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Season 2

11 Mar. 2008
Duffel Bag of Death
Viral video stars compete for their fifteen minutes of fame, the Shutterbugs unveil a new kind of prison and a reenactment of a crime goes horribly awry.
18 Mar. 2008
I'm Gonna Live Forever!
Aziz disguises himself as an Olsen Twin and gets sucked into the dark world of special guest Will Arnett, a gun-wielding monkey goes bezerk in a carpet store, Paul surgically alters his face for an acting job and the T-Shirt Squad attempts one of their most dangerous missions.
25 Mar. 2008
Respect. Honor. Discipline.
Rob opens a karate school that caters to an unusual enemy, the Illusionators embark on an apology tour for their racist remarks, the Hot Air Balloon Patrol takes to the skies only to find that the wind is their deadliest enemy and country band Bozard and the BBQ Boys find themselves in a heap of trouble after changing some of their lyrics.
1 Apr. 2008
I Want More Corn Chowder
Tracy Morgan ("30 Rock") gets a taste of what it's like to be an invisible black actor
8 Apr. 2008
Still Here, Man. Still Here.
Pinatas strike back at Paul, Rob plays a lawyer who sues your nightmares, and Aziz holds a gasoline-drinking contest in Texas.
15 Apr. 2008
She Be a Witch
Rob can't get his metaphors for meth right, Vin Diesel gets bitten by Osama Bin Laden and becomes Osama Bin Diesel, Paul's horrific plastic surgery that left him looking like an alien impacts his acting career, and Aziz hosts a motivational video for CEOs who have the power to levitate.

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