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  • There is not a "Memorial Hospital" located in Washington, DC, but there are hospitals in cities throughout the United States with the name "Memorial Hospital" which include the following: Chattanooga, Tennessee, Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, North Conway, New Hampshire, Pennsville, New Jersey, York, Pennsylvania, Gulfport, Missisippi, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Chester, Illinois, Carthage, Illionis, Stillwell, Oklahama, Gonzales, Texas, Seminole, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Gillette, New York, Valencia, California, Yakima, Washington, Cinnaminson, New Jersey, Kentland, Indiana, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Cumberland, Maryland, Bainbridge, Georgia, Jacksonville, Florida, Gulfport, Mississippi, Fremont, Ohio, Alton, Illinois, Decatur, Illinois, Abilene, Kansas, Seward, Nebraska, Aurora, Nebraska, Craig, Colorado, Weiser, Idaho, Modesto, California, Daytona Beach, Florida, Dumas, Texas, Longsport, Indiana, Belleville, Illinois, Brainbridge, Georgia, Burlington, Wisconsin, Carbondale, Illionis, Easton, Maryland, Savannah, Georgia, Martinsville, Virginia, South Bend, Indiana, Carbondale, Illinois, Marysville, Ohio, Riverton, Wyoming, Midland, Texas, Hixson, Tennessee, Ormond Beach, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Ontonagon, Michigan, Greenville, North Carolina, Bradenton, Florida, Hollywood, Florida, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Gowanda, New York, Dansville, New York, Sonora, Texas, Pinceton, Illionis, Maryville, Tennessee, Salmon, Idaho, Medford, Massachuttes, Collerville, Tennessee, Sparta, New Jersey, Woodbury, New Jersey, Phoenix, New York, Gardena, California, Wellsville, New York, Warminser, Pennsylvania, Frederick, Maryland, Harrisonburg, Virgina, Yanceyville, North Carolina, Concord, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Chester, South Carolina, Albany, Georgia, Stuart, Florida, Piedmont, Alabama. Tupelo, Mississippi, Coshocton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, Indianapolia, Indiana, Muskego, Wisconsin, Watseka, Illinois, Bowie, Texas, Sanders, Arizona, and Camarillo, California. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Eric Cartman made a sundae for Kyle Broflovski while he was in "Memorial Hospital" in Washington, DC. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Aslan wants Butters Stotch to imagain Santa Claus to come back to life but he ends up imaginning his father, Stephen Stotch to appear and then he made his father disappear. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When Butters Stotch imagined his father, Stephen Stotch to appear, his father said to Butters Stotch, "Butters, you are grounded mister. You hear me?" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Crest" is indeed a real brand of toothpaste. More information is available by clicking on the following link, Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kyle Broflovski talks to Stan Smith, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, and Superman in his mind while sitting on the steps of the LIncoln Memorial in Washington, DC. It is also assumed that Kyle Broflovski talked to Cap'n Crunch and God in his mind while sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC because Superman told Kyle Broflovski that Cap'n Crunch and God wanted to talk to him. Edit (Coming Soon)


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