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If you mix Scarface, Robin Hood and maybe Tyler Durden with enough meth - you'll get a mean cocktail called 'Heisenberg'
gogoschka-112 January 2014
If you are among the few who haven't seen it yet: believe the hype, it really is THAT good. Breaking Bad may not depict reality the way 'Generation Kill' or 'The Wire' did - but then it's not about that, either. From an artistic point of view - performances, writing, direction, camera, music - this show is every bit as good as the other two mentioned above, but unlike those, 'Breaking Bad' just wants to entertain and therefore enjoys a lot more creative freedom.

The show plays like the daydream fantasy of any underachieving, struggling middle class family man who's had to bury all his dreams (I mean: who wouldn't want to be a meth-kingpin for a little while?), before it turns into a nightmare. One could almost say that 'Heisenberg' is Walter White's 'Tyler Durden'(for those who don't get the reference: watch 'Fight Club' - you won't regret it).

For pure entertainment value, this is simply the best show I've ever seen. Every single one of the main characters has already reached the status of a screen icon - when does that ever happen?! Most fun I've ever had watching a TV-show and an instant classic.

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Those days ain't gonna come back..
manishsingh-0329931 May 2019
When you finish the show you'll never be the same..I guarantee you
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It's ok I guess
bruhperson7 March 2019
Re-Watched it 7 times and counting. I guess I liked it.
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Dont watch this show
Dont you ever watch this show as it is so perfect u will never be able to watch another show
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Addicted: Meth or Math.
alanbenfieldjr27 June 2017
Drug wars, meth, the lot. I thought no thank you. I kept hearing how good it was and I kept saying: "No thank you" Last January I got sick, one of those illnesses you can't quite figure out. Maybe it was pre and post election depression, I don't know. But I stayed in bed for almost 10 days and then it happened. I saw the first episode and I was immediately and I mean immediately, hooked. I saw the entire series in 9 days. Voraciously. Now I had time to reflect. Why I wonder. When I think about it the first thing that comes to mind is not a thing it's Bryan Cranston. I know the concept was superb as was the writing but Bryan Cranston made it all real. His performance, the creation of Walter White will be studied in the Acting classes of the future. He is the one that pulls you forward - as well as backwards and sideways - then I realized that his creation acquired the power that it acquired, in great part thanks to the extraordinary cast of supporting players. I could write a page for each one of them but I'm just going to mention Aaron Paul. I ended up loving him. I developed a visceral need to see him find a way out. Well, what can I tell you. I know that one day, maybe when my kids are old enough, I shall see "Breaking Bad" again. I can't wait.
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Since GOT is over, this is Officially the Greatest show ever made
agatt-8723220 May 2019
I was waiting to see how GOT ended. It should be the greatest but they failed miserably in the finale season especially the last 3 (mainly the finale) episode.

Writers need to take notes and be more like breaking bad. They had they ending planned out from the begging. They didn't try and build a massive brand or following behind the show and extend their seasons to do so. They stuck with their plan and created the greatest show we may ever see.

Thank you for existing.
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Stunning Comedy-Drama
sgtdoakes13 March 2008
I probably haven't been hooked to a TV show like I am to Breaking Bad before. This beautiful piece of art is incredibly well written and directed, furthermore the actors are doing a tremendous job! I've read a few remarks about the pace of the show, saying it is too slow. I completely disagree, there are so many aspects which get their place in the series, every single one in its own way and it would be horrible if we'd see a too fast paced show containing ridiculous cliffhangers like we see them on the major networks. Because this way you can entirely fall in love with the show, the characters and every tiny detail of the story and the best part of it, it is unbelievably addictive and makes you starve for more week after week!


Kudos to Mr. Gilligan, kudos to Mr. Cranston and kudos to everyone else who's making a contribution to this show!
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Mind Blowing
valis194926 February 2009
BREAKING BAD:Season One explodes like a sucker punch to the gut, and is nothing short of mind-blowing. The pilot for this series is a definite "Must See", and stands with the greats of Action/Adventure Television and Cinema. This segment begins at such a giddy peak, that you think the only way forward would be to tell the tale as a long flashback. However, through a marvelous piece of editing and writing, the plot miraculously moves forward from that point. Bryon Cranston's idiosyncratic performance is a joy to behold. He embodies a man who is against a rock, and an even harder place, who has no other option but to throttle his higher aspirations and grimly carry on. His solace and validation in middle-class morality and virtuous conduct is long gone. I eagerly look forward to more of this ambitious, entertaining series.
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Incredible Show
opngate11 March 2009
I have to echo another reviewer on here and say that as of the past many years I have not watched television, save PBS, Discovery, or History channel. And the news, of course. There has been nothing except The Sopranos and Family Guy in the realm of series that warranted my attention. Almost everything out there is stupid drivel that insults the intelligence of educated human beings.

