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Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout the entire series there is limited nudity. It's not as much titilating or exciting rather it advances the plot. Overall, the show only features female nudity twice. However is censored on television edits of the show. Season one contains a few graphic sex scenes with no nudity. As for the rest of the series the sex is either implied or not shown explicitly. The sex in this show is never graphic and never features nudity accompanying it.
  • Episode 1: A woman is seen completely topless through an open window as she throws a man's clothes out the window. This scene is very brief. A woman pleasures her husband under the covers with her hand. This scene lasts about 2-3 minutes and is awkward and comedic more than anything. This scene contains no nudity.
  • Episode 2: The final scene of the episode it is heavily implied that Walt is about to have sex with Skyler and she doesn't want to. Nothing sexual is depicted, it is only implied, but it is disturbing.
  • Episode 5: During the opening strip club montage, we see two strippers bare breast exposed as they dance suggestively with one another. We also see a brief clip of a woman taking off her bra and a man motorboating her bare breasts. However this is edited out of the television versions and replaced with clips of an Asian woman dancing seductively. Although we still see several extremely scantily clad women in both versions.
  • Episode 12: During the opening montage sequence a prostitute is seen going down on several men in their cars. We see their pleasured facial expressions, during the scene she's seen rinsing her mouth out with mouth wash after words. No nudity is shown.
  • Episode 13: Two people are seen having sex on the floor of a crack den, they both seem fully clothed with no nudity. This is barely noticeable as it is not the main focus of the scene.
  • Episode 3: Jesse arrives home to his house party and two people are seen having rough sex on the floor, no nudity is shown however we see the man's bare back and the woman's pleasured facial expressions. The man receives scratches on his back. The scene only lasts about 3 seconds.
  • Episode 4: Jesse leaves his bed getting dressed, a woman lies face down nude with her bare buttocks and back shown, later when he re enters the room she is laying in a different angle and her pubic region can be seen briefly.
  • Episode 8: We see an out of focus shot of a man's penis as he urinates into a swimming pool from a far. This is barely noticeable and lasts a few seconds.
  • Episode 12: A woman sexually stimulates her husband with her hand while he is lying in a hospital bed. Their dialogue refers to this action with euphemisms, but all we see is the somewhat pleasured expression on his face. No nudity is shown.
  • Episode 2: The episode begins where the last one left of and Walt is having sex with Skyler from behind. We hear them both moaning loudly as they finish. The only nudity in the episode is Walt's bare buttocks as he leaves the bed to go into the bathroom.
  • Episode 3: There is a brief scene in which Jesse goes into a motel with a prostitute. The lights are out, so no nudity is seen. She pulls down her underwear and begins riding him for a few seconds before the scene cuts away.
  • Episode 7: The episode begins with Walt touching Skylar under the table, we see his hand climbing up her leg and her pleasured facial expressions. Walt and Skylar then go to his car to have sex. We see the car rocking back and forth. Then it cuts to them finishing, loud moaning can be heard. They are both seen fully clothed from the waist up so no nudity.
  • Season 2
  • Episode 1: Walt, in a confused state, shoves Skylar against a fridge and starts to get undressed she continues to make excuses to make him stop as she is clearly not in the mood. She even tells Walt to stop it, she then screams at him to stop and they both slip so he stops and leaves. No nudity.
  • Episode 3: Walt's bare buttocks are seen while he is walking through a grocery store nude.
  • Some passionate kissing scenes are spread across the seasons.
  • Season 3
  • Episode 4: Skylar and Ted have sex. All we see is an extremely blurred reflection, Skylar can be seen moving up and down on top of Ted while moaning loudly. Afterwards Ted is shown shirtless and Skylar is shown getting dressed (no nudity).
  • Episode 5: There is a brief scene that takes place in a strip club before a montage. Women are shown in their underwear pole dancing in the background, with suction cups covering their nipples. Some are seen kissing each other. This then leads into a montage.
  • Episode 11: A topless woman puts her shirt on. No nudity is seen as the room is dark.
  • Some crude jokes are occasionally spoken.
  • Season 4
  • Episode 2: A woman's bare buttocks are seen as she walks across the room of passed out party goers in Jesse's house.
  • Episode 3: Hank is shown caught watching porn but there is no nudity or sex shown on the television.
  • Episode 5: Walt and Skylar are shown kissing in bed. We see him and Skylar having sex however it's blurred out as it's shown through the perspective of Walts glasses, we hear them moaning and clear thrusting is shown. The scene then cuts to Walt walking to the bathroom with his bare buttocks shown briefly.
  • Episode 10: Several women in bikinis around a pool. Bare buttocks are seen.
  • Season 5

Violence & Gore

  • Hank gets into a bar fight with a group of bikers. Some blood is seen.
  • Violence and Gore are common themes throughout the entire series. This is an extremely disturbing show. Acts of violence include dissolving bodies in acid, beating people to death, decapitation, choking to death on vomit, numerous stabbing and shootings using various forms of knives and guns, emotional torture, etc. Across all seasons, the acts of violence and gore is relatively constant.
