awards The Oscars of documentaries) and now he has turned his hand to drama, I am sure we will be witnessing something great in the future.

Boot Polish is a real stunner; don't be fooled by the lack of UK screen time it's receiving

You will not be disappointed. I guess many readers perhaps are asking the question why are so many people applauding Ahmad? Its simply because this director has made a short film that defines cinema and when examining a short film you have to be sincere. I am also a new film director and to make a film such as Boot Polish demands not only talent but also real determination and expertise.

Not many new film directors would have been able to pull of such a film as Boot Polish given the same budget and I am for one very truthful in reviewing films and directors.

Once again congratulations on your work.

10 –10
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Battle of the Asian Welles & Kubrick of UK Cinema
kapadiaahmadfan9 February 2008
Kapadia (Welles) vs Ahmad (Kubrick) - Battle of the Asian Welles & Kubrick of UK Cinema

Both magnificent film directors Kapadia older in age has 3 feature films beneath his belt. The Warrior, The Return and recently Far North.

As their careers grew, the two directors could hardly be more different in film-making style, yet encompass dissimilar personalities. Both of these young prodigies turned to film-making in their early 20s. Kapadia studied graphic design before his interest in film-making led him to Newport Film School, the University of Westminster and then the Royal College of Art, where his graduate short The Sheep Thief won awards around the world, including at Cannes. He began at the very top of the pyramid with his first feature, The Warrior, won two Baftas with its huge technical crews and was offered great support.

Whereas Ahmad the otherwise little-known self taught film-maker, who was brought up on a poor and often violent estate in Manchester directed his first short film on a tiny budget of 2,500 pounds Waiting For Sunrise (won Unicef award 2005, nominated for a Grierson 2006).

Ahmad's power draws from his understanding that if the film-maker is not in charge of every module of his creation -- from the original screenplay down to the promotional campaign years work may go for nothing. While Kapdia as a feature filmmaker has gone strength to strength being hailed as one of the best young film directors in the UK.

Ahmad become visible on the film scene 7 years after Kapadia, and in that decade beginning in the late 1990's considerable transformations took place, which he, unlike Kapadia, was able to turn to his advantage. The changes in technology and Internet marked the shift of the hierarchical, all-powerful influences by major UK studios.

The increasing popularity of the Internet, coupled with the movement of younger talents bursting with new ideas. Unlike Kapadia, Ahmed took advantage creating a huge independent worldwide database of media professionals and the public to gain entry to his work. He now has a huge worldwide fan base. After 10 years of struggling to even create an indentation within the business Ahmad made 3 diverse short films A Man's World, Waiting For Sunrise & Boot Polish and is an independent who learned the whole thing on the spot, originally with whatever means that were available.

While Kapadia the more professional of the two, premiered his new film Far North at the Venice Film Festival. It stars Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and Michelle Krusiec and was shot on the archipelago of Svalbard, one of the most northern settlements in the world, two hours south of the North Pole. Ahmed the more outspoken and naturally gifted of the two yet still has to prove himself on feature film level, while Kapadia is now an experienced veteran with international acclaim.


Kapadia "I love being on the set, shooting. It's very nerve-wracking and very tense and very tiring, but for me it's the best part.

There's one other moment that I think is really special: when you're finishing a film off and you put the first bit of music to it. It's a really beautiful moment because you know what the film is"

Ahmad "The great thing about being a filmmaker is in that it's visual as compared to say a novelist who tries to get the readers imagination to comprehend the story, whereas the visual in the cinema is more easier to digest and as a director you can use that power to do amazing things."
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Beautiful short film - Poetic - Intelligenta -On the level as Satyajit Ray
akazina19 January 2008
BOOT POLISH WOW! Absolutely fantasia short movie.

This director is on same wavelength of stately directors such as Satyajit ray and other highly regarded Indian directors I.e. Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt and Celebrated Bengali director Rituparno Ghosh

Some of the scenes are absolutely spectacular and this short film does not follow the prescribe path as other bollywood movies. I can see from the filming and locations that a lot of work has been deposited into assembling this short film

Wonderfully acting and most definitely deserves viewing. The film is just poetic…. In truth that's all I can say. Its poetic, dreamy, poignant, has fantastic music.

