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  • In the pilot, Sam had the power of telekinesis. After the pilot, the writers changed this premise and now only the vessels that Sam receives have 'powers' used to capture souls.

    Sam is frequently visited by other phenomena or 'powers' associated with the soul that needs to be captured, but they can be as much a hindrance as a help to him. There is also the suggestion in the season 1 finale that Sam may have retained some of the telekinetic ability first seen in the pilot episode. Edit

  • Yes, the character of Andi was portrayed by Nikki Reed in the pilot. All of Andi's scenes in the pilot were reshot with Missy Peregrym. That is why Sam has a 5 o'clock shadow in some parts. But in parts with Andi he was clean shaven. Edit

  • You can find song and scene description information at Edit

  • On May, 21, 2009 the CW announced it would not pick up Reaper. However, ABC Studios (who produces Reaper) is still in active talks to move Reaper into syndication. Edit



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