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The Hollywood Reporter
A knowledge of Smith's landmark contribution as a rock 'n' roll pioneer is not essential, and the film should be a joy for anyone interested in pop culture of the past 40 years.
Frequently beautiful and intermittently haunting and could be called a meditation on aging and mortality, an intimate study of a peculiar variety of fame and a portrait of a genuinely remarkable person.
A lovely, drifty first feature that feels less like a documentary and more like an act of rapturous devotion.
This isn't a performance film, and it is far from a definitive portrait of the androgynous performer.
Chicago Tribune
If one thing holds the picture back, it’s the self-conscious album-cover aesthetic of Sebring’s visual approach.
The textured, thoughtful results may prove too cerebral and abstract for audiences beyond Smith's hardcore followers,
When embraced on its own terms, the film will provide an ironic bridge for those who want to share a greater closeness with Smith.
We don't learn too many specifics of Smith's brilliant career, and only a die-hard fan will find all of it vitally interesting.
The A.V. Club
The paltry amount of live performances is a crime. In some ways, Smith singing "Gloria" live would've been all the context anyone would ever need.
Village Voice
109 mostly black-and-white minutes of punk's wet nurse floating through the modern world while endlessly ruminating on mortality, art, and the occasional bodily function. Problem is, there's nary a hint of context, even with biographic essentials.

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