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Woman Gives Birth to ‘Twins’ Who Were Actually Conceived 10 Days Apart

Woman Gives Birth to ‘Twins’ Who Were Actually Conceived 10 Days Apart
Kate Hill was told she may never conceive due to her polycystic ovary syndrome — but she ended up conceiving twice in 10 days, making medical history.

Kate went on hormones, and after having unprotected sex with her husband Peter, she ended up getting pregnant. She began ovulating again during her pregnancy, and conceived a second time 10 days later with the remaining sperm from their initial intercourse.

“We actually didn’t realize how special that was until they were born,” the Australia-based mom tells Today Tonight Adelaide. “Usually a woman doesn’t ovulate once they’re pregnant with all the hormones, but
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Halloween release for Oz thriller

Lemon Tree Passage, an Australian supernatural thriller inspired by an urban legend, will open in a limited number of cinemas on October 31, tying in with Halloween.

Produced by Jeremy Ervine and directed and co-written by David Campbell, the plot follows three American backpackers who learn about the ghost of a motorcyclist that stalks young motorists and encounter something far more evil.

The cast is headed by Jessica Tovey (Wonderland, Tracks), Pippa Black (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Nicholas Gunn (The Hunters Club, Neighbours), Tim Phillipps (TV.s Chopper, The Secret Circle), Tim Pocock (Dance Academy) and Andrew Ryan (Not Suitable for Children, Tomorrow, When the War Began).

Campbell and Erica Brien wrote the screenplay after he saw a segment aired on Today Tonight in 2010 dealing with teenagers who were caught speeding in Lemon Tree Passage Road in Port Stephens and told the cops they saw a ghostly light.

A YouTube
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Oz thriller premieres in Berlin

Odin.s Eye Entertainment has acquired worldwide sales rights to Lemon Tree Passage, an Australian supernatural thriller directed and co-written by David Campbell.

The South Australian-shot film inspired by an urban legend had its first screening on Saturday at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Campbell and Erica Brien wrote the screenplay after he saw a segment on Today Tonight in 2010 dealing with teenagers who were caught speeding in Lemon Tree Passage Road in Port Stephens, Nsw, and told the cops they saw a ghostly light.

A video of the sighting has been viewed more than 330,000 times on YouTube and some locals believe it.s the spirit of a motorcyclist who was killed on the road.

The plot follows three American backpackers who learn about the ghost of a motorcyclist that stalks young motorists and encounter something far more evil.

The cast includes Jessica Tovey (Tracks, TV's Wonderland), Pippa Black
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Nine News zaps pay-tv audiences

The Nine Network.s initiative of extending the nightly news to one hour, starting last Monday, has taken viewers away from Seven and the ABC.s 7 pm bulletin.

But the biggest losers collectively are the pay-tv networks which have suffered double-digit declines across the three half hours from 6 pm.

.Pay-tv is getting belted,. Fusion Strategy.s Steve Allen tells If. .The losses are in each half hour for pay-tv, slightly greater as the evening rolls on..

Allen regards Nine.s move as a bid to reassert the network.s position as news and current affairs leader nationally and as a Trojan horse to fight Seven news. dominance in Adelaide and Perth.

He considers the ratings for the first three nights as far from conclusive, particularly as Seven is screening the Australian Open Tennis before the return of Home and Away.

Alllen doubts that Seven would move to a one hour
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Election 2013: TV guide

Which channel will you watch? We look at what's in store – could Seven, Nine, or Sky News match the ABC this election?

When it comes to the election, most viewers choose the ABC for television coverage. For the last three trips to the polls, the broadcaster has finished ahead in the ratings – in 2010 ABC1 attracted more than a million viewers to Nine's 0.75 million and Sky News' 65,000.

And Saturday marks a significant milestone for ABC viewers. After 30 years and 10 federal elections, Kerry O'Brien – semi-retired from the ABC for almost three years – has made it clear to colleagues that this will be the last time he crunches the numbers as the face of the broadcaster's election night coverage.

