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Satire on Modern American Suburban/Corporate Life
angry1273 January 2011
If you made a movie about the abuses of a meat packing industry and your audience was the owners of several meat packing firms, you wouldn't get good reviews. That mostly explains the unusually low score for this movie. Its not likely to bring glee to the eyes of those that usually adorn the walls of the local multiplex.

The film is pretty good satire. Its satire not only comes from the situation, but the foreboding mood that lurks throughout the film. It takes on multiple dysfunctions in American life. These would include corporations, Oprah Winfrey, Junk Food, Televangelists, Suburban Households, Materialism, etc.

The film does this all pretty well. There are some occasional flat notes; this would include Zach Galifianakis going into overly long star offs. Most of the staring he does is within bounds, but sometimes he crosses the line. Some of the satire was lacking any subtlety; I'm thinking of the life coach who tries to cure Zach.

Many people have compared this to Brazil, its a fair comparison. In terms of quality, this movie is light years away from Brazil; that is very important however. The one plot point that greatly diverges with Brazil is the ending. I liked the ending to this and thought it fit very well with the rest of the movie. If it ended another way, the film may have come off to much as a wet rag.
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Misunderstood & Underrated Masterpiece
slateofmind26 September 2009
A Jeffers salute to all of you! Visioneers opens with a stale, lifeless office environment on the 3rd level of the Jeffers corporation, which is the "friendliest and most profitable corporation" ever. The story follow George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach G.) as he floats through his day-to-day life without any real passion, all the while trying to avoid "exploding," which the world around him continually claims to be able to prevent by following various self-help books, buying the latest gadget or toy, and staying productive; basically, not truly living in any real sense. None of this stuff truly works for George; he has dreams, but he is afraid to follow them, because he is lead to believe that if he does he will definitely explode.

The almost-too-subtle tone and style of the film can be hard to interpret at times, especially if you're trying too hard to understand it, but I believe it suits the film well and allows for a truly contemplative cinematic experience. I don't believe the film carries any one particular agenda, although it takes several shots at America and capitalism in general, there are also a couple of scenes that show the "hippie" response to that way of life and how it is also flawed in many ways. There are so many underlying themes and messages about life at the heart of this film that it is impossible to list them all here, and I don't know if I even could, because I probably missed a few of them the first couple of times I watched it. Turn the negative, cynical and egotistical part of your brain off before you sit down to watch Visioneers and you will truly appreciate the message of the film. Yes, it has a few flaws here and there, and may also seem preachy and pretentious at times, but that could very well have been intentional; meant to convey the message of the film in a different way.

It wrestles with what it truly means to be alive! I won't spoil the conclusion for anyone, because if you truly grasp it while watching it, there is so much more to be had from it. Go ahead and make some popcorn, grab a soda and your loved one (or a buddy) and really dive into this film. It may just change your life.
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Darker than you might think.
reuben-1817 July 2012
Trailers are strange beasts that often hugely misrepresent the tone of a film. I'm not sure if I enjoy the mischievous manipulation involved, or hate the mistrust that it generates. A little of both, I guess.

Visioneers is one such example: the trailer comes across as a fairly light-hearted, quirky romantic comedy.

In reality, however, this film deserves to sit beside 1984 and Blade Runner as dark and disturbing visions of dystopian futures. While it starts out with the uncomfortable humor you'd expect from a Zach Galifianakis film, the atmosphere of oppression builds over the course of the movie to become almost unbearable. This film makes Requiem for a Dream seem like an episode of 'friends'. The central character, George, lives robotically both in his dull office job and at home in a loveless marriage. The world around him is full of deadpan absurdities, a parody of drab offices and mid life crises, with an undercurrent of hopelessness that rings a little too true to sit comfortably.

