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Great ending for a great trilogy
Robin_forfan1 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So, it all began with our imagination and some terrorists. The whole idea of actually having al-qaida entering our imagination and try to get our imaginations to "run wild" is so far fetched that it becomes an instant classic.

The second plot to this trilogy, the Cartman vs Broflovski case, was probably the funniest thing ever aired. The fact that kyle actually SUCKS Cartmans balls makes it all so much sweeter(it didn't turn me on, if that's what you think).

And finally, the third mini-plot with Al Gore and his manbearpig... well, if you have seen the episode "manbearpig" you will love this.

It also delivers the classic "I've learned something today"stuff about what's real and what isn't real and gives us all something to think about. Atheists, Christians and Muslims (+everyone else of course!). Just because you don't believe in something doesn't make it any less real for someone else. It's also of course about the warmongering states with their nukes and what not.

Ten out of Ten!
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Imaginationland: The Return of Al Gore
RainDogJr31 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Like in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers here many characters that never touched a weapon before are about to fight for their lives, Totoro with a sword just like a smurf that is much smaller than the sword. These good characters are about to fight in a battle that seems just impossible to win and Butters, yes our Butters is the only hope.

So this the conclusion of the brilliant Imaginationland trilogy is about 3 battles: the battle between the good and the evil side of Imaginationland, the battle of Kyle (and many pot- smoking dirty hippies) against the machine in order to stop the nuke of Imaginationland and the battle of Cartman against many obstacles in order to put his balls in Kyle's mouth.

During the previous part of the trilogy we finally saw Manbearpig, certainly Manbearpig is equal to Al Gore and here Gore plays a really important role. First of all, Gore made of public known the terrorist attack, certainly he was supporting the plan of nuke Imaginationland (to kill Manbearpig once and for all!). In Imaginationland the battle was under the control of the good characters certainly thanks to a creator, Butters. Basically if imaginary things are declared real the US Government can't nuke Imaginationland but otherwise will be the end of Imaginationland (Butters is certainly there and also Stan), so it comes a brilliant part, Kyle is the one who says the correct words, Cartman had an idea by saying that maybe leprechauns, Jesus, Hell, Santa are real in the same way but certainly the people were like "leprechauns are imaginary, Jesus and Hell are real but Buddha is imaginary". Cartman just was thinking in the fact that if leprechauns are declared to be not real well Kyle will not have to suck his balls. But Kyle is thinking in his friends and his speech is really great, certainly Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Superman, Bugs Bunny and many many others had affected our lives, they might be imaginary but they are really important, "in a way those things are more realer than any of us". So was all finally fine, the things were under control in Imaginationland but Al Gore…

Oh and after all Kyle does sucks Cartman's balls!

Season 11 = great with many gems! This is my order (of course the #14 is my least favourite): 14. D-Yikes! 13. Lice Capades 12. Night of the Living Homeless 11. The Snuke 10. The List 9. Cartman Sucks 8. Guitar Queer-O 7. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson 6. More Crap 5. Fantastic Easter Special 4. Le Petit Tourette 3. Imaginationland Episode II 2. Imaginationland Episode I 1. Imaginationland Episode III
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Great Conclusion
gangstahippie21 September 2008
The conclusion of the three part imaginationland episode! What happens in the series is Cartman sees a leprechaun and Kyle does not believe it.They bet on whether the leprechaun is real or not.However, if they do see the leprechaun, Kyle has to suck Cartman's balls.They do see it and throughout the episodes, Cartman goes to great lengths to get Kyle to suck his balls.The leprechaun is from a place called Imaginationland, where all the imaginary characters live.However, terrorists take over imaginationland and break the wall which separates the good imaginary characters from the evil ones.In this episode, Butters finds that he can dream imaginary characters back to life and help the good characters win the war.I think the entire trilogy of episodes are simply excellent and one of the better episodes of South park.
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tedg10 November 2007
A viewer sent me this trilogy as a "must see."

I don't watch much Teevee, so have seen only a half dozen South park episodes. As a result, I don't know weather this little gem will get buried among a bunch of other episodes. If so, that may be too bad.

These may be some of our most important satirists. Important because they are on TeeVee. Important because (to judge from the comments here) people tune in for only one purpose: to laugh. And important because they wear their roles in the open, like Jonathan Swift. The formula is too subtle for me to be attracted to except in small bits, but the big joke in good satire is that the people being satirized are the ones most likely to laugh without getting the joke.

What makes this valuable is they have the nub right. Religion is an imaginary exercise. Probably it is necessary in some way, but the genius here is the placing of Jesus next to Popeye and Santa. (Odd that they had the guts to start this thing with Islam attacking the world's imagination, but not to place Mohammad in imaginationland. As that would be an immediate and automatic death sentence for all involved, the silence of his absence thunders.)

The second stroke of genius is to cast it as a sort of Narnia done right, one that isn't a fundamentalist text of precisely the kind that threatens the world in the final war. It successfully pulls the legs out from C S Lewis — that dangerous closer of minds in the name of God. Satire is our best weapon against these guys.

Then there's all the jokes: stuff about the military, about sexual games and dominance, and about various characters.

And finally, as the last writing stage, I think they add in making fun of celebrities at the last stage. I think most of this clouds things, but they know what works, and I suppose finding that sweet spot of cloudy clarity is what its all about. I think I prefer the Doonesbury route. Today its Cheney as Emperor Palpatine. But then, I don't need to be tricked.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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The 3 part imaginationland-BEST SOUTH PARK EPISODES EVER!
lesleyharris3027 July 2010
I have to say that the 3 part Imaginationland episodes are one of the best South Park episodes ever made,this is part three,the final part in the trilogy,this one shows Butters,Lolly Pop King and Snarf finally making there way to Castle Sunshine and Butters turning out to be the chosen one.

Stan and Butters are both stuck in imaginationland and must fight for their lives against an army of imaginary evil forces,meanwhile Kyle is in hospital after ManBearPig attacks him and Cartman is still trying to get Kyle to suck his *****.

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