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  • Shotgun Stories tracks a feud that erupts between two sets of half brothers following the death of their father. Set against the cotton fields and back roads of Southeast Arkansas, these brothers discover the lengths to which each will go to protect their family.


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  • After their father's death, Son Hayes (Michael Shannon) and his brothers go to attend the funeral, where they see their fathers other set of sons. After expressing his hateful feelings towards the man that abandoned them and left them for a new family, after a small argument, Son and his brothers leave. Meanwhile back at their house, the second set of half brothers express anger over the words said at their fathers funeral. When they talk to their mother, she explains their father was a different man before he married her, and that the Hayes brothers are products of that time. Son Hayes picks up his son for the week and tells him they'll go fishing. Later on at a gas station, the two sets of half-brothers exchange words before a fistfight begins, which ends when a nearby police officer flashes his siren as a warning. Each set of brothers leave, with the Hayes brothers going home and the latter the same. However the rival brothers proceed to bring a poisonous snake to the Hayes house in an act of revenge. However the snake only bites Kid Hayes' (Barlow Jacobs) dog. Word gets out at work that the rival boys were responsible to kid. This infuriates him and he goes down to a local diner to confront the eldest brother. Out of anger Kid begins to beat him near to death with a shovel, as two of the rival brothers come out to intervene, ending with Kid being stabbed. Son Hayes arrives to the hospital to learn his brother Kid died of internal bleeding, and the eldest didn't survive the attack from Kid. Down the hall, the rival brothers glare at Son, then proceed to walk out. This deeply upsets Son Hayes, as when he returns he dismantles the tent his brother had been staying in. Before departing to the rival farm, Son Hayes confronts his mother, blaming her for Kid's death. Stating "You raised us to hate those boys. And now it's come to this." Son Hayes goes to the rival brothers farm and begins to beat one of them as Hayes remaining brother Boy ( Douglas Ligon) watches. Son is knocked unconscious and Boy leaves with him while the others tell him to never return. Hayes remains unconscious in the hospital with his brother at his side. With tension getting to him, Boy buys a shotgun and goes to the rival brothers house, sneaking up on them and holding one at gunpoint before lowering it and leaving, unable to cause more bloodshed. This puts the rival set on edge, with them preparing for war. Following a talk with Son's wife, and seeing his brother in the hospital, Kid goes back to apologize and ask for a truce and end to the bloodshed. The boys although hesitant at first, accept and warn him to never come back. Kid goes to see his brother at the hospital and finds he has finally woken up. The movie ends with Son and Kid reflecting on the events that have transpired as each set of brothers go their separate way.

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