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Season 1

Unaired Pilot
A re-imagining of the popular 1970s TV series about improving a human woman with cybernetic implants. The story focuses on a brilliant college drop out, Jamie Sommers, trying to take care of her rebellious deaf sister after the death of their parents. Her love interest, a college professor of Bio-Ethics leads a double life and works for a secret government agency capable of improving humans with specialized nanites and bio-synthetic organs/appendages. The first attempt at doing so failed when the prototype Sarah grew too powerful to control and decided she no longer ...
26 Sep. 2007
Jamie Sommers is a young woman and college dropout working at a San Francisco nightclub to support her rebellious 15-year-old sister Becca since the death of their parents. But her life changes in one night when the car Jamie is riding in with her fiancée is hit by a truck. But help arrives in the form of a top-secret government team, led by the shady Jonas Bledsoe, who saves Jamie's life by having her severely damaged legs, right arm, and right eye and ear replaced with million-dollar bionics which give Jamie superhuman abilities. But Jamie, refuses to accept this ...
3 Oct. 2007
Paradise Lost
As Jamie slowly adjusts to her new life with her bionic body parts, and dealing with the murder of her fiancée Will, she continues to keep the true nature of herself a secret from Becca who continues to be rebellious and causing trouble in school. Jonas, the head of the Berkut Group, approaches Jamie to help her adjust and to start her training under the guidance of the agency's martial arts specialist, Jae Kim, who was once the fugitive Sarah Corvus love interest. Jamie is introduced by Jonas to her the Berkut Group's therapist Dr. Ruth Treadwell, along with her ...
10 Oct. 2007
Jamie continues her training with Jae, as well as adjusting to her bionic parts with Nathan's help. Then, Jonas sends Jamie on a new mission to protect Heaven Von Fleet, the neglected and spoiled daughter of a wealthy Canadian arms contractor. Meanwhile, the sinister Anthony Anthros informs Sarah that she may not have long to live from her malfunctioning bionic limbs, in which she approaches Jamie in her apartment who ponders whether or not to help Sarah and help her move past her personal demons involving the death of her own sister.
17 Oct. 2007
Jaime is sent on an assignment with Antonio that requires her to rescue Mark Stevens, American doctor working in Paraguay and is held hostage by radical rebels. While there, she discovers the truth about her life expectancy, and the work that Stevens does, and who knew Will. Meanwhile, Jae and his team finally capture Sarah Corvus and take her to the Berkut Group lab where he tries to help reconstruct her. Elsewhere, Becca continues going down the path of being a bad girl of drinking and carousing for boys.
24 Oct. 2007
The Education of Jaime Sommers
Jaime has to go to college to investigate a professor working with terrorist organizations.
7 Nov. 2007
The List
Jaime and Tom are partnered for the mission in Paris, where they find themselves struggling to balance their flirting with the task at hand. Finally, Becca tries to impress a boy and gets arrested, prompting Jonas to bail her out.
14 Nov. 2007
Trust Issues
As Jamie and Antonio work together to protect an African leader from an assassin, Jamie begins to suspect that Antonio may have more than just a passing interest in the case.
28 Nov. 2007
Do Not Disturb
Jonas instructs Jamie to deliver a package and then take a vacation to help deal with Antonio's death. However, the vacation is short-lived when the man she delivers the package to dies shortly after the delivery.

 Season 1 

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