But Now !! Now we have Breaking Bad !!!

All I can say is: HOLY S**T !!! This is the best television series I've ever seen, and really goes into the realm of feature films as well, as far as being in my top ten. I cannot think of anything as of late that punched me in the face like this show did. I absolutely love it. If you have not seen it, do yourself a HUGE favor and rent the first season so you'll know what's going on, and you can see the transition of the characters. This show is beautifully written with plot twists coming in refreshing ways, and at just the right times. Some of what is shown I was surprised they put it on television,... and that's a great thing !! The acting is brilliant, and the themes are amazing, timeless and timely, and are presented to us in thought provoking ways that leave me pondering philosophical ideas long after the show is over. Yeah, this is a TV series !!! On AMC !! Hard to believe. This is one I'm raving about to everyone I know, and hope keeps going for a long, long time !!! Thanks to everyone involved with this genius show !!!
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Brilliant Character Work In Pitch Black Comedy-Drama
thebrainflow21 January 2008
The age of Bryan Cranston has returned. Once universally lauded for his work in Malcolm In The Middle, there had yet to be a good vehicle for this man's particular talents. He has that rare gift of generating sympathy and manic-energy at the same time.

For those that would be content to label this show a Weeds knock-off, bear in mind that Breaking Bad is a new kind of monster. It touches on the very same themes, "living realistically as a middle class in the United States" which often makes us resort to extremes to survive. Like the mother and daughter team that robbed that bank. But the weed selling antics of Showtime's hit show is really nothing like "Bad." The Pilot was about as perfect a Pilot as I've ever seen, and much of it rests on Bryan Cranston's shoulders.

Cranston plays Cheimstry teacher Walter White. He has a loving wife, a child with Cerebal Palsy and another is on the way. He also happens to be dying from an inoperable lung cancer situation, which happened although he "never smoked." His finances in disarray, the once great student of science turns to crime to solve his problems.

He cooks Crystal Meth with a good for nothing ex-student. From the antics of the first episode, the show is leading towards a dark place, but a place of truth. This is a no nonsense black comedy.

For people that love Tarantino or the Coen's, this might be your cup of tea.
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Breaking Bad is the best television show
napierslogs17 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Breaking Bad" is the best television show. Ever.

We start out with one main character, Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), who is struggling to make ends meet working both as a high school chemistry teacher and part time at a car wash. Then he gets diagnosed with cancer. Then he breaks bad.

Teaming up with an unlikely sidekick, Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul), who is the immature "yo, bitch"-spouting, high-school-screw-up small-time drug dealer, Walt and Jesse both put their skills towards the drug world to try to make good by their families.

This show has been masterfully put together with layer upon layer of insight into some of the most interesting characters ever realized in the history of television. We have some very dark characters, and a lot of grey characters, and it all adds up to brilliant dialogue and plot lines.

The creator, writers, directors and actors have paid attention to every single detail, putting thought into every nuance in every character in every scene. Because of this attention to detail there is something for everyone in this show. Every thinking brain will immediately be attracted to the intelligence so evidently on display, that even if you're not a drug dealing chemist living in Albuquerque, you will find something in the characters that connects you to them and makes you hang on for dear life.

Get on your couch now and start watching "Breaking Bad" from the very beginning, and don't miss a single scene.
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Truly Amazing, Wonderful, Perfect.
Shyinx17 June 2019
I've listed season points down here.

Season 1 - 98/100

Season 2 - 99/100

Season 3 - 99/100

Season 4 - 100/100

Season 5 - 100/100

This serie is unique. This is somehow realistic and amazing also. I have watched so many "Based On A True Story" movies but none of them real amazing for me. (Just A Beautiful Mind was very good.)

