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Not excellent but a solid horror film
Argemaluco1 March 2009
Since Scream made the "post-modern" attitude of the horror cinema popular (particulary the slasher sub-genus),many movies have tried to copy that style,some ones with more success than other ones.And although it's been 13 years from that excellent movie,that tendency is still active,something which does not surprise me in sight of the rebirth of the slasher sub-genus inside the huge amount of low-budget films which take advantage of the modern technology for having specialized and segmented spectators as a target.Midnight Movie is one of that movies,and although it is not great at all,it obtained certain success with its aim thanks to its ingenious premise and its competent screenplay.The mixing of supernatural elements with the classic masked killer does not always work and although Midnight Movie manages that combination with certain skill,I found some inconsistencies and logic fails which take out some points to the generally solid screenplay.The performances were not completely good,because they lack of realism and dramatic weight.It is true that most of the characters are cannon fodder...in other words,just future victims chosen for their physical attractive and not for their histrionic talent.But,we have seen in movies like Fritt Vilt and Wrong Turn 2 : Dead End (just to mention two examples) that the narrative becomes richer because of the presence of realistic characters performed by credible actors.But,let's go to the positive elements now.I previously mentioned the screenplay and I insist that is the best element from this movie,in spite of having some fails.It is obvious screenwriters Mark Garbett and Jack Messitt (the last one is also the director) are fans of the horror cinema and that they perfectly know the clichés from the slasher flicks and from the horror cinema in general.So,Garbett and Messitt use them with ingenuity.For example,I will mention this scene from the movie : the spectators watch a murder in the screen from the cinema they assisted and one of them comments : "There is not too much blood".That is exactly what I had previously thought before that character mentioned it.And after that commentary,it comes the answer from another character : "It is just the second murder...there will be more blood near the ending".And that is completely true.Midnight Movie is not a great horror film but at least,it is a competent one which kept me entertained.I think that with more polished performances and some adjusts to the screenplay,this film could have been memorable.But,although it was not like that,I can recommend this movie because I had a good time watching it.
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Midnight Movie (2008)
suspiria1019 February 2009
Director: Jack Messitt

Stars: Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Brea Grant, Greg Cirulnick, Mandell Maughan, Stan Ellsworth, Melissa Steach, Jon Briddell, Michael Swan, Michael Schwartz, Justin Baric

Synopsis: An obscure 70's slasher flick is being screened as the midnight movie of a theater. Little do the patrons know but the celluloid baddie is stalking the hallowed halls of the popcorn palace picking them off one by one.

Thoughts: "Midnight Movie" is a decent enough slasher. It has an interesting approach to the killer and a rather cool weapon of choice (a custom made corkscrew device) not to mention plenty of the beautiful people to stack next to the projector. The visual presentation is fine as is the audio design. The production is a typical presentation for this kind of offering not too boring but not too challenging either. The script revels in the usual clichés of the slasher genre and is quite vague as to reason for the action but grab a bit of popcorn and have a kill and a smile.

3.5 / 5
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Great gore-fest
cocojohn25 July 2008
I was privileged to see the screener of this one, and came away quite satisfied at what I had seen.