The way the theme of dreams is turned into a literal threat is done with obvious self-awareness, but it comes across like a bad cinematic pun. Its more carefully constructed distortions of reality are where it really shines, with its vapid self-help infomercials, eccentric mentor figures, and the mega-corporation as a cult. And the way George seems to communicate through much of the movie semi-telepathically instead of verbally may be strange and unsettling, but also mesmerizing. Thoroughly worth watching.
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Brazil on a smaller budget!
kjarrett-113 June 2008
I just saw this at SIFF tonight, and I must say that I'm very impressed. For a first time director, this film is very well done. It's both funny and original, which is rare to find. I'm a big fan of dystopic future stories, and to see something like this executed so well on a (relatively) small budget is very inspiring. The themes of the movie, such as unhappiness, stress, and the death of dreams are all very relatable. Zach Galifianakis does quite well. I love him as a stand up comedian and goofy comedy actor, but was admittedly skeptical about his role in this. However, he did an amazing job, playing the character, rather than playing his comedy persona. The movie does have quirky and odd elements that may turn some people off, but for many others, those things make it all the better. I highly recommend this movie. Please go see and support it so that we can get more movies like this in the future!
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A thinkers film
crambopopcornchik21 October 2008
The Drake Brothers did a great job with this. I read a comment from AFF who said that no one enjoyed it. I'm not sure what film he sat through but everyone i saw enjoyed it immensely. I can see why some people wouldn't get it, and the drake brothers are right when they say that their film is a little weird. I just don't see the problem. It was a well done film that utilized the unsaid better than most films i've seen. The setting is very original in a dystopian society that very much resembels what our own feels like at times in the come down of an acid trip. The film comments on so many things its hard to make a mental list while watching the movie or even afterwards, but i think that would cheapen the premiere experience. I really hope they find a distributor so i can see it again.
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Excellent Movie
XanderXVI3 August 2010
Visioneers is a fantastic dark comedy about the monotony of the day to day. It shows how absurd society has become by taking the things that are wrong with it and super sizing them. The humor is very subtle at times, but very good. This is not your average slap stick, one liner comedy. It requires a bit of attention to fully grasp everything that is going on and what this film is trying to say. The cast does a remarkable job of bringing each character to life, so that you can empathize and feel what the characters are feeling. If you take the time to watch this movie, you will not walk away disappointed. Visioneers will leave you pondering deep thoughts and reminiscing about all of the great moments in this masterpiece. A definite must see.
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Not good...what movie did you guys watch?
kevinwild18 October 2008
I don't get it. I just read the reviews here on IMDb and can't imagine these are people who actually watched the movie who are not friends of the filmmakers.

This movie was absolutely terrible, imo. I just got out of the screening at Austin Film Festival and the crowd walking out seemed to agree with me, that this was NOT good.

The whole thing feels like a short story that goes on forever. I can't even begin to say what's wrong with it, as nothing is right. The lead character is not likable...he barely speaks. The wife is extremely unlikable as are most characters in the story. The brother is a little funny, but the whole "Garp-like" idea of the backyard being a messiah for happy people is a serious stretch and barely explained...the FBI attacks them? WTF?

The office scenes were WAY long. The whole finger idea and the voice announcing the number of minutes left of productivity until the weekend was funny the first two times. By the 20th or 25th time (seriously) we see them, they are NOT FUNNY any more.

Sorry guys. It is the first movie. But I can't stand when bad films get a lot of hype.
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Very very good Film
saintstephen23 June 2008
I had the chance to see Visioneers at CineVegas and am SO glad I did. A brilliantly crafted story about a 1984-esque, dystopian society. With the Jeffers Corp being the best company in the history of companies. This well crafted story follow George Washington Winsterhammerman(played pefectly by Zach Galifianakis) as he deals with the recent outbreak of exploding people, his wife trying to find happiness through a book, and a budding romance with a coworker. I really don't want to give to much away here!! Zach Galifianakis performance is wicked!!! The entire cast gives such a good performance in this film it is really hard to pinpoint 1 of them!!! This movie had me laughing the whole time!! I went to the 2nd screening just to see it again and pick up things I may have missed!!! You will not be disappointed in Visioneers!!!
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Completely Unendurable
kaedon19 July 2009
I have never seen a less commercially viable film in my life. I watched this film with 7 other people and we were all dying from boredom within 30 minutes, but the film just kept going. It manages to feel feel Titanic long but despite being only an hour and a half. The "quirky humor" stops being quirky or humorous almost immediately. The trailer for this film features every bit of actual substance, yet retains the feeling of "I have no clue what is going on" that the film seems to master. The symbolism in the film just hits you over the head again and again. It's obvious what they are trying to say, yet the filmmakers keep revealing bits of it as if you don't know.

I watched this film for Zach Galifianakis, as recently I've come to love him and his humor. It is almost absent from this film. His form of acting manifests in just staring blankly at the camera for long periods of time without saying or doing anything.

