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He Said, She Said
ccthemovieman-122 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Boy, the ending to this episode was a bit confusing. Explanations were coming so rapidly with this husband-and-wife story that I couldn't tell who was the guilty party or were they both guilty? Apparently so, since both were led off with handcuffs but I appears the husband was a lot more innocent, even though he actually committed the murder. See? It's confusing. At the end, both "Det. Logan" (Chris Noth) and "Det. Wheeler" (Julianne Nicholson) make remarks to this effect. Somebody loving their spouse so much that they kill their lover because of their love" or some such thing.

Agnes Bruckner plays the wife. She was voted "Star Of Tomorrow" in 2002 by the Motion Picture Club, and has a pretty good resume for someone only in her early 20s. Kohl Sudduth played her husband. He had great facial expressions, good enough to confuse the viewer of his guilt or innocence.

At any rate, the story has its usual twists and turns and also involves a big brute (and weirdo) of a bouncer, who also is a killer - but not the this particular one. Yeah, everything is pretty messed up in this story about music producers, clubs, and living vicariously through someone else's talent or non-talent, as this case becomes..

Film actor Griffin Dunne guest stars as a sleazy nightclub owner "Seamus Flaherty." Grubby guys is something Dunne is good at portraying. He is an excellent actor.
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You shared a bed with the devil, and you lived to tell the tale
CeccacciPaolo197724 September 2017
Detectives Logan and Wheeler began to investigate a murder occurred shortly before some angry party-goer hit bystanders who are standing in line to get in a club. A low profile producer (Luther Creek) was killed by two punch and they supposed at the beginning the perp had to be a bouncer with a great strength, like a local "black rambo" (he acted like batman in cleaning the neighborhood from drugs and prostitution). Anyway they found out the scrawny producer was really sick (due to bad spleen) and anyone could take a deadly swing in his belly. The murdered occurred because of an affair, but what's more important, love or career?

It's not the first time a wannabe female singer ends up in bed with her producer, I guess it happens all the time, but sometimes people are not so emotionless.
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