I grew up on horror movies and usually find the gory ones to be nothing more than gratuitous blood-letting, but this one really had me involved. Don't let the first few minutes fool you, this is top quality. What starts out like a B-movie from the 60's soon becomes an engrossing mystery as you try to figure out what is happening, and then keeps you riveted as you start to wonder if the characters will figure it out in time. Unlike most horror movies, Midnight Movie had me caring about the characters. They became real people, not just targets of the horror.
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A nifty slasher horror outing
Woodyanders18 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A motley assortment of folks go to see the lovably lousy early 70's low-budget horror clunker "The Dark Beneath" at a midnight screening in a rundown old theater. Things get hairy when the crazed ferocious killer (hulking behemoth Lee Main) in the picture comes off the screen and starts butchering audience members for real. Director/co-writer Jack Messsitt and co-writer Mark Garbett craft a clever and affection homage to both 70's drive-in exploitation schlock and 80's slice'n'dice body count fare that benefits from a constant snappy pace, likable and well-drawn main characters, slick cinematography by Messitt, Ruben Ross and Clyde W. Smith (the scratchy black and white look for the 70's feature is spot-on in its endearing crumminess), a roaring hard-rock soundtrack, a gradual build-up which allows for a goodly amount of tension (the last third is especially trippy and nightmarish), a shivery score by Penka Kouneva, an inspired supernatural twist, and, of course, a handy helping of nasty gore (funky splatter highlights include a juicy throat slashing, a heart being yanked out, and a truly jolting electrocution). The capable cast of solid no-name thespians deserve kudos as well: the fetching Rebekah Brandes delivers a strong and sympathetic performance as sweet and resilient heroine Bridget, Daniel Bonjour likewise does well as the amiable Josh, Stan Ellsworth almost steals the whole show with his winningly rowdy portrayal of scruffy rough'n'tumble biker Harley, plus there are neat supporting turns by Greg Cirulnick as obnoxious coward Mario, Mandell Maughan as the foxy Samantha, Melissa Steach as hot motorcycle mama Babe, Justin Baric as Bridget's bratty little brother Timmy, Jon Bridell as the obsessive Detective Barrons, and Jim Wynorski film regular Arthur Roberts as deranged movie director Radford. A fun fright flick.
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Not a bad movie at all!
sawilson0055 January 2009
Don't let the bad reviews scare you away from this one. It's actually a pretty good movie. The beginning starts as if it's really going to be bad but once you get into the middle of the movie, it turns out to be really good. Yes it's an indie film, now it may not have had a huge budget, but it's better than a lot of the crap I've seen out there. My son watched it with me and made fun of it up to about the 30 minute mark but then really got into and even started talking to the people in the movie. That's a sign he's actually paying attention. Like I said this is not a big budget Saw or Scream and doesn't really claim to be. And no, I'm in no way affiliated with the movie but I liked the movie for what it was. It was entertaining and at sometimes scary. Definitely not a waste of your time to see. Just make sure you sit through more than 30 to 45 minutes and give it a chance. It will probably surprise you...
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Blood Splattered Surprise
FightOwensFight15 March 2009
I can see why some of you would turn this off pretty quickly. Midnight Movie obviously was not blessed with a big budget or the best actors. A couple of time in the beginning the thought, "Oh man, I think I may have wasted my money on this one" ran through my head. With nothing to lose, I continued to watch the film and slowly but surely was won over by the spirit of this film.

The premise of the film itself is somewhat original. After a director of an old low budget cult film becomes dangerously obsessed with his film, he is locked up in an insane asylum and is forced to watch his film on the idea that him watching this may somehow relax his growing obsession. He disappears in a bloodbath and all the remaining people left in the asylum are slaughtered.

Several years later, the film is shown again at an Indy move theater in a small town. Convinced that the missing director will show, the two police officers wait patiently while the movie begins to play. As the small crowd in the theater and the few workers start showing up in the scenes and being brutally murdered, the crowd quickly finds out that this is no ordinary movie.

There are, as with most current low budget slashers, several problems within this film. However, most of them seem to stem from the budget and I really felt that this film was directed and ultimately done the best possible way considering the low budget and the range of the talent. Our creepy cinema slasher is truly a horrifying creature complete with amazing mask and gimp leg. The director shows he has definitely done his horror homework and provides his audience with "Scream" like clichés to keep the flow consistent and of course, all of us viewers consistently entertained.

If you a true fan of the horror genre and are not particularly bothered by the downfalls of a current low budget slasher film then I say give this a try. I am certain that many of you will be as pleasantly surprised with 'Midnight Movie' as I was.
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Pretty Solid 80's style Slasher!
FrightMeter5 January 2009
"Midnight Movie" is the type of movie that I love to come across because it seems to rare these days to find a movie like it. First, it is a pure slasher flick through and through. There is no tongue-in-cheek horror or comedic undertones that seem so prevalent in a lot of today's horror. More importantly, it plays out like a 80's slasher film and captures the spirit and essence of 80's style horror perfectly.

The film centers around the first showing of a horror film called "The Dark Beneath," since several people were murdered while watching the film. Only a handful of people show up for the showing, including the boyfriend and a couple friends of the high-school aged theater manager, a redneck, motorcycle riding couple, and a couple of cops who think the film's director may show up to cause some trouble. The film shown on screen is a 70's style "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" type film about a group of friends who experience car trouble and seek help at creepy farmhouse, only to be butchered by a killer in a creepy mask whose weapon of choice is a sharp, spiral tool. Somehow, though, the killer is able to transfer himself out of the screen and begins stalking and killing the movie-goers.