Avoid at all costs. One of the worst films I have ever seen.
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bryan-steenerson9 November 2010
I thought this movie was brilliant. It captured the mundane monotony of everyday life, while keeping us from getting to depress with a bit of dark humor thrown in. I liked how this movie dove down deeper into the human psyche and the human idea of a dream/goal/purpose. You can note that a majority of people in the movie who stop/prevent exploding, such as the pole vaulting brother, found their happiness and their release in throwing off the chains of modern day life and plunging head first into chasing their dream regardless of how ridiculous it may be. Meanwhile the rest of humanity continues to look for distractions/purpose/meaning in a world that seems meaningless. This movie reminded me quite a bit of "Brazil" and I can easily see this movie becoming a classic much like "Brazil" has become. Once again, a great film!
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Galifianakis' dryly disengaged work compensates for the film's weaknesses...
moonspinner5514 July 2010
Orwellian comedic-drama from director Jared Drake and writer Brandon Drake pares civilization down to a desperately stress-free society filled with self-help gurus and innocuous television shows. Zach Galifianakis, an unhappily married family man who works in Level 3 of a major productivity corporation (where the company logo is the middle finger salute), attempts to avoid combustible stress as it is causing citizens to literally explode. There's no passion left in his marriage, yet the sound of a co-worker's voice on the phone reminds him of a happier time--when love ruled his heart. Nearly-ingenious bit of offbeat satire, infused with deadpan black comedy and Galifianakis' sly performance (he keeps a straight face almost throughout, though there's always a naughty twinkle in his eyes). Some of the situations fall flat, the dialogue is a bit crude, and the film runs too long at 95 minutes (cut the crusts off this material and it may have made for the perfect short). Still, the surge of feeling (and redemption) at the finale is worth waiting for, and the picture has an intriguing look and ambiance that could garner cult status. ** from ****
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A Poor Man's "Brazil"
MesaHead2 August 2009
I love good black comedies. The best example of a true black comedy is "Dr. Strangelove". Although it's plot revolves around the possibility of the complete destruction of humanity it still manages to be funny from beginning to end. The problem with many black comedies is, although they have an absurd basis, they are just to bleak to be deserving of the description "comedy". "Visoneers" does manage to supply a handful of mildly humorous moments. Most of the real humor is generated by Zach Galafianakis body language. But, overall, this one fails as a comedy. That might be forgivable if the film turned out to be as original as it's synopsis implies. Unfortunately as the story progresses it degenerates into a low budget clone of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil". "Visioneers" also borrows way too heavily from other films such as "Fahrenheit 451", "Network", "1984" and even "Idiocracy." Although "Visioneers" is not without some merit, there are much better ways to spend an hour and thirty-five minutes
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Fantastic Film
tmac931122 February 2010
I'm not surprised not a lot of people liked this movie, most people can't get past low budget. I did find it humorous that you found the plot difficult to understand, it is pretty straight forward about depression from living the average no excitement life. Zach Galifianankis was fantastic in this film. It was not what I was expecting, but good none the less. I'm very happy that The Hangover was such a Success, because I could not get a hold of this film until that movie came out. The DVD cover even says "With Zach Galifianankis from the Hangover". No it is not exciting, nor a movie that sparks your interest. It is a movie you have to sit down and watch by yourself or a few friends. It would be very difficult to watch at a screening or theater. You have to give the movie it's respect and time to get it, and not a lot of people are willing to do that. I have not watched Brazil or read 1984, so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt it is similar; but it's not like every movie released in theaters hasn't been done in one way shape or form. I appreciate the story this movie told, and I was very touched at the end. If you're not willing to spend 105 minutes with it, then you probably shouldn't bother, although the first half hour has it's funny moments that may be worth watching.
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Galafianakis is brilliant!
bcppacker22 June 2008
This film deserves to be distributed across the states. It is a remarkable work, fusing quirky humor with subtle, and deep questions concerning society. The film relies on the cast to truly manifest the film's purpose, and the cast is great! Perhaps the most moving, and hilarious moments of the film are those that take place in perfect silence. As this film is Galifianakis' first main role in a film he provides an amazing performance, and each one liner he utters will cause you to burst out laughing. The genius of this movie exists in the simplicity of the script and the duality of each phrase uttered. Thus while the film is indeed incredibly humorous, it is also incredibly thought provoking. Excellent movie!
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You know brilliant, inspired casting? Well, making Zach Galifianakis a stoic mute is pretty much the opposite of that.
MBunge12 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In Visioneers, filmmakers Brandon and Jared Drake have made an extended observation on how corporate, materialist existence is emotionally and spiritually dead without the slightest realization that is one of the most shallow and oft-repeated clichés of the modern age. They think they're being all subversive and such but fail to understand that requires having a point to your argument. As far as I can tell, the Drakes' only coherent message is that it's great to be the idle rich and sucks to be just one or the other. Throw in a conviction that people flipping the bird is way funnier than it is and the casting of Zach Gallifianakis as an impassive and mostly mute stoic and there's all the evidence here to indicate the Brothers Drake should pursue careers in non-cinema related fields. Perhaps running a cell phone kiosk in a grocery store or selling bicycle tires door-to-door?