10 – 10 Boot Polish is a real tearjerker – I don't think you need to be South Asian to understand this short, in my opinion it has a universal story.
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Emotional film 10 - 10 Has BAFTA winner written all over it.
bridge3116 December 2007
Wonderful Emotional short film. I saw this film at the Manchester film festival.

Boot Polish is one of those wonderful emotional films that genuinely hits your soul. On reading other comments I also feel that this film should win the British Academy Award for best short film in 2008, on the fact that the film was far superior than other shorts and there is genuine talent within the Boot Polish team.

There's a lot of comments on the ethnicity of the director (he is British Born) but I was not really concerned that the film was Indian/Bollywood or shot abroad. Its a really good short film. The film certainly educated me about the life of a shoe shine boy and it also had historical intelligence i.e (costumes, fantastic music, dance) from that Period in of time in India. Boot Polish also had a message. We all can dream and escape. Isn't that the most important thing about life?

It is also a real shame that this film was not given the run it deserved at the UK film festivals this year. Shame on you!!!! The industry should of given the film Cinema time and also to screen it to a wider mainstream English audience.

Film-making is about diversity and Boot Polish certainly would of appealed to a wider audience. But i guess internal politics within the Film Industry that has stopped Boot Polish from getting screened within mainstream festivals in UK. And terrible negligent selection process by festival panel members.

When you're viewing a short film your concerns are on how the filmmaker has presented their work and on how talented they are.

Boot Polish is of a high quality. It is well constructed and there are some touching and emotional moments in the film so be warned.

Boot Polish is a well crafted film and Ahmad is extremely talented to pull off a film given he had a budget of 18k. Shooting abroad is always a challenge and I also agree that he should now concentrate on his first feature film

This film director is one to watch out for. Good luck and well done Im a fan...... I look forward in viewing more of your films in the future.

I now understand why Ahmad has such a following I really do! Well done!

10- 10 Its emotional So be warned.
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8- 10 Success only comes to Directors who want it more!
akanonwdi8 December 2007
I really like this director Aneel Ahmad because he is determined ambitious and creative. Which are all enormous qualities that all directors require. Throughout the years Ahmad has genuinely worked relentlessly in promoting his work.

Ahmad is a true role model for many Black & Asian filmmakers and a fine example of persistence (10 years) hard work and to keep focus on your dreams. Not to be deterred by anyone and keep focusing on the Job at Hand! This is why he has tremendous support because not only is he a good filmmaker and not only is Boot Polish a wonderful short film. There is genuine honesty and class in this project.

Even if Ahmad doesn't win (the BAFTA) anything, he has won the hearts of many ordinary people and film industry professionals for his fighting spirit.

Boot Polish itself perhaps would be difficult to categorise and to screen at European festivals, because it's more South Asian Mainstream than you think. The film is very emotional and perhaps Western Audiences may find it a bit strange at first.

I had a chance to view the film in London and it was good, and yes it is far superior to some of the films made by British Directors this year.

I guess what I am saying if it were more English (I.E British theme) perhaps Boot Polish would have appealed to the European world. But short film-making is about experimenting and being creative, and this is why he has won so many fans around the world.

Ahmad does need to keep working and making better films and I'm sure that he will.

A wonderful short film by a promising director. I also will be looking forward to his next film and well done and congratulations to you, for the success you have had with Boot Polish and I do hope you continue to have further success in the future.

8- 10 Success only comes to the one who wants it more!
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Heart-rending Art House/Bollywood British Short
reenareenaprakash427 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Boot Polish is a wonderful short film. This is an award winning Indian film and Im sure the British Academy will Award Boot Polish for best short picture.

'There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread'.

Mohandas Gandhi - A quote from the film by the great man himself.

I am a big fan of Art House Indian Hindi cinema & Bollywood , and I must say that this short movie Boot Polish was very well done.

The film is very good. Awareness to detail is perfect. The Courtesans dance was amazing.

Almost everybody has acted very well. The dancing, music and spectacle in were stunning.

The score and sound track is enthralling. The outfits were gorgeous and so with the sets. Boot Polish is a fantastic attempt by an English director trying to make a Bollywood film its really did engage me emotionally.