The Good: The film looks great. It is competently directed and in lesser hands the whole movie-within-a-movie element could have been a real mess. The killer is pretty cool as well, and definitely reminded me of a Michael Myers, Jason, or Leatherface type killer. My only qualm with him is the weapon of choice, which does manage some good kill scenes, but becomes boring, repetitive, and not at all intimidating. As I mentioned,the film really has the classic slasher vibe going on and is quite effective. Once the action gets going, it is truly a fun ride and doesn't let up until the last frame. There are also some surprises in who lives/dies that took me by surprise, which is always a good thing in a slasher because generally they are so predictable with who lives/dies. Though it initially turned me off, I actually ended liking that there were so few characters in the film because it allowed us to get to know each of them a tad more. I was actually upset to see a couple of them get offed.

The Bad: The acting is a mixed bag. I know it is nit-picky, but the film REALLY could have done WITHOUT the younger brother character. First, the kid is a bad actor, second, his presence serves absolutely zero purpose and actually becomes a distraction to the plot. There is also no real backstory to the killer and why/how he is able to come out of the screen and kill in real life. Some parts were indeed cheesy, particularly the opening scene with the film's director in a mental institution.

Overall, this is a decent horror film and certainly one of the better DTV slashers I have seen in awhile. Everything about the film looks great and it is always refreshing to see a contemporary slasher film successfully pay homage to early genre films.

My Grade: B+
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Midnight Movie
Scarecrow-883 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Theater-goers attend(..and the hired staff of the establishment host) the midnight screening of an old 70's drive-in slasher, The Dark Beneath(..written, produced and directed by a psychiatric nut case who slaughtered a hospital's staff with the bodies, and himself, missing from the scene of the crime)featuring a skull-masked psycho in overalls, whose homemade weapon is a cone-shaped, cork-screw blade, who attacks a group of hippies with the misfortune of blowing a tire nearby his loony hick mama's decrepit farmhouse. Those in the cinema will understand the characters' dilemma all too well as they become prey to the killer who seemingly has the ability to remove himself from the film into reality stalking them, following their fear, he has a nose for this emotion. When the victims fall to the stalking supernatural killer, their bodies are carried into the film, and into his dungeon of rooms, a veritable prison for those whose fear he cashed in on.

Rebekah Brandes is Bridget, the young manager of the theater who takes care of her brother, Timmy(Justin Baric);both were a victim of fatherly abuse so their emotional wounds are still rather fresh. Daniel Bonjour is Bridget's very honorable and courageous boyfriend, Josh, who comes to her aid as protector when the situation grows more and more terrifying and the death toll ratchets upward. Greg Circulnick is Josh's obnoxious buddy, Mario and we see how much of a cowardly jerk he is when the killer has his girlfriend Samantha(Mandell Maughan)trapped with her hands pinned in a window seal. Jon Briddell is Detective Barrons, at the midnight screening in the hopes that it's creator might show up. Michael Swan is Dr. Wayne, the one who witnessed how bloody his hospital was at the hands of an escaped patient, and hopes that the lunatic will return to the theater where his film is playing. Also attending the show is a biker couple, Harley(Stan Ellsworth)and Babe(Melissa Steach)who are annoyed at the teen audience for talking during the movie. Rounding out the cast, Brea Grant as Rachel, the candy-popcorn counter girl with a lousy attitude, Shaun Ausmus as Kenny, wishing to improve his status in the theater begging for Bridget to allow him managerial duties so that he can show how responsible he can be, and Michael Schwartz as Sully, an opinionated hanger-on who wishes to join his teen peers and instead causes much disturbance when his body doesn't react too well to the popcorn and raisins. Arthur Roberts has a chameo role as the escaped crazy who made The Dark Beneath, quite memorable in his brief screen time.