I don't know how script writers think this serie. It is real complicated and amazing story. I did watch this serie twice. I tried to find nonsense parts. I just found two nonsense things in all five seasons. First one is why Walter White exploded his own car, I didn't understand that. (I know because of his arrogance but it was silly way to show his arrogance.) And I don't remember the second one. Actually there is no really nonsense part in all five seasons. I can't explain how good is this serie. Amazing storyline, acting, cinematography. Definetly the best tv serie of all time.
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Breaking Bad is a Once In a Lifetime Experience
gonnabathulavamsi30 October 2017
After many friends recommending me the show i had finally started watching it.. I could not get out of it.. i did not come out of my room for 3 days and completed 5 seasons eventually.. i could not cope with the end of the show and i could not find anything that can top this show.It intensifies season by season.. IT'S ALL ABOUT REACTIONS.. Acting 5/5 Plot 6/5 Score 4/5 Overall feel 22/10 There are no words to describe how great this show is so stop reading this review and start watching it..
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Everything you already heard about this show - is probably an understatement.
robertmaybeth14 November 2017
Everybody has their own opinion of how many stars a show deserves, whether more stars or fewer it's seldom so many people agree. "Breaking Bad" is possibly the best TV drama ever made - there isn't a wrong step, bad episode or miscast character throughout the whole series run.

A willing suspension of disbelief is an absolute requirement to enjoy this drama. It is probably not plausible to believe that anyone like Walter White could succeed as a meth chemist for even one season without being killed or caught let alone the 62 episodes the series has. But the tight, virtually seamless story, and the sympathetic characters, who nearly all resonate with most viewers, make you willing to set aside any differences with plausibility (which, admittedly, the show takes huge liberties with).

Like most serials it is best not to watch the show out of order! More then any other series, huge changes in plot, story and character arc take place so fast you are likely to be completely lost if you skip episodes. And the show is the proverbial roller coaster, taking you to the low points and peaks right along with your favorite characters, you might not want to miss a minute in this original and daring TV drama once you start watching!
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Please stay on the air....
chuckbytes31 October 2008
Absolutely one of the most ground breaking bad ass shows on the screen, (pardon the pun). Definitely not for everyone but finally something that feels real.

I personally like the fact they pull no punches. I find myself pausing at the fact that I am so intrigued by this hard core street wise program, more than any of the other big name series. This one really hits home and gives a true behind the scenes look at what most would consider the bad guys. I'm not condoning the contents of the story, and I don't think the show is either, there is no glamor in what these boys are doing, but it's giving an insight to the darker side of many streets.

How the denial and desperation that can occur to the common working stand up citizen, the pillar of society that suddenly changes his moral standing in a society driven by the almighty dollar. This is pretty dam close to Fallen (Michel Douglas) but with up to date street smarts nd a lot more punch.

The characters don't over exaggerate their roles and the story line isn't filled with cleaver dialog or near to impossible feats of bravery or beating impossible odds. Just true to life screwed up events that could take place in the real world. I think they did their research on this one. Good work everyone.

I hope we get more than a second and third season out of this great crew (every one of them). From the writing and production sets to the acting, costumes, lighting, filming and originality. I've seen a few good series lost to the wrong decision makers, hope this one doesn't end up short (long live FireFly)

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anthonyabiakl-5706217 September 2018
Season 1 : 8.8/10 Season 2 : 8.8/10 Season 3 : 9.5/10 Season 4 : 9.8/10 Season 5 : 10/10
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One of the most engaging television shows I've ever seen.
mjplysaght13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching Breaking Bad quite late (around the time of my first year in college, so we're talking 2012-2013, right before the final season aired) Everybody was praising the show to death, so eventually I gave in and decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

Wow. Just wow.

While the show has quite an unusual premise, it takes you along for the ride in every sense of the word. Bryan Cranston as Walter White has to be one of the best character portrayals I've ever seen. A major transition from Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. He succeeds in capturing every nuance of White, from overworked square to calculating crime lord.

Aaron Paul's performance as Jesse Pinkman is fantastic also, displaying the utter tragedy of a wannabe meth peddler who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His dynamic with Cranston's White is brilliant and their chemistry (pardon the pun) is tough to beat.

The cinematography throughout the show is beautiful. As a film graduate, I have the utmost respect for the production team for some of the shots and scenes they have captured over the duration of the show's airing. The editing as well should be heavily praised as well.

As I said, for an unlikely setup; an overworked high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer teaming up with a former pupil to cook methamphetamine to finance his family after he dies, it draws you into the drama.

The supporting cast add so much to the story also. The likes of Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul Goodman and Hank Schrader are instrumental to the development of the story and are excellently portrayed by the respective actors.

People give Skyler a hard time for always being on Walt's back but let's take it from her perspective: her husband has become involved in a business that could potentially bring about the deaths of everyone in her family? Seems like a reasonable excuse to oppose him.

In a sense, Walter Jr. is kinda the weak link. I mean, yeah fair enough, the actor and character has cerebral palsy, and RJ Mitte does a good job as the character, but he really doesn't go beyond eating breakfast in terms of character development, which is a shame. I would have loved to have seen a scene where he meets Jesse and confronts him. Ah well, too late now.

