"Prison Break" Dead Fall (TV Episode 2006) Poster

(TV Series)


Wentworth Miller: Michael Scofield


  • Michael Scofield : I let that psychopath T-Bag loose once. I'm not gonna do it again.

  • Michael Scofield : Once a thief, always a thief.

    Fernando Sucre : You're only just figuring that out?

  • Fernando Sucre : [while crossing the log on the river]  I've heard about these kind of places. They got leeches, you know?

    Michael Scofield : I'll take the leeches in here over the handcuffs back there.

  • Fernando Sucre : Look Michael, I understand if you have to keep going, you know?

    Michael Scofield : Just shut up. I'm not going anywhere.

    Fernando Sucre : Look, just think about it.

    Michael Scofield : You know, if I leave, you drown.

    Fernando Sucre : No, I know, but just...

    Michael Scofield : The water level's getting higher, Sucre. How many seconds can you hold your breath, 45? 60? That's how long you've got to live if I take off.

    Fernando Sucre : How long have you got if you stay? How long 'til the dogs lead the cops to you?

    Michael Scofield : What you're suggesting is not an option.

    Fernando Sucre : I ain't tryin' to be a hero or nothin'. We both know there's only two things that can happen now. Leave me here, or we both get caught.

  • Fernando Sucre : This isn't how it was supposed to go. The whole reason I run along with the break it was to have a life with Mari Cruz and my baby, and now what? Get some toe pay job? Always be looking over my shoulder? What kind of life is that?

    Michael Scofield : You can come with me and Linc. To Panama. Start over.

    Fernando Sucre : As long as you stay here, the more the chances you're gonna never make it to Panama. Now you got your people to think about, your brother, your nephew, Sara... She's meeting you down there, isn't she?

    Michael Scofield : I don't know, we never talk about it.

    Fernando Sucre : But you're hoping.

    Michael Scofield : Just give it a rest, will you?

  • Michael Scofield : We gotta lose the bike.

    Fernando Sucre : Uh-uh. No way.

    Michael Scofield : The roads are sealed.

    [looking at the river] 

    Michael Scofield : It's the only way we're gonna make it out.

    Fernando Sucre : I can't go, bro! I promised ...

    Michael Scofield : You're not gettin' that thing across the river. Every minute we spend trying is a minute we don't have, ok? I'm sorry. But we gotta move.

  • Michael Scofield : We're never gonna get outta here on the roads. We need to find another way.

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