Surprisingly brutal supernatural slasher with a sadistic killer who buries his corkscrew weapon deep into the bellies of victims. One victim gets the blade slammed into his face, while another receives it into her back shoulder as the killer twists it ripping deep inside. Brandes is quite a cute little lead actress establishing pretty much right away that she's sensitive and guarded due to past trauma and Bonjour's Josh is exactly who she needs, a person sympathetic towards her..Bonjour has that kind of "knight in shining armour" role. Ellsworth is fun as foul-mouthed, hulking Harley and his gal is the very sexy Steach(..her screen name, Babe is quite appropriate), who stands by her man always no matter how inappropriate his behavior can be at times(..ultimately, though, Harley has a heart, revealed when he finds out what Bridget has been through upon seeing scars on her arm)..he is certainly someone you'd like to have on your side if being chased by a maniac. I think if you dwell on the film's wacky plot, determining logic, then this will be certain to alienate you..it's more for slasher fans anyway, who can dispense with logic, embracing the loving nod to psycho-thrillers which appeared in Grindhouses. The killer's look is really effective, as is his weapon. The killer often dissolves in and out of reality, returning to the film to assault the characters. The theater setting has an ungarnished, archaic look representing a relic on it's way to being condemned. I'm not sure anyone will find the film on screen(..where the killer comes out of)a realistic example of 70's exploitation, however. Startlingly grim conclusion.
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Making A Teen Slasher Scary Is Hard, But Midnight Movie Pulls It Off Like No Other
LightDarkness1426 July 2011
Sure, it's B-Grade, the killer's costume is awful and the acting isn't particularly good. But why do we need any of that in a slasher? Since the days of Scream the slasher has been my favorite sub-genre, and finding fresh new entries can be hard. That's why I was delighted to discover Midnight Movie.

The film takes it's time establishing characters and showing off it's creepy story. Speaking of which is quite interesting.

When things do pick up, they never stop coming. The gore is delightfully over-the top and the slightly stupid characters make for speedy, fun deaths. Unlike many others, I had no irks with the killer's weapon and thought the setting was brilliant.

However, MM is not for the feint of heart. Beforementioned gore and a helping of scary atmosphere and set pieces make things rather horrifying for the typical slasher fan. So proceed with caution, oh weak stomached viewers.

All in all, MM is fresh, inventive and delightfully insane. Everything you could ask for in a slasher.
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A mad movie villain comes to life
haissom24 February 2009
"Midnight Movie" offers more thrills than your average roller coaster. Directed by Jack Messitt, the film keeps the audience on its toes throughout its entire duration. Set in a cinema complex, the story follows a grizzly movie villain come to life who stalks and kills the audience members systematically. The chase soon turns into a cat and mouse game between the hunter and the hunted. The many Point of View Shots put us into the characters minds and shoes and the thrills are a lot more powerful than they would be in the average horror flick. Ted, the mass murdering villain would Freddy and Jason a run for their money as he proves to be just as charismatic and deadly.
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Technically subpar, but rather entertaining, modern slasher.
Shattered_Wake30 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When a violent '70s horror film is screened at a midnight showing in a small-town movie theatre, a group of friends decide to give the classic cult film a shot. Unfortunately for them, something sinister is afoot when it seems the movie's killer escapes from the celluloid and into their world, looking to make them the stars of the very film they were just watching!

While the plot may have been pulled directly out of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness" with a overalled murderer swapped for Nosferatu, it still seemed like an inventive and interesting idea that could easily make for an entertaining modern slasher. I suppose all three of those traits (inventive/interesting/entertaining) are true. But, it still wasn't a great film. For some strange reason, and this rarely happens, but I just kept bursting into laughter throughout the movie, especially within the first twenty minutes or so. I think it was a strange reaction to the bad acting, cheesy dialogue, and that ticket-taker kid that would not stop smiling every time he was on screen. Sadly, however, those are the kinds of a laughs a filmmaker does NOT want for his film. They're the ones that are laughing at, not with. Anyway, as far as the rest of the film goes, it's all pretty subpar. Visually, it's nothing to compliment. The direction & cinematography are all pretty basic, taking no risks whatsoever. The editing is terrible, using tricks like that annoying "MTV-style" editing just to add some style. The acting, as I hinted at, was pretty bad for the most part, but it was watchable. The writing was probably the worst part. Not only was the dialogue extremely silly at times, but the story often made no sense and had plot holes you could drive a bus through (for example, how could two people (the cop & the doctor) who are obsessed with a movie and its director not notice that there are new 'scenes' spliced in with locations & actors that they've never seen before?). There are little-to-no scares or suspense. . . but, the gore is good for the most part, even though the kills are overly repetitive. The killer is, well, somewhat cool, somewhat lame. The Keyser Söze limp is never explained or mentioned to have any significance to the film, but he does have a cool weapon and mask. My only problem with him. . . the dude's like 5'5", 130 lbs. While it does help with the mystery to keep him small, it doesn't help with the scares. In the end, Midnight Movie comes in just under average in quality, but makes up for it in entertainment. It's just far too stupid to really consider anything very good. If all you want is a bit of gore with no real redeeming technical qualities, you can do worse.

