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Martha MacIsaac: Becca



  • Becca : Your cock is so smooth!

    Evan : Your's would be too... if you were a man.

  • Becca : I'm so wet right now.

    Evan : Yeah... they said that would happen in health class.

  • [last lines] 

    Seth : [to Becca]  I had such bad acne last year that I pretty much became, like, an expert on the stuff...

    [to Evan] 

    Seth : You drove m...

    [to Becca] 

    Seth : Evan drove me here though, so...

    Jules : Well, so, I mean, I have my dad's car... so I could just give you a lift... and then Evan can take Becca home. If that works... I dunno. If it's in your route.

    Becca : It'd be fine with me.

    Evan : Fine, yeah. Maybe we could get some food.

    Becca : Yeah, I'd like that.

    Seth : [to Evan]  So, I guess I'll call you.

    Evan : Yeah, gimme a call. You have my number.

    Seth : I have your information. So, uh, put her there...

    [they shake hands] 

    Evan : Perfect. Good. Alright man.

    Seth : Okay.

    Evan : Okay guys.

    Seth : Becca.

    Jules : Bye guys. See ya tomorrow.

    Becca : See ya Jules.

    [Jules and Seth go off leaving Evan and Becca] 

  • Becca : [drunkenly making out with Evan]  I *so* flirt with you in math.

    Evan : Tell me about it. I - same-sies.

  • Becca : I am gonna give you the best blow J ever... with my mouth.

  • Becca : [when Evan doesn't want to have sex with her because she's drunk]  I don't understand why you have to be such a little bitch about it.

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