Aside from this, Breaking Bad remains a masterpiece of television.
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An apology
johnandpheebs27 May 2019
Many years ago, a friend of mine told me to watch this new series called Breaking Bad. The way he raved about it I thought I'd give it a go just to shut him up. I really couldn't get in to it and, after the pilot episode, gave up and didn't watch it any more. Fast forward to 2019. Looking through Netflix I came across this series once again so thought I'd give it another go. Now, I don't know if I've changed in these past years or I just didn't give it long enough first time round but, Wow! Over the last three weeks I have binge watched the entire series, averaging four episodes a day (unfortunately I have to work as well). What can I say about this series that hasn't already been said by other reviewers who are more grammatically articulate than I am. It easy to see why Breaking Bad won as many awards as it did. The writing is superb, not to mention the acting from its two main stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Walt and Jesse. By the end of the last episode I felt my heart was broken. Like a break up in a relationship I would now have to get by without these two in my life. It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride but I enjoyed every minute of it. From Jesse's awkward moment having dinner with Walt and Sky, to Walt's maniacal laughter whilst under the floorboards of his house. So to my friend I owe an apology. I should have listened to you and watched this great show a long time ago.
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Hello, Mr. Cranston - Meet Ms. Emmy...
cchase26 January 2008
As the clueless, hapless and hopeless father of four on the celebrated series MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, Bryan Cranston came into his own, as he did an amazing balancing act that juggled slapstick, pathos and insanity all at once, proving that not only did "father NOT know best", but more than likely never would.

Now he essays the role of another father in the new series BREAKING BAD, but it's a shocking, bracingly refreshing turn that takes his 'Three Stooges' repertoire of grunts, shrieks, barks and neurotic ticks and virtually throws them out the window. Some of those qualities are still there, but unlike MALCOLM, BREAKING is the blackest of black comedies. When I first heard about it, the reviews I read compared it heavily (and favorably) to the Coen Brothers' dark crime comedy FARGO. And the comparisons are aptly warranted.

This is one of those series where the less you know about it going in, the better, but just to set your mind reeling with the possibilities, here it is in a nutshell: Cranston plays high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who is constantly battling the lackadaisical attitudes of his disinterested students, the looming specter of financial disaster - by supplementing his paltry teacher's salary with a second job at a local car wash, and trying to cope with the impending arrival of a new baby, even as he and his wife raise their disabled teenage son, whom unlike many stereotypical portrayals of handicapped kids is no Pollyanna-like angel.

Then in the midst of all this, Walter makes a shocking discovery: he has inoperable lung cancer, and therefore only a few years left to live at best. Facing the very real possibility of leaving his family struggling not only with his death, but a financial situation that could only end in catastrophe, Walter suddenly has a revelation, thanks to an idea handed to him by his boorish brother-in-law, who works with the DEA - he decides to become a crystal meth dealer.

Okay, so while you're letting your brain take that all in, you also need to know that this is one of those defining roles where you just know that the lead actor will get Emmy recognition, whether he intended to or not. That is just how good Cranston is as Walter. In fact, he's every bit as good as Michael C. Hall's Dexter Morgan, James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano or Harold Perrineau's criminally under-appreciated Augustus Hill. And he's backed by an amazing supporting cast of mostly new or unfamiliar faces (with the exception of Dean Norris as the brother-in-law).

You can tell from the word 'go' that writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan (former head writer/exec producer on THE X FILES) has been champing at the bit for a while to let fly with a project like this. And if the first episode is any indication, AMC has another real winner on its hands. So MAD MEN will need to move over and make some room...since BREAKING BAD isn't the kind of series to "ask nicely."

Which brings up another important point: this is not a series for everyone, the way that FARGO and Showtime's kindred-spirit drug dramedy WEEDS are not mainstream, either. This is sharp, biting, satirical social commentary that draws blood when it sinks its teeth in, and you are guaranteed to wince even as you laugh out loud at Cranston's dead-on portrayal of a MAN on the edge of a nervous breakdown (well, more like over the edge.)

A caveat for would-be viewers, though, and a very ironic one at that: AMC has applied its ham-fisted method of editing its movies to this series as well, unfortunately, making the channel the LAST place you want to see it. The best thing to do is to check out the premiere episode whenever you can catch a rerun on AMC, then hustle on over to iTunes and download it so you can watch it again. Some very important scenes and some impressive establishing shots have been "edited for time and content" from the broadcast version, and this is material that IS essential to your experience viewing this show. There is a lot more to the characters and situations than you will be allowed to see on basic cable. So as you watch, keep that in mind.