Obligatory Horror Elements:

  • Subgenre: Slasher

  • Violence/Gore: It starts out rather tame with most of the gore & violence off-screen; but, as the film progresses, it does get a bit bloody with some rather cool kills.

  • Sex/Nudity: No sex and only a brief topless shower scene. Unfortunate, as there are some very cute girls in it.

  • Scares/Suspense: Like most slashers of this type, the goal was entertainment and jump scares. It did have a few of the latter, so I suppose it was a success there.

  • Mystery: It tried and threw in a couple red herrings, but I didn't really care enough to wonder.

  • - -

Final verdict: 4/10. Pass on this one, unless a little bit of watchability is your only goal.

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Midnight Movie is a fun ride
Denisesgardner25 November 2008
I am not a massive fan of horror films, and yet truly enjoyed watching this film. The characters are well developed, and the story moves along at a decent pace. I appreciate the fact that you don't know or can't really guess how this film ends. The ending is not neat and clean, all wrapped up in a bow. This is what I find to be intelligent and intriguing about Midnight Movie. The film is scary, and yet doesn't take itself too seriously, a fault that many horror flicks make. I'd watch this film again, and I can't say that about most films. I think that another viewing would allow me to appreciate different aspects of the movie. Another thing to note -- I watched this with a set of headphones on a computer monitor. And yet, my experience of the film was great. I can only imagine how fun an actual theatrical release would be.
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Loved it! The kinda killer we've been missing!
BigfootEntertainment1 December 2008
I caught Midnight Movie in the theater a couple of weeks back and loved it. I love old school slasher films and the bad guy is always all important. There just hasn't been a great iconic bad guy since the birth of Freddie, Jason and Michael Myers, etc...until now. This guy will haunt you in your sleep for days! The film's great as a whole too with plenty of gore and some great memorable kills. I like the modern twist on the 'slasher' film - the film-within-a-film thing...works really well.

The effects are all really well done and the performances are very strong, especially from the lead girl and her little brother.

Check it out guys...you won't regret it!
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One of the best entries available
slayrrr66610 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Midnight Movie" is an absolute blast of a slasher and has a lot going on for it.


Preparing for a movie showing, Bridget, (Rebekah Brandes) Rachael, (Brea Grant) and Kenny, (Shawn Ausmus) get the theater ready for a showing of a cult horror movie that hasn't been screened in years. Letting in patrons, her brother Timmy, (Justin Baric) friends Mario, (Greg Cirulnick) Samantha, (Mandell Maughan) Josh, (Daniel Bonjour) and Sully, (Michael Schwartz) as well as horror fans Harley, (Stan Ellsworth) and Babe, (Melissa Steach) they settle down to watch the movie, with all of them enjoying the film. When they start to notice each other dying off in the movie, they realize that the killer from the movie is in the theater with them, killing them one-by-one using their fear of him to track them down. Realizing a way to stop him, they band together to find a way out of the theater alive.

