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Lopez gets a long overdue HBO Special...
Isaac585521 March 2007
After several years of working on his sitcom, comedian George Lopez was finally allowed to return to his stand-up roots with his first HBO Special, GEORGE LOPEZ: AMERICA'S Mexican. Lopez also sticks close to his own roots here, never allowing the live audience he's playing to or us to forget his heritage. Admittedly, there was a portion of things he says in this special in Spanish that I didn't understand, but when he's speaking English, Lopez is hysterically funny. I loved his piece about how kids today couldn't have survived the way he grew up. It's so easy to forget how spoiled kids today are but Lopez reminds us in a most hysterical way. Lopez also offers on target jabs at Arnold Schwarzenegger, elder care,and of course President Bush. I love when he talks about post Katrina clean up in New Orleans and says that it was handled by FEMA, which means "Find Every Mexican Available". A laugh-out loud comedy special guaranteed to tickle the funny bone.
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Lackluster compared to George Lopez' "why you crying" show.
attyfaro29 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was so eager to see this new stand up show because his other stand up show, "Why you crying" was excellent and contained non-stop laughter for the audience. Which is why I was so disappointed when I saw the new one. "America's Mexican" was distasteful and well, not funny at all. In fact, some of the jokes were disgusting frankly. Like the part where he speaks about his old grandma assuming the praying position and he pretends to pork her. Ugghhh! that sent nasty images in my head. Overall, the show never got better, even though there were some good jokes here and there.

Of course, I still love the guy though. I'll always consider his first stand up(s) classic.
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drjgardner1 January 2019
Like many other sitcom actors who have a raunchy side when they do stand-up, Lopez delivers. He is angry, in-your-face, and very very Hispanic. The material comes from his life and seems un-edited. He slips in and out of Spanish so the words may be difficult to follow, but his non-verbal behavior and the many sounds he makes clearly communicate. This is a very R rating.
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