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Judy Greer Goes Behind the Camera: Why Hollywood’s Most Beloved Co-Star Finally Directed Her Very Own Film

Judy Greer Goes Behind the Camera: Why Hollywood’s Most Beloved Co-Star Finally Directed Her Very Own Film
The summer of 2015 could have been the summer of Judy Greer, with the long-time character actress snagging roles in massive tentpole features like “Jurassic World,” “Ant-Man,” the “Entourage” movie and “Tomorrowland,” but what stood out most about Greer’s turns in those blockbusters was just how little they did to capitalize on her talent or charms. In three of those films, Greer was cast as a mostly ancillary mother character, while “Entourage” didn’t even bother to give her role a name (she was just “Casting Director”).

Instead of offering the actress, a two-decade veteran of the industry who has worked in both film and television, a chance to make a well-earned splash on a giant scale, she was mostly pushed to the background. That was nothing new for Greer, but even as she’s struggled from a phenomenon described by Scott Meslow of The Week (which asked, “How did
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Project of the Day: A Good Old Fashioned Kidnapping in 'Absent'

Project of the Day: A Good Old Fashioned Kidnapping in 'Absent'
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "Absent" Tweetable Logline: In this coming of age comedy, a desperate high school senior fakes his own kidnapping to save his perfect attendance record. Elevator Pitch: Absent is the dual coming of age story about Greg, a high school senior with an impeccable attendance record, and Peter, the campus police officer who longs for the respect of his peers. When Greg misses his first day of school ever on Senior Skip Day, he is desperate for any way to save his attendance record. With the help of his eccentric mother, Susan, and Peter, Greg hatches a plan to fake his own kidnapping. But when it all comes crashing down,
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What to Buy This Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for October 8th

  • Nerdly
It’s Monday, so we all know what that means! Yes, it’s time for another rundown of DVDs and Blu-ray’s hitting stores online and offline this week. It’s a jam-packed week, with plenty of movies waiting to take you money, so let us breakdown the new releases and highlight what you should – and shouldn’t – be buying from today, October 8th 2012.

Pick Of The Week

Nash Bridges: The First Season (DVD)

In the first season of this action-packed police drama, Don Johnson stars as Nash Bridges, the charming street-smart inspector for San Francisco’s elite Special nvestigations Unit. Always behind the wheel of his signature yellow ‘Cuda,’ Nash often goes undercover to track down the city s most vile criminals, from drug dealers and smugglers to the Russian mob. Never far behind is Nash’s loyal partner Joe Dominguez (Cheech Marin), a retired cop who’s
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Watch: Mac Miller gets artistic with new 'Of the Soul' video

  • Hitfix
Underdog rapper-turned-pop sensation Mac Miller is back with yet another video, this one for "Of the Soul," the latest single off of his No. 1 debut album "Blue Slide Park." The Pittsburgh Mc (and Cobra Starship pal) is in a more abstract mode than in previous videos. His "Day in the Life" clip series, as well as other videos for songs like "Donald Trump" and "Senior Skip Day," found him at house parties, in parks, at the store, or working at a sandwich shop, usually surrounded by members of his crew. "Of the Soul," however, features a spartan set comprised of a...
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MTV: What Will The 'Twilight' Cast Be Up To In 2009?

Miss your favorite Twilight stars already? Cant wait until New Moon to see Rob Kristen Ashley and the rest of the Twilight bunch? Well youre in luck because MTV is counting down the Top Ten Most Eagerly Anticipated 2009 Films from the Twilight Stars.nbsp10. My Bloody Valentine 3DIts based on an underground horror classic features parttime vampire Edi Gathegi and boasts the tagline Nothing says date movie like a 3D ride to hell! Check out our bloody exclusive clip from the flick about a deranged coal miner hunting down teenage victims and imagine that pickax coming at you in a darkened theater with those 3D glasses on. This January 16 release feels like a good oldfashioned guilty pleasure and thats no miner feat.9. ShrinkIf theres one thing Twilighters love well besides black Tshirts its Miss Ashley Greene. Which is most likely the reason I began receiving emails within hours of her
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Random Roles: Larry Miller

The actor: Larry Miller, a venerable stand-up comedian, improviser, and character actor who can be counted upon to improve every film or television show he appears in. Since his breakthrough role as a store clerk in 1990's Pretty Woman, he's appeared in nearly a hundred movies and TV shows, including both Nutty Professors and Christopher Guest's Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. He's also lent his voice to Dilbert, Bee Movie, and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. He can currently be seen in Get Smart, and he recently appeared in National Lampoon's Senior Skip Day, which is out on DVD. A schedule of his stand-up appearances can be found at Fame (1982)—"Emcee" Larry Miller: I'll tell you something that's pretty neat. It's not necessarily an edgy story. My parents were staying with me—I'd just moved out about a...
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