The Good News: There was a lot to like about this one. One of the best features is that it manages to feature one of the more original concepts in the genre and works in plenty to make it feel unique and creative. While the basic premise, about a killer stalking theater-goers during a horror-movie-marathon, isn't that new, this one goes about it brilliantly by having the killer be the physical manifestation of the one from the movie using supernatural powers to stalk them inside the theater, overall making it different enough to stand out. This makes the stalking to this one quite nice, which is a good plus as there's some really fantastic ones here. The early ones, where it shows the killer stalking the people in the theater as the film the patrons are watching, are absolutely fantastic with almost nothing wrong with them, aside from the black-&-white hampering the view, but even still, these are great fun. The back-talk as they comment on the situation, unknowingly at first but once it gets longer and extended a little more, this one has a really great air about it because of these scenes, and the revelation by the cast make it all the more fun. Other stalking, including those through the theater's surprisingly long, darkened twisting hallways are really well-handled as well, making for a series of surprisingly suspenseful stalking sequences. The scene in the basement is superb for it's creepy atmosphere and complete inability to know what's going on, while those that prefer more visceral stuff can find the encounter in the main hallway or the chase into the control booth, which both come complete with stand-out kills to spice them up as well. In general, this one has just a lot of fun stalking scenes and all are pretty much enjoyable, beyond those mentioned here. Also quite fun is the killer's appearance, which is quite unique and slightly chilling at first glance. With the skeletal upper-half mixed with a strange mask over the jaw that meshes with the teeth, leaving a distinct impression when combined with the spectacular killing tool in a hand-drill, this is an imposing killer. There's also a ton of fun to be had with it's kills, which are messy and brutal and just perfect for the type of film. From the drill being repeatedly rammed through the stomach of one victim, enough to the point of penetrating out the back so as to impale in the back the victim behind, a slit throat, being sliced to shreds, a scythe in the back, numerous impaling in various body parts and one who has the drill thrown into the eyeball, this one is pretty gory and messy at times. The last plus here is the furious pace, which is just outstanding and doesn't have anything wrong with all, going by at the proper tempo to never get boring or cut-short it's good stuff. This one is an outstanding slasher film.

The Bad News: There wasn't that much really wrong with this one. One of the flaws is the fact that this one really doesn't have it's rules for the killer set in stone, resulting in some plot holes or just plain confusing scenes. This is incredibly predominant in the finale, which has a lot of these scenes where the killer bends it's own rules merely for the sake of giving a scare or attacking a victim, making the scenes really action-packed but lacking logic, which can be found only when thought about though. It's a sign for the film that it doesn't make you aware of that, but it's still noticeable. The only other part here that doesn't work is the film's length, which is a big problem. This one here barely lasts eighty minutes, including credits, and it tends to just drop out immediately when it could've gone on for a little bit longer, which would've helped in explaining the finale a bit more. These here are what's wrong with this one.

The Final Verdict: An incredibly enjoyable and entertaining entry with very few flaws and much more, and more worthwhile, good points to easily counteract them. Hardily recommended to fans of 80s slashers, slashers in general or those who are interested, while there isn't a whole lot who won't find something good here.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity
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If you get turned on by this, we're breaking up.
lastliberal5 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have two movies in my queue that sound similar. One is a 1985 film called Demons, where two girls attend a special screening of a horror movie in an isolated theater. The film is so involved that it takes possession of the viewers and transforms them into zombie demons who attack other theater goers.

And, there is this one where some grind house aficionados become the unwilling stars of an old slasher flick when the film's crazed killer leaps off the screen to hunt them down, drag them back into the movie and kill them.

Now, I would never compare something modern to a foreign classic, but I haven't seen the earlier film yet, so I can't compare. I'll just judge this on it's own merits.

I was surprised at the first time the killer jumped out. No one else had a clue. I can't believe no one recognized the victim.

They recognized the second and third victims and thought it was a joke. The cop (Jon Briddell) and the doctor (Michael Swan) knew it was real as they were after Ted Radford, the director of the movie on the screen.

The double kill was brilliant.

Josh (Daniel Bonjour) figured it out, but the killer (Lee Main) outsmarted him.

Blood, gore, neat special effects and a lot of suspense. It was worth the ride.
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"Midnight Movie" 2?
drkarges16 November 2008
"Midnight Movie" is not just your run-of-the-mill slasher film. It really rocks! You would think by the synopsis that this is just another B-movie romp. It is anything but. This flick delivers exactly what every die-hard horror fan craves. Suspense, gore... a plot and character-driven story that actually leaves you wanting more. I had the privilege of being a part of the New York City premiere - a midnight showing -talk about a movie within a movie! Flawless acting, superb cinematography, gut-wrenching special effects, riveting storyline, an independent label with a seemingly lofty production value... Jack Messitt's directorial debut is a breath of fresh air compared to the so-so scare fare the industry continues to push on true horror fans (as if we won't know the difference). Would a sequel ruin this unique film's integrity? Not if it was produced in the same vein as its predecessor- a profit not being its sole purpose. We'll see...
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For A Straight to DVD film, it's Brilliant.
joker207200112 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: This comment contains some minor spoilers.