  • Season 1
  • Episode 2: In the last five minutes (probably the most gruesome in the history of the show), a man places a corpse in a bathtub and begins pouring strong acid onto it. We see blood on the bottom of the bathtub. Later, the acid melts through the floor; blood, gore, meat, and bones falls through and splatters everywhere.
  • Episode 3: the first three minutes of the episode, before the title sequence starts, consist of the characters cleaning up dissolved body parts. In one of the last scenes, a man is choked to death with a bike lock. Lasts for about 20 seconds. The man stabs the attacker in the leg with a broken piece of plate before he dies.
  • Season 2
  • Episode 1: a man who has been beaten to death is shown foaming at the mouth and dying. After he dies, another man tries to hide the body beneath a stack of crushed cars that fall on him and take off his arm. Police who find the crime scene remove the man's body from the cars, we see some gore and brief blood splatter as they pull his body from the cars and lay the man's corpse down. The police seem to find it amusing and take photos of the two dead men.
  • Episode 6: in a somewhat bizarre sequence, a woman knocks an ATM on a man, crushing his head. We hear an awful squishing/splatting sound when it happens and then see the man lying with the ATM covering his head as blood pools around him. A child is in the house when this happens but doesn't witness the death, so another man runs him outside and makes the child close his eyes to avoid seeing the gruesome scene. This scene is quite disturbing.
  • Episode 7: a group of men see a decapitated head on a tortoise. One goes to lift the head off and it turns out to be a bomb and explodes. Briefly, dismembered men can be seen screaming in agony and sitting in their own blood.
  • Episode 11: a man is shot several times by a child.
  • Season 3
  • Episode 3: in the first five minutes of the episode, someone's head is chopped off with a machete. We see the matchete go through the man's neck for a brief second. The rest of decapitation is shown off screen, but we see a streak of blood hit a wall. The head is later seen on a turtle shell.
  • Episode 6: in the prologue before the theme song starts, a policeman is killed by an axe and an elderly woman's corpse is shown.
  • Episode 7: At the end, a shootout happens at a parking lot. An innocent bystander is shot and killed, one gunman is critically wounded with three bloody bullet wounds in him and his hands are covered in blood. The other shooter is then shot in the head. Blood and brain matter splatters onto the camera. This scene is graphic and fairly bloody.
  • Episode 12: two men who are threatening another are suddenly run over by another man. No blood is shown, but there is clear sight of the car making an impact. One dies instantly, but the other is still alive with a broken leg and is then shot in the head. Blood splatters on the ground.
  • Episode 13: a man points his gun at a wall (another man's head is on the other side), and shoots. A moderate amount of blood splatter can be seen from a distance. The shooter then shoots a man in the hand off screen. We then see the man's hand bleeding with a severe bullet wound through it
  • Season 4
  • Episode 1: we see a man on the floor with a bullet hole through his head and blood soked around him. Later a man's throat is suddenly sliced with a box cutter. Blood pours out and soaks the man's clothes. The body is later dissolved in acid. Gore and meat from his dissolved corpse can be see floating in a barrel. Also we see men cleaning a blood soaked floor.
  • Episode 8: in a flashback sequence, a man is suddenly shot in the head. We see blood pour out of his head as he falls towards a pool. The man's friend is held down and forced to look at the man bleeding out into the pool as he struggles and protests. Disturbing and bloody.
  • Season 5
  • Episode 14: a very emotionally intense episode. Several scenes of intense physical and emotional violence featuring main characters. A major character is fatally shot in the head offscreen.
  • Episode 15: a main character is seen being psychologically broken via emotional torture. One scene features him having to watch the woman he loves being executed.


  • "Fuck" is said around 16 times in season 1 (there is at least one F-bomb per episode 1), but is seldom used in the rest of the series. Once in Season 2 (episode 6), twice in Season 3 (episodes 3, 10), three times in Season 4 (episodes 3, 9, 11), and five times in Season 5 (episodes 3, 6, 7, 14, 15). Overall there are 27 uses of "fuck" throughout the entire the series.
  • "Faggot" is used once in season 1 (episode 1). "Retard" is said twice in season 1 (episode 2) and in season 2 (episode 2).
  • "Bitch" is often used, primarily by a main character.
  • Moderate amount of "hell", "damn", "ass", and "shit."
  • More infrequent profanities include "goddamn" and the insults "jerk-off", "pussy", "asshole", "dick" and "prick".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Despite the anti-drug messages, some teenagers might get the impression that cooking meth is a good way to make money
  • A character in Seasons 1 and 2 is constantly seen snorting from a large knife. He often engages in violent and erratic behavior whenever he is on meth.
  • It is important to state that this show delivers a very strong anti-drug message by showing the negative side effects of drugs. However, this is the reason for the show's mature rating.