George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach Galifianakis) is a Level 3 employee of the Jeffers Corporation, also known as a Tunt. He sits in a room all day with 2 other Tunts, receives phone calls from his Level 4 superiors and wears multi-lens glasses in order to do his paperwork. George's wife (Judy Greer) is a numbed drone who's preoccupied with the latest route to happiness prescribed by her TV guru (Missi Pyle). George's son never comes out of his room in their McMansion and George's ex-con brother (James LeGros) is enthusiastically taking up pole vaulting in George's massive back yard. The only good things in George's life are his own dreams of being George Washington and the calls from his Level 4 supervisor (Mia Maestro), who speaks to him with shuttered affection and sends him little smiley face notes on his daily assignments. Of course, tens of thousands of people are randomly exploding in George's world and dreams are one of the symptoms of that, so maybe there's only one good thing for him. Aside from the lovely Judy Greer and Mia Maestro, there's nothing all that good here for any viewer.

Visioneers is boring, pretentious twaddle created by two guys who can barely tell the difference between a metaphor and a 2x4. Take the whole "people exploding" bit of the story. Do people explode because they suppress feelings? Do they explode because they express them in an emotionless world? In this movie, sometimes it's one and sometimes it's the other and sometimes it's apparently neither. That kind of confused unclarity is rampant throughout the picture. The Jeffers Corporation is an almost surreal place, yet it exists side-by-side with relatively normal people and places and ways of life. When George's Level 4 superior gets fired, he tracks her down and finds her waiting tables at her father's bookstore café, a place that is so entirely normal that it shouldn't be on the same planet, let alone the same city, as the Jeffers' offices. That dichotomy, however, is hardly acknowledge and never explained or examined. George and everyone else at Jeffers are weird and maladjusted. His Level 4 superior is completely normal. Why? How? Again, those questions are neither asked nor answered.

The bottom line is that Visioneers is nowhere close to being as smart or insightful as Brandon and Jared Drake clearly believed it, and likely themselves, to be. A refusal to be conventionally entertaining is not, in and of itself, a mark of quality. Sometimes it's only a sign of people who aren't talented enough to make an entertaining film.

There are better things to spend your time on than this motion picture. Maybe not selling bicycle tires door-to-door, but something.
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Not a dystopian society. Possibly entropic.
mononuke2 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I put in the spoiler alert just because I talk about some major themes, though not necessarily the entire plot. I don't really give anything away though.

I've read some reviews of this film that call say it presents a "dystopian" society. I don't think that's accurate. Here's are definitions of the two words so you can decide for yourselves...

In fact, I think the directors go to great lengths to achieve a sense of open space throughout the film. It is only when they do a scene in the offices of the corporation that things get crowded. I think the word that better describes the world in this film is entropic. It's a society that has reached a state of entropy. There is no better corporation, and emotions have all sort of leveled out. The sameness of everything really allows Galifianakis to have amazingly strong and effective reactions to "chaos" when it starts to enter his life. I've also read that some describe this as a black comedy. I think that's closer to the mark, but it's not exactly that either. I think this movie is a really unique experience that will be particularly poignant to anyone that works, or has worked for a major corporation. Especially if they were ever in a management position. (I was.) Towards the end of the film things start blowing up, so to speak, and this is where Galifianakis really shines. I highly recommend this film to everyone, but I think there's only a certain group of people that are going to appreciate it. A must see for Zach Galifianakis fans.
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The future of us office folk
chapsmack15 August 2009
I guess my review is kind of biased - if I had never seen the Hangover, I would have probably not enjoyed the movie as much as I did. Somehow ZG seems to be exuding the right kind of vibes for this year or something. Visoneers reminded me of a plethora of American movies - Hudsucker, Brazil, 1984 - all mixed into one in a somewhat subdued, indie approach. If you haven't seen any of those movies this movie would strike you odd as it is one to convey a meaning much similar to the J-horror of Kurosawa. Considering the strangeness of the movie I expected the end to be somewhat living up to it, but this is where it kind of veers back to normality which I think may have been done for a proper distribution. If you want to watch it for ZG or have a penchant for movies that make you think go ahead full steam, otherwise just wait for the next ZG one, now that he's almost famous. For attempting to make a movie like this and picking ZG before he was famous, this movie gets my 7/10.
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sstapf-127 July 2009
The moments of fleeting enjoyment in this film are so few and far between it is simply a burden to make it from one to the next. I've read many posts that praise "Visioneers" for it's originality. I suppose if you consider an Orwellian world where employees give each other "the finger" as a greeting because of the power and status of the Jeffers company and logo, then sure, it's original. Not exactly genius.