And after you are done marveling at this magnificent character study sketched in desperation, you can wonder as I did, whether Bryan Cranston will bother preparing a speech for next year's Emmys. I sure hope he does...thanks to his work on BREAKING BAD, he'll need it.
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I just want to lose my memory so that i can re-enjoy that series
ahmadadielh-165343 June 2019
Not a series it's like a lesson of someone to the whole community , i found it not acting scene it feels like a hidden cameras was hanged in mr. White house
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99.44% Brilliance
NailToTheX15 April 2010
To say this program has great writing is an understatement. BB has the best writing I have ever had the pleasure of listing & reading (I always leave the captioning on). The acting is top notch by Cranston. It is also very good by Aaron Paul (Pinkman), Dean Norris (Hank), Betsy Brandt (Marie), RJ Mitte (Walt junior). Unfortunately, it feels like Anna Gunn (Skyler) is the weak link. It is hard to know if the Gilligan is trying to make a somewhat awkward and unlikable character, or if it is just not hitting the mark. I prefer to think that the writing is intentionally odd for Skyler for some reason, and that we will get to learn more in the episodes and seasons to come. The dialogue is absolutely brilliant for the most part – it almost always rings true. The episodes are gripping (for the most part). The story is brutal and comedic at the same time. I have to opt for a 10/10 because there is not another program that comes close – even Dexter which I've been enjoying for 5 seasons doesn't have the writing or acting to stand up to BB.
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Absolutely Phenomenal Drama
mto1019 January 2019
When I decided to start writing reviews for all of the TV shows that I have seen at least 1 season of, I started with my least favorites, and worked my way up. Now I'm finally here, at my top 3 favorite shows of all time, and I'm thinking to myself, why? Why would I want to write a review about such a popular show, that has probably had every thing imaginable written about it already? Well, I'm a completionist, and I'll see this through, but what I have to say about this series will most likely be what you've heard before. So, all that being said, I'll try to keep it short, and sweet.

Breaking Bad, simply put, is one of television's best programs. AMC lucked out when they first picked it up, because it's largely considered by many, to be one of the best TV shows of our time. Thanks to Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men; AMC made the transition from American Movie Classics, to something more, as they advertise themselves as. These interpersonal, character driven dramas, are truly special, and are some of the best TV out there. Back to Breaking Bad, you've heard it all before. It excels in acting, writing, directing, character development, plot, etc.

This is my favorite series, right alongside AMC's other cultural phenomenon; The Walking Dead. The two have many similarities, namely in the character department. Both put the characters first, and that makes them all the better. Personally, when I'm watching a show, I find connection to the characters, and the subsequent development of them, to be the most important thing. Breaking Bad fills this criteria.

Overall, the highlight of Breaking Bad, to me at least, is it's great characters, and acting from its awesome cast. Bryan Cranston leads this show to greatness as Walter White. All of the seasons of this show are amazing, but season 5 is particularly phenomenal, and definitely one of the best single seasons of a show I've ever seen. Although I might be biased, this show is one of the 3 that I believe everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime, along with Lost and The Walking Dead. The powerful themes, incredible acting, thought provoking scenarios, and emotional moments make these programs valuable views. As a result, Breaking Bad will stand the test of time.

My Rating: 10/10
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Just like The Godfather, This Show is Legendary Status. Simple.
busstofess29 May 2017
Saw my headline? Yeah, that's all I can say. Watch it and enjoy the ride. I can watch the entire series again! From episode 1 of season 1 til the very end, it was such a pleasure :) There's a reason the show is so popular. I was sad when i finished it. From a teacher to the great Heisenberg..BITCH! See what I did there? You'll get it soon enough, just watch it :)
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Television has finally reached it's peak
mattvissicchio11 May 2017
I cannot find words to tell you all how perfect this show is, but all I can say is that there will be none other that can beat this perfect TV show. Breaking Bad deserves all the hype it gets, Vince Gillian truly delivers to the viewers. You will laugh, cry, and your jaw will be dropped to the floor at how shocking it can get. I get how I'm posting this in 2017, but this show will go down in history for being one of the best shows ever. If you haven't seen it, you NEED to see it right now, I can guarantee you that when you finish the show you will NOT regret it. AND, the 3rd to last episode of the series is the only 10/10 to ever make IMDb, so that should explain itself. WATCH IT!
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Are you crazy?
anyakiss22 May 2019
GOT fans, are you crazy? You can not recognize that BB best tv show ever? Why you give low grades? Are you accusing BB that GOT final season an epic fail? Stop doing this!
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