Admittedly, the acting and character structure of the protagonists was one of only two reasons why this film did not get the straight 10 out of 10 from me. I mean, I know no one should expect great acting from a straight-to-DVD movie. I will give it its due credit, though. It was convincing when it needed to be.

The story concept in and of itself was some of the most brilliant work in horror film history. I absolutely LOVED the idea of a supernatural killer that brings the audience and the movie theater into the movie, and everyone and everything involved become bound by the rules of a horror/slasher film...no one escapes, nothing works, and nobody can help you. I thought that idea was, again, one of the most awesome concepts in horror film history.

The other reason why this movie did not net the 10 out of 10, was because it left too many questions unanswered. I won't spoil what questions those are, for the benefit of those who haven't seen it yet. Suffice it to say what is left unanswered definitely lends itself to a much-needed sequel.

Overall, I do recommend this film to anybody with a taste for horror films.
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Loved it!
konstanze-pelargus1 December 2008
I really enjoyed this movie thoroughly. It is a slasher film with a nice little twist at the end. The killer is not your usual killer, there are supernatural elements to it and I really like how he never talks but freaks people out just by his stare and pure presence. The other characters in the movie are also really great and there are a lot of comic moments as well. But I could not figure out why certain things happen in the movie until I the end. Even then I was left dumbfounded. Good to see that there are still such creative producers out there. All I can say is go see the movie!
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Get an early night instead.
BA_Harrison1 January 2009
It's 'count the cliché' time with Midnight Movie, a derivative supernatural slasher which looks and feels just like any one of a hundred other films you might find clogging up the horror section in your local rental outlet.

Undemanding teen audiences may possibly enjoy this film's easy-on-the-eye cast, MTV-style editing and some unexceptional gore, but seasoned horror fans will no doubt find themselves rolling their eyes and groaning in disbelief at what amounts to nothing more than yet another admittedly-slick-but-totally-logic-free piece of popcorn horror packed with cookie-cutter characters, cheap scares, unanswered questions and glaring plot-holes.

The story, for what it's worth, goes something like this: five years after horror director Ted Radford disappears from a lunatic asylum, leaving 70 dead in his wake, a cinema decides to present a midnight screening of his cult movie The Dark Beneath. Before you can say 'surely Radford doesn't emerge from his film to kill members of the staff and audience', Radford emerges from the film to kill members of the staff and audience. Yawn!

Glossing over such trivial details as exactly how the director achieves his magical return to life and why he is so obsessed with scaring people in the first place, the weak script concentrates instead on presenting a myriad of predictable scenes in which the scared occupants of the cinema at first attempt to escape, but then begin to fight back.

Midnight Movie hits a 'cliché all-time-high' when it is revealed that the killer—a bargain-basement Leatherface wannabe armed with a custom-built corkscrew—can only hurt those who are afraid of him (gack!). At this point, the script becomes completely nonsensical, with final survivor Bridget (Rebekah Brandes) drawing on past painful experiences to help her overcome her fear, and trying to save her brother from within the movie.

