"American Dad!" Meter Made (TV Episode 2007) Poster

(TV Series)


Rachael MacFarlane: Hayley Smith


  • Stan Smith : [to Hayley]  You can't go out dressed like that.

    Hayley Smith : Don't worry. I'll be taking it off at art class where I'll be posing nude.

    Stan Smith : You'll do nothing of the sort.

    Hayley Smith : I'm late. Can we just cut to the key yelling points?

    Stan Smith : Fine. I forbid it. Not while you're under my roof. I didn't raise a hussy.

    Hayley Smith : It's my right as a woman. Nudity empowers me. There's nothing sinful about the female form. We done?

    Stan Smith : Yeah, we're done.

  • Hayley Smith : I am a proud and evolved woman and I have nothing to be ashamed of.

    [takes off her robe and poses] 

    Roger the Alien : Nice.

    [waves at Hayley. Hayley gasps and covers herself] 

    Roger the Alien : Madam, please uncover yourself. Does anyone have any areola pink? I only have one tube.

  • Hayley Smith : Roger, you had no right coming to that class and sketching me.

    Roger the Alien : The subject telling the artist what he can and can't do? That's like a soup can telling Warhol where to buy speed.

  • Roger the Alien : [after Francine destroys Roger's painting of Hayley]  My art! You've destroyed my drawing of Hayley.

    Steve Smith : Hayley?

    Roger the Alien : It's obvious what you have to do, Steve. You have to kill yourself.

    Steve Smith : What? Why? Nobody saw.

    Roger the Alien : God saw. Everyone in heaven saw. Aunt Sadie, Great Gram-Gram, Star Trek's James Doohan...

    Steve Smith : Scotty saw?

    Roger the Alien : Scotty watched the whole damn thing.

    [Steve starts crying] 

    Hayley Smith : You know what, Roger? This whole thing is your fault. I am gonna kick your ass!

    Roger the Alien : You think you got a shot, porn star? Then bring it.

    [Hayley punches Roger in the stomach] 

    Roger the Alien : I wasn't ready. This is how Houdini died!

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