I suppose that if you've never read "1984", or similar, and never seen any of the other 40 "Modern society has brainwashed us and will be our demise!" films made over the last 40 years, it will be easy to view this film as original and valid socioeconomic commentary. The acting is good, but the film is terribly unoriginal in my option and while not necessarily predictable, because of it inherent strangeness, follows a formulaic approach to a topic that has already been done masterfully many times in the past.
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So deep into non-existence
hireegy27 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Let's say I did not expect this movie to be that simple and true. And yet rich, with so many ways people can go wrong. You can even read the scenario your own way, somehow. Imagine it if it stretched endlessly instead of being forced into less than two hours. And you would see what your life could become if you don't pay did surprise me, and there are unfinished moments, some moments in which the "resolution" hangs in the air, and you fill in with your own end to the moment, and then see that the movie turns another way could have been done in an even more "true" way though, especially more on the "dream" side, which seems kind of empty...even though it's there!
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ahamoluo13 June 2008
I was at the Seattle premiere and I have to say that this film exceeded my wildest expectations, I've been a fan of Zach's for a while but I never expected this. I was skeptical of what seemed, from previews, like a plot that reached too far and relied on shock value but I was wrong, the film is beautiful and the absurdity comes from a real and painful place. Zach's performance is beautifully understated and he accomplishes so much with very few lines and the rest of the cast was really well constructed on what seems like a shoestring budget. Having grown up in Seattle it was really great to see cast members from Almost Live, it was just a really great experience over all (except the audio in the theater sucked) and I highly recommend it.
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a few jokes don't make up for 2 hours of boredom
spimpernel14 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What is this movie about? I watched the credits roll after 94 minutes and I still have no idea. This is the most boring movie I have ever sat through. I should have walked out 30 minutes into it, when the idea first occurred to me. OK, so the Jeffers Corporation rules the world (or something like that), its official salute is the middle finger, and there is an epidemic of people randomly exploding into tiny pieces. George deals with all of this with a mixture of denial/apathy, anger, and an obsession with George Washington. His marriage is rocky, his son is never on screen, and his brother is pole-vaulting in the backyard. But still, there is no plot and no explanations of the movie's bizarre world. The only redeeming values of this movie are its leading ladies, entertaining Judy Greer as the wife, and ethereal Mia Maestro as the co-worker and love interest. Also, the sound engineer must have been asleep on the job -- I often could not hear what was being said.
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Blew me away--
britden14 June 2008
Few films have ever engaged me on so many levels as this one. It's funny (ha-ha), clever and witty, as well as subtlety thought provoking (instead of stuffing it's themes down your throat, repeatedly). Zack's delivery is perfect, delivering both the tender heart-break and the intelligent humor of the script at the same time. It's one of those rare films that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time, striking a perfect balance. This film is one that will make you appreciate the world just a little bit more once you're out of the theater, without being cheesy or over the top. Kurt Vonnegut fans will love this film (especially those of Cat's Cradle). I could see this film a hundred times over, and hope to do so once it's released! Definitely one of the best films I've seen in quite a while!
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Quirky, hilarious at times, with more compassion than I was expecting
xxxneon14 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
MasterMath® Reviews ... Visioneers If you work at Jeffers Corp., your life's a mess even if you DON'T explode. The first fifteen minutes of this film are absolutely hilarious. If that had been sustained throughout the entire film, this would've been the best comedy I'd seen in years, hands down—Monty Python-esquire, but more consistent in quality. And yet, it gradually becomes apparent that isn't what this film is really about. It goes off in a direction I wasn't expecting. Not a bad direction, mind you—one that was just softer, compassionate, more introspective, though rather less focused. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach Galifianakis) works as a Level 3 tunt at the Jeffers Corporation, in the same room as Cindy (Fay Masterson) and Todd (Chris Coppola). No, I'm NOT going to tell you what a tunt is. Jeffers is the friendliest, most profitable corporation in the history of mankind. You'll love the 'Jeffers morning' greeting. Charisma (Mía Maestro) on Level 4 sends the day's workload to George via pneumatic tube, on which is a Post-It® with a smiley face. The PA system then announces, 'Mike won't be in today, he exploded last night in his garage, there will be an announcement.' Cindy's reaction is, 'He didn't seem like the type to explode.' The PA system has further announcements, each more bizarre than the last. After Charisma leaves, Cindy gets promoted to Level 4 goob. That's largely the extent of the scenes at Jeffers Corp., other than the large teddy bears on everyone's desk, after the exploding becomes an epidemic. All the tunts have to fill out a questionnaire on their relationship with their teddy bear.