  • The premise of the show is about a man resorting to making drugs to get much needed money for his expensive cancer treatment and for his family after he dies. He is shown in a few scenes making drugs with a recipe made up by the show's producers and cannot be copied.
  • Clearly negative characters are shown to have drugs and are punished by the police for this.
  • Characters are smoking Cannabis, smoking, snorting methamphetamine, injecting heroin, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol. It's all shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated TV-MA for strong disturbing violence, grisly images, drug content throughout, language and sexuality/nudity.
  • The overall tone of the series is very dark and depressing.
  • Themes such as death/dying, cancer, family dysfunction, drug addiction, and more are all explored throughout.
  • The last 3 episodes feature a main character who is beaten, tortured and force to be a meth slave. These episodes will be highly disturbing for many viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Jesse is seen playing a video game, he has a flash back to shooting Gale, we see constant flashing with brief blood splatter.
  • Episode 10: During a party scene with the cartel, a man poisons several people they all drop to the floor dead, another man strangles another man to death seen briefly. The confrontation then ends in a shoot out in which one man is shot and wounded, the other is shot to death with some minor blood splatter seen. The wounded man has a bloody nose and is spitting out blood as he talks with a severe chest wound.
  • Jesse is tortured and beaten off screen during the last 3 episodes of the show. We see his bruised and bloody face prominently throughout the last few episodes. This may be sad to some viewers.
  • Episode 2: Walt and Jesse get into a confrontation with Tuco and Jesse is beaten. Jesse then smacks Tuco over the head with a rock as Walt destracts him. Jesse and Tuco begin fighting and Jesse then grabs Tucos gun and shoots him through the stomach, blood can be seen squirting out briefly. Tuco is then seen with a head wound and a bloody shirt. During this Hank appears and gets into a shootout with Tuco, Tuco is then shot through the head and we see a close up of him with a bullet hole through his forehead.
  • Episode 6: Tuco beats Jesse up, blood is seen dribbling from his mouth briefly.
  • Episode 6: it's heavily implied a group of men melt a small child in acid. We see them pulling apart his bike and we see the young boys hand amongst sand. This scene is extremely heavy and distressing.
  • Episode 13: Jesse shoots Gale off screen.
  • Two planes crash into eachother killing hundreds.
  • Hank beats up Jesse, he punches him in the face multiple times and Jesse receives a bruised and bloodied face. Hank has blood on his knuckles.
  • Episode 7: a man beats another man to death for no particular reason. The latter is punched in the face and repeatedly punched after he's on the floor. Two other men watch in horror. The man is later dragged away with his face covered in blood.
  • Episode 12: Walt watches Jane choke to death on her own vomit.
  • Episode 13: A bomb goes off in a room with three people inside. One man walks out, still alive. The camera then rotates to show that half of his face has been blown off, making him look a lot like Two-Face from "The Dark Knight" but much gorier and more graphic, and we see several pieces of torn facial tissue, and bone. After about 6 seconds, he falls toward the camera offscreen and dies, this scene is extremely gory and disturbing. A man is shot offscreen, blood is seen on the killers face.
  • Episode 5: the final scene depicts an innocent child who witnessed a crime being shot by one of the perpetrators. We briefly see the bullet impact and the child falling down dead, but the scene is more disturbing than graphic.
  • Episode 8: Ten people are killed in a two-minute jail montage. They are stabbed, beaten, and burnt to death. This scene is very graphic, and disturbing
  • Episode 16: At least ten people are shot by a machine gun with lots of blood spraying onto walls. During the gunfire, Walt gets shot in the side and survives for a couple of minutes before his death. Jesse strangles Todd to death by a chain; this lasts for about 15 seconds, and we see Todd who's getting strangled struggle on the floor and we hear his neck snap. Jack who is coughing up blood after being shot in the stomach is shot in the head by Walt. Blood and brain matter splatters onto the camera lens as we see this from his perspective. During a phone call we find out someone is poisoned and we know she will die. The final scene of the whole series is Walts death, he leaves a bloody hand print on a gas tank and falls to the ground. The camera pans out from his lifeless body. Blood is covering his left rib.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the final episode, Walter White is involved in the middle of a shootout and is mortally wounded. In the last moments of the episode, he goes to a lab, smiling in satisfaction after having successfully secured the future of his family, meaning he has accomplished his goal, before succumbing to his wounds and dying peacefully as police investigates the lab. This is pretty emotional, but it's an immensely satisying finale to one of the most beloved TV shows of all time.
  • In one episode called "Crawl Space", Walter becomes insane and suffers a mental breakdown, laughing maniacally as Skyler looks on in horror. This scene is very scary and tense, and it's made even scarier by Bryan Cranston's top-notch performance, the chilling music and the excellent editing. This scene has been known for scaring out quite a few viewers, and it's easy to see why.
  • The most iconic and top rated episode of the series "Ozymandias" features a ton of shocking and dark scenes such as a major character getting killed off, and a 3 year old child getting kidnapped by her father after he tries to murder his wife.

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