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  • A laughable spoof of "B" movies from the 1960's, following the adventures of Darius the Bold and his motley group of companions as they attempt to rescue King Corwin and his daughter, Princess Roxanne, from the evil Lord Dagon.


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  • "I am your leader! Why can't you focus on what I am saying?!" Thus speaks Darius, the Bold, as he holds aloft the shining, magical sword, Gronk the Blade. This gripping story of intrigue and treachery propels the viewer into the magical kingdom of Lindania, ruled by the kindly King Corwin and his baggage of a daughter, Princess Roxanne. Into this wondrous kingdom of goodness and light come the forces of the evil Lord Dagon and his traitorous henchmen, Millots and Graven. Standing against this sadistic foe, Darius and his brave companions must fight their way through three devilish curses to save the kingdom.

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