George becomes increasingly disillusioned with work and with the meaning of life itself. His wife, Michelle (Judy Greer), becomes obsessed with a TV talk show and a self-help book, 10,000 Things to Be Happy About. Then his brother Julien (James LeGros, of Ally McBeal fame) arrives. His primary activities are pole vaulting in the back yard and assembling a Woodstock-esquire band of misfits. Jeffers (D.W. Moffett) himself stops by to find out what is wrong with George and how / if he can make it right. Charisma is now a waitress in a coffee shop WAY off the beaten path. George begins spending a lot of time with her, and less with his increasingly distant wife. I can't quite put my finger on precisely what the latter part of the film is about, but it's certainly worthwhile for you to give it a shot.

Galifianakis is outstanding as a man trying to fit in, both at work and at home, who becomes more and more desperate in his efforts to maintain the status quo. Maestro gives a quiet yet mesmerizing performance as the dark-haired woman with an unknown past and uncertain future, whom we want to learn more about. And Moffett is ably authoritative as the head of a large corporation, yet kind and personable when circumstances dictate.

During the Q&A after the film, Jared said there were eighteen days filming primary and four second unit. On working with his brother on the film, he said, 'We love working together, but it's hard—we argued, but we trusted each other.' According to Moffett, 'This is the kind of script that doesn't get made.' Obviously, he was glad it was made. Jared to Coppola at the audition, upon the latter asking which scene he should read: 'Let's just work on the walk.' Coppola thought he was getting punked. Not! MasterMath® is a registered trademark of W. G. Raley.
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Requires an interest in dark ironic humor
seanleja24 July 2009
For those of you who rated this movie 1 out 10, please do everyone else a favor here and stop reviewing movies. I don't need to hear about how you and all of your equally uninteresting friends couldn't be entertained by something that went completely over your head.

Clearly you don't even understand what it means to judge something on a scale. If you don't like something that doesn't instantly signify a 1, there are far worse movies out there that deserve much lower ratings.

I'm sure the majority of these negative review are coming from a crowd that would be entertained by such movies as Hangover. They saw this other movie with Zach G. in it and instantly thought 'oh, I like immature humor hopefully this is more of the same.' This is easily his best film to date and it's negative reviews only go to show how pathetic the average American movie goer has grown. Basically the reason why transformers will likely go on to be a huge cash cow for the next several years despite the completely shameless use of sex jokes and terrible plot. But of course all of that will take a back seat as long as it provides enough action to keep your friends interested for more than 30 minutes.
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Not "funny" to me, but good, and slightly original
equazcion29 July 2009
People can be divided into two categories: Those who like Wes Anderson movies, and those who don't. I know this is not an actual Wes Anderson movie, for the record.

There are people who laugh at situations, and people who laugh at lines and actions. This movie will only seem a comedy to the former: the Wes Anderson/Coen Brothers crowd. I'm not one of these people. I didn't crack a smile throughout the vast majority of this. I think the only time I laughed was when the scene suddenly cut to Zach Galifianakis bench-pressing with his face in the trainer's crotch.

This movie depicts a funny situation, but the lines and actions aren't funny when taken individually. It takes a mind unlike my own to appreciate this type of humor. Watching a funny situation unfold slowly on the screen like this is just not recognizable as funny to me in the moment. Perhaps this denotes some lack of sophistication on my part. Judge me, if you must.

It's still a good movie. It's a good representative commentary on corporate- and consumer-America. This has been done many times before, but that's not to say it wasn't done well this time, too.

A major problem for me was the slowness; which I try to forgive since it was intentional, probably to evoke the uneventfulness of modern life. But still, it made the movie slightly tedious to sit through.
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