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Horrible Terry Bradshaw
Johnny_West9 October 2019
Wow, this show is not bad until the horribly unfunny Terry Bradshaw make all his not-funny jokes and dumb remarks. That's when I switch the channel. Terry Bradshaw is the Hee Haw Hillbilly character, and while having a clown on the NFL Football Show may be funny to some, I have never heard Bradshaw contribute anything useful regarding football. He needs to retire off the show, and go back to pig farming.
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Still pretty good football even though the NFC has weakened some.
blanbrn12 December 2006
In 1994 the new young and hip basic network FOX knew it had scored big, when it got CBS's NFC football package because at that time the conference was king with the Cowboys, 49ers, and Packers. And Fox delivered a big touchdown for years as those three teams won the Super Bowls in FOX's first three years on the air. Then in 1997 the NFC cooled off, but later gained steam again in 2000 with the rise of teams like the Rams, Tampa, and the Eagles. Now again the AFC has risen in power I guess things go in chapters good and bad, still FOX will be OK with it's football. The top team has changed over the years from Madden and Summerall to Buck, Collinsworth, and Aikman and now Collinsworth is gone. Overall Buck and Aikman continue to do fine with FOX's top game and the other crews are OK. And just to mention Pam Oliver an attractive and beautiful sideline reporter who works on Troy's and Joe's game and her stories she reports on for games and the interviews with players make her a pleasure to watch. And too the NFC has always been king for me as I'm a die hard Eagles fan so FOX is in my market and I will continue to watch!
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nearly 15 years later still one of the best football coverage out there.
justin-fencsak18 November 2018
In 1994 the network Fox, nearly 10 years after it debuted on major TV with little fanfare and riding high on the success of the Simpsons and X Files, got the NFC package away from CBS and changed the game of football, not to mention the way sports were shown on live tv. The FoxBox was the first use of a scorebug that would stay during the game and not during replays, and its first Super Bowl, in which the Patriots lost to the Packers, drew the most eyeballs for the network in its history, a feat which would repeat with more super bowls. The music for fox nfl has become ubiquitous with fox sports that it has been used for all of its sports packages.
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Totally Inappropriate
kathy-31931-7464127 August 2017
The outfit worn by Charissa for the football game review show today was TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. Yes she is a very attractive woman but is she wants to be taken seriously as a journalist then she needs to depend on her WORK - not her looks. I didn't notice Tony Gonzales nearly topless though I am sure the female watches - and there are many - would have enjoyed it.

Women are not - or at least should not be - sex objects any more. I think announcers like Pam Oliver do a fantastic job - while dressing appropriately
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