Go see this if your idea of a good horror film is a Saw sequel or a remake of something 'old'. You'll probably enjoy it.
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Midnight Movie (The Killer Cut)
cartercrisp27 May 2011
Growing up, the movies I loved were The Lion King, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and pretty much any horror movie I could get my hands on. Especially slashers. My dad introduced me to Halloween and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I used to catch unfortunately-edited TV marathons of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street films all the time, and when I turned 10, a little movie called Scream was released. Obviously, I wasn't a sheltered child. So it wasn't difficult to finally have a theatre experience with my favorite genre, and I really cut my teeth on the postmodern wave, debating with my friends the superiority of Scream versus I Know What You Did Last Summer. Now, the smugness of these gets hated on today. But I knew the conventions and clichés, and it made sense to me that the characters would be equally informed, acting accordingly when being chased down. Eventually the tide of horror shifted though, to Japanese pseudoghosts and zombie everything and splatter flicks, and the slashers were resigned to remakes/reboots that upped the gore but brought nothing new to the table. It is here that the low-budget gem Midnight Movie (The Killer Cut) really shines. It brings back the meta, taking place in a rundown theatre showing a 70s cult slasher film that manages to overlap with the primary reality. Armed with an over-sized corkscrew, the killer fetches his victims from the audience. The premise is both inventive and evocative. As are the kills, which don't rely on gore for impact. As far as scares are concerned, it's pretty tame by my standards, but there were definitely some covered eyes around me. This is a B-movie without question, but across the board the effort is solid and never ceases to be entertaining. The characters are varied and acted out believably, and you'll find delight, concern, and surprise in the fates that befall them. After all, who gets killed and how is what a slasher is all about. There's even room for a sequel, but this isn't shoved down your throat. In my somewhat jaded perspective, I expected another laughably bad modern horror entry here, but was pleasantly surprised to just sit back and feel like a kid again.
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Better than I'd expected it to be...
john-feaster12 January 2010
Is it a great movie? A movie that defines the genre? Nope...but it was a fun way to pass 80+ minutes, had a few twists and turns I didn't expect, and ended well enough. The characters were thin as paper, with most of the basic stereotypes represented (Nice Girl, Bad Girl, Nice Boy, Bad Boy, Tough Guy, Tough Girl, Kid, Cop, Doctor, etc...) and the movie within a movie was pretty bland, but I liked the attention paid to the little details. Like how the slow, limping "movie" killer easily catches up to the "real" people in the "real" world...because THATS WHAT HAPPENS IN MOVIES. The theater patrons are forced to adapt to the movies logic, because they've become part of the film.

All in all, I was happy with it. I'd pay to see a "Midnight Movie 2" if they made one.
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Retro 1970's horror film is worth a look
dbborroughs19 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Crazed film director escapes from the asylum as he's watching his long lost horror film leaving a trail of 70 bodies behind him.About the same time a screening of the film is scheduled for a midnight showing and strange things begin to happen, the killer seems to be walking loose in the theater and the killings are being shown as part of the film. Retro horror film is a good little horror film that is the sort of thing that might have been made back in the 1970's.(Though it does seem to echo Lamberto Bava's Demons) Creepy at times the film is operating with its own sense of dream logic which makes its ability to scare limited. since we can't always see how it gets from A to B (though sometimes were way ahead of the film.) Flaws aside the film is worth a look on cable or as a rental. Its not great but it is enjoyable.
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Pretty good slasher
FilmBuff040916 May 2019
This one is a little cheesy. But for what it is it's not necessarily bad. I'd watch it again on a boring night.
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A canary in a B-movie coal mine.
garciarichard20 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how I didn't catch wind of this movie ten years ago when it was initially released, since I am a fan of low-budget horror films.

The plot of 'Midnight Movie' centers around a slasher film in the vein of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' titled "The Dark Beneath". Whoever watches the film is prone to being chased around by the fictional serial killer Ted Radfords (Arthur Roberts), who is somehow able to manifest himself in the real world.

Because he is a fictional character within the confines of our realm, he is unable to killed. Although this doesn't stop most of the theater staff and theatergoers who watch this movie from being picked off one by one. And in very gruesome fashion.

After the main protagonist, Bridget (Rebekah Brandes) and her younger brother Timmy (Justin Baric) end up the only survivors of the serial killers rampage, they find themselves dragged into the movie world of "The Dark Beneath" where they are forced to escape his clutches while trying to find their way back to the real world.

Overall, I thought 'Midnight Movie' was serviceable, since not too many films of this caliber get us invested in the main characters. The actors, especially the lead actress, gave good performances, and the practical effects were very convincing. I'd recommend 'Midnight Movie' to people who have nothing else to do and are looking to kill a little time.
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Really enjoyed this one.
tohkwongweng27 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely one of the better slasher movies I've had the pleasure to watch. The protagonist was sufficiently threateningly creepy and that bowel-removing spiral blade was a stroke of genius. Kudos to whoever thought of that one. I just found the whole idea of a movie psycho coming to life DURING the movie absolutely brilliant. And the house where psycho and psycho's Mum lived was reminiscent of Wrong Turn, which is a fan favourite of mine. The mayhem never let up and I was left hoping for more at the end. The best endings are when no one will ever really know what happened to the multiple victims and this one failed to disappoint in that regard. Loved it 7.5/10
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