There are a few heart-rending moments; the most powerful of which is when the boy returns home with the Roti.

As an Indian woman I understand the symbolism in this film and the director has really done well to understand the needs and the wants for South Asian audience's.

But the film is very sad. So be warned. Well done 10- 10
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Fantastic I really like this film its very moving. - 10-10
michael-of-m429 September 2007
I would firstly like to say congratulations to the entire production team.

A friend of mine recently told me to watch a short film titled Boot Polish, that was made by a new film director. She highly recommended it.

I must say that I was not expecting anything special, but truth being told I was impressed by the film.

Boot Polish is a very good short film, its emotional and really well constructed.

Reading more about the film director, it seems to me that he has had a tougher time within the British Industry and literally climbed higher mountains to get funded and to progress.

Boot Polish as a short film is of a high quality and as a (American born) film director myself living in London, i was pretty amazed that it was made for 18k.

I am not an expert on how the British Academy voting works, but ill have a shot.

Panels usually look at the following - Short Films & New Film Directors.

Directors Ability - 10 Passion/Dedication - 10 Technical Aspects - 10 Originality - 10 Acting - 9 Direction - 10 Screenplay - 9 Directors Progression (I.E Feature Films)- 10 Production Ability- 10 Professionalism - 10 Filmmakers Marketability - 9 Britishness - 4

Truth being told perhaps the only thing that can go against Boot Polish, is that its not set in the UK and so therefore not seen as British. Also Ahmad is from an Indian background and unfortunately there is still a lot of racism within the UK film Industry. Boot Polish could be categorised as Bollywood.

I wanted to post this on IMDb for others to read, because truth being told Boot Polish probably wont win the British Academy Award for dubious reasons, but the film director should not get disheartened.

If he gets the chance to read most of the comments left here on IMDb, he'll clearly realise that the public appreciates his work and he can still focus on the Oscars - The American Academy tend to look at world cinema, when it comes to short films.

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Bollywood Melodramatic short - The Asian Joe Wright
monkhousealex1425 August 2008
Overall, Boot Polish is a very good visual short film. A simple story, good performances and breathtaking cinematography.

Ahmad has shown talent, following the footsteps of other romantic feature film directors such as Joe Wright.

The young boy was absolutely fantastic, and the girl who played the courtesan, even though some of her performance may be seen as melodramatic, really did a good job.

Clearly influences are drawn from Merchant Ivory productions, melodramatic period dramas and of course classic Bollywood.

The cinematography in this short was excellent, especially the dance sequence and as well as the boy running.

The musical score was fantastic and it really pulled some of the emotional scenes to perfection.

But not all movies are perfect. This is no exception. I found some parts, especially in the beginning. The beating of the boy was slightly disturbing.

Also, the plot is slightly simple. But, if you are a melodrama or Bollywood fan, this is your movie.

Aneel Ahmad has all the trade marks of becoming a very successful British film director. I have read that he wants to follow in the steps of David Lean.

If he continues working to this standard he will full fill his potential.
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10 – 10 for artistic expression. Beautiful
hamzasilky20 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If you respect cinematography, then you will be appreciating in watching this movie Boot Polish.

Aneel Ahmad has a terrific eye for detail and attention-grabbing shots.

Cinematographers Nouman Younis & Ian Burton and the director Aneel Ahmad have teamed up to gift you one of the most cinematic of short films made in 2008- its supremacy and charm lie in the poetry of its imagery. The score by Sohail Salamat merits recognition as well.

Some have commented on the story being weak, but I rather enjoyed it - The narrative is told through the eyes of a young shoeshine boy Babar who lives with his mother in a village. He etches out his existence polishing shoes and dreams of a courtesan. The courtesans dance scene was fantastic.

I can tell you that this is a stunning portrayal about love & escapism. The film is not a modern tale where the action is go, go, go! Boot Polish is told through the mystery of visual story and the immense beauty of scenery It's simply authentic.

I highly recommend Boot Polish 10 – 10 for artistic expression
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Bollywood Please come to Hollywood you are fantastic
maria-dancingwiththestar15 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Finally a film director from Pakistani/Indian Origin is making waves in the film industry and he is a Muslim as well! I am so proud that an Asian director most definitely can make it big in Hollywood!!!! BOOT POLISH is a fantastic short film, wow it made me cry. I have never been so moved by a short film in my life. This film really is something special and the director Aneel Ahmad should come to America and make cross-over films. I also love him and his work.