O'Brien will lead a panel that includes Annabel Crabb, Tony Jones and Antony Green – but not Leigh Sales, who has impressed as his replacement as the host of 7:30.

When O'Brien stepped down from the show,
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Channelling political upheaval: how TV viewed the leadership spill

Networks scrambled to keep up with events on a night of unscripted political high drama – not to mention a State of Origin

As Australia's first female prime minister was dramatically deposed during primetime viewing last night, the TV audience witnessed two women, the ABC's Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb, showing their commercial rivals how live TV is done.

From 7pm through to about 10.45pm, Sales, the ABC's 7:30 host, presented a national news special, with Crabb adding commentary in between news and crosses to reporters at different locations.

All the TV networks scrambled to cover the unfolding news, some more successfully than others.

Nine was in the worst possible position as the result of the ballot clashed with the start of the hugely popular State of Origin. The footy won out in the end and the politics were relegated to digital channel Gem. But commentary from Laurie Oakes and former
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Veronica Roth presents 'Divergent' book three title: 'Allegiant'

Veronica Roth presents 'Divergent' book three title: 'Allegiant'
The title for "Divergent" book three has finally been announced! Drum roll please ... The third and final installment to Veronica Roth's best-selling trilogy is "Allegiant," she announced via video blog on USA Today tonight. "Hi everyone, I'm Veronica Roth, the author of 'Divergent' and 'Insurgent,' and I'm here today to tell you the title of book three ... The real title of the book is 'Allegient,'" she said. While she didn't go into the specifics about the choice, Roth's fans well know by now to consult the dictionary when in doubt, and in doing so, we find (via that the term means the following: adjective 1. loyal; faithful. noun 2. a faithful follower; adherent: allegiants of religious cults. Veronica Roth announces 'Divergent' book three title adjective ....
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Today Tonight saved

Today Tonight staffers are today celebrating after fighting off a serious executive push to drop the consumer affairs program.

Executive heads at Seven wanted to incorporate its content into a one hour news bulletin, which would have led to job losses of more than 50 in the national show’s staff.

But a senior producer at the program told Mumbrella today that Tt would return to air on Monday, after a three week experiment by Seven of running a one hour news bulletin from 6pm.

“We’re not going anywhere,” the Tt source said.

“We have been working hard and have stock-piled a heap of stories, and we will be all ready to go on Monday.”

The 6.30pm program was dropped by Seven during the bushfire crisis, but stories produced by Today Tonight staffers were included in the one hour bulletin.

Ten days ago a senior network executive told Mumbrella that
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Today Tonight facing axe

Goodnight Today Tonight?

The future of the Seven network’s Today Tonight is uncertain and it may not return to air, Mumbrella understands.

The show has been sidelined for the past 17 days to make way for a one-hour news bulletin supplemented with content from the Today Tonight team, a formula that sources at Seven say will continue.

Mumbrella has been told by senior Seven executives that the experiment of a one-hour bulletin, to replace the Today Tonight show, has been under discussion for “several” years.

It was the recent bushfire crisis that gave executives a chance to extend 6pm bulletins to 7pm, and then monitor the ratings difference between news and Today Tonight filling the 6pm-7pm hour.

Curiously, Tt has reamined logged into OzTam’s ratings system as a standalone program with its figures still appearing in daily reports.

Typical Tt stories – produced and fronted by the current affairs
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MasterChef: The Professionals maintains the million mark

The first week’s outing of MasterChef: The Professionals has paid off for the Ten Network with all three episodes topping the million mark.

Last night’s eviction episode attracted 1.020m capital city viewers, and was again the top rating non-news program for the third night running according to preliminary OzTAM figures.

Ten’s decision to start the program a week earlier than Seven’s My Kitchen Rules has given it a head start on the heavily promoted Seven show. Mkