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Introduction to the show and a weak murder case
peptidekuchen18 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode introduces us to the main characters and the concept of the show, which is Shin'ichi Kudo solving cases. It succeeds in introducing us to characters. The main case, the murder on the roller-coaster, on the other hand leaves me unsatisfied. The execution of the murder is VERY unlikely. Doing some acrobatic stunt on a roller-coaster and putting a piano wire around a neck is an insane way to kill someone. OK, it might be possible to do it, but in this case there is no way she could have pulled it off without being seen. Shin'ichi himself was sitting right behind her. How could he (or anyone else) not see her getting out of her seat? I'm also wondering whose blood on the blade was. Did she manage somehow to get blood of the victim? Overall the murder and the perpetrator were pretty crazy. Anyway the main aspect of the episode definitely wasn't a elaborate case, but to introduce us to the concept and the back story of the show.
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