I went to its screener (small venue) with a mixture of friends both White and Asian and we all loved this short film. It looked really expensive and the sets and costumes were brilliant.

The best thing about Boot Polish was that it was a well made short about a shoe shine boy and a beautiful courtesan. The boy was absolutely fantastic. I also like the scene when the courtesan was thrown to the floor and the boy was hit to the ground. Symbolic..... then the musical score began to play and the boy was holding his stomach, It was emotional and we Asians love films about love hope and tragedy. I still personally feel that Boot Polish is a mixture of Bollywood and its not just an Art House film.

The music was fantastic and the dance sequence was really powerful and symbolic.

Why isn't this film a feature film I asked myself? I totally agree with other comments, Boot Polish reminded me of the Block Busters such as Devdas & Mughal-E-Azam.

I don't understand the concept of short films? Clearly this was a film made by a professional team, and certainly the director knew what he was doing? Why isn't this film a feature? I also wanted to know if it would be for sale in the US? Ohhh I so love this film Boot Polish it was so emotional.

Please, please, please UNIVERSAL PICTURES make this film into a Feature! Its absolutely fantastic.

I also want Aneel Ahmad's autograph Woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Isn't he handsome, he is so gorgeous :) I went onto his website, wooooaaahhhh hes a real HOTTY! Aneel Ahmad pleassssssssssssseee come to Hollywood and make films here! I really loved Boot Polish, please come! Also can anyone let me know on IMDb how to get his autograph????? I went onto his website and sent him an email.

100 out of 10!!! I love this short film, it should be made into a feature film.
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Emotional Short film - Charming
nancypalin6 December 2007
To watch "Boot Polish" is to be invigorated a new with the supremacy of film, a visit to a enjoyable sanctuary of perfect happiness and simplicity after crossing the waterless desert of today's short film scene. The short had all the right emotional energy which brought me to tears and I also agree that this film has all the style and panache from films of old. The young boy was amazing, some of his scenes were really emotional. I guess the moral of this story perhaps is that we all can escape and dream. And I also feel that Ahmad should now focus on his first feature film.

Some short films, high-quality ones, starts powerfully and then fade in the end. Other short films build momentum as they go along.

"Boot Polish" is different. The film grabs you right away, and even as we lose some things within the plot, we profit other ingredients we take pleasure in (Wonderful Music, Dance, Emotions, Cinema) creating an ever-changing vision that classifies the 'Bollywood' in its uncontaminated form (And all this made by a Brit in Pakistan, I know it's amazing:)

I look forward in viewing more films from this Director and Production team. Well Done 9-10
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Fantastic Art house Movie 10-10
npnavinpatel18 March 2008
I just recently had the opportunity in viewing this wonderful short movie titled Boot Polish. Well done Aneel Ahmad, you truly have talent.

I really must say that Boot Polish is a wonderful short film.

This is visual cinema at its best. The music and cinematography was breathtaking. This is a wonderful example for cinematic excellence in short movies.

Its very artistic and wonderfully crafted. The young boy was fantastic, this is such a different movie. All i can say its cinema at its highest and must be viewed.

Ahmad is a director to watch-out for well done I am also giving this movie a 10 -10 for artistic quality.

Great stuff, looking forward in watching more of your movies in the future
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Enchanting - Great Indian Cinema
danthemanbab24 November 2007
Boot Polish as a film doesn't have too much of a storyline to boast about. Yet the film is just a beautiful story which illustrates the kind of suggestion of hardship that had sunk within in that period.

The acting is conventional & pristine. Everyone has done their part to perfection, yet this short film separates itself from the stereotypical Bollywood path. What impressed me the most about the film was its cinematic language.

The three main characters are totally captivated by their own obsessions. All looking for escapism.

This is just one of the finest example of excellent short film direction. With dances, cinematic poetry views of Pakistan, Indian dance, historical ideology, clothing, and music.

Boot Polish is a skillful piece of camera-work and compositional framing - Wonderful - Enchanting.
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