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  • In 1986, in Tennessee, the father of the boys Lester and Duff Daniels is murdered by a snake in a weird ceremony. Twenty years later, Duff collects snakes while Les fears them. One day, Duff visits the Kitawa Indian Screaming Hawk to buy snakes and sees a small snake in a jar. He decides to buy the snake, but Screaming Hawk tells that the species is not for sale. He explains that it is the dangerous Unteka that has three rules to raise it: (1) never let the snake out of the jar; (2) never let it eat living animals; and (3) never fear the heart of the snake. Duff steals the Unteka and brings the snake home. However, he accidentally drops the jar and the snake eats his cat. The snake gets bigger and bigger eating animals and the locals. Now Les, his former girlfriend Erin and Screaming Hawk have to stop the Unteka to save the local population.


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  • Duff Daniels (John T. Woods), the younger, stupider brother of Les (Michael Shanks), can't help himself from stealing a rare snake that's been kept in a jar by a Native American snake dealer (Ben Cardinal), and which has to follow some rules: don't let it out of the jar, then don't let it eat anything anything living, and never fear the heart of the snake. Before you can say, "That's sort of like Gremlins," the snake is out of the jar, it eats something living (a lot, actually), and... Well, for the never fear the heart of the snake part, it'll take a little while. Oh, yeah: as soon as the snake is out of the jar, it starts growing. And growing. And growing. From this point on, it's a pretty paint-by-number story: the sheriff doesn't believe the story that Les is saying, the mayor doesn't want to stop the local fair the whole city will attend as they didn't have anything better to do, two bizarre hunters who live in the woods want to get the snake "their way," a bunch of sheriff's assistants with no name hang around waiting to become snake nibbles, and so on and so forth. But when Les' ex-ex-girlfriend (Siri Baruc) gets swallowed whole by the mega snake, Les understands the never fear the heart part, and literally delves inside the matter, solving the problems from within. Overall, silly.

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