"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Burn Out (TV Episode 2006) Poster

Alan Tudyk: Carl Fisher



  • Carl Fisher : [to Grissom]  You're not listening to me. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I need you to believe me.

    Gil Grissom : I don't. You had choices. You made the wrong ones and now this little boy is gone.

  • Gil Grissom : [to Carl Fisher]  Okay, then, what would you do if you were going to take those boys?

    Carl Fisher : I would be studying them. Do they like sports? Comic books? Do they skip school? Have any friends? Good parents, or are they neglected? Unhappy? Angry?

    Gil Grissom : And then?

    Carl Fisher : What do you do when you like a woman? It's a game of seduction. Once you know what they like, you make contact. You start slowly, play it cool. Especially with boys. It's about building trust. Like you're doing with me.

  • Carl Fisher : No one has told me why I'm being detained.

    Gil Grissom : Arson is a felony. You torched your own car. We have video surveillance and electronic records that show you purchasing gas and a gas can.

    Carl Fisher : I was trying to scam my insurance company. I needed the money.

    Gil Grissom : You were destroying evidence of Lucas Hanson and Jason Crowley in your car. And I think you helped kill Lucas.

    Carl Fisher : No, I didn't. And you're not charging me for that, so I'm guessing Jason didn't pick me out of the line-up.

    Gil Grissom : He told us he knew you. Kill one, kill both, remember?

    Carl Fisher : If I had killed Lucas, I would have killed Jason.


    Carl Fisher : Lucas was looking for a father. His real one was an accident of biology. His mother was limited. Always working. He was lonely. He found me.

  • Carl Fisher : Did you know that most parents spend less than 20 minutes a day of quality time with their kids? Lucas was starved for attention. All his mother did was complain about his father and how he'd abandoned them. Do you know what that does to a child?

    Gil Grissom : It doesn't kill them.

  • Carl Fisher : I loved Lucas and he loved me.

    Gil Grissom : Is that what you think? Then why didn't you help him? He told you he hit his head. He was in pain. He had a concussion, Carl. You must have known that. I'm sure he was dizzy, probably had no appetite. Maybe he was even slurring his words, but you didn't care about that because you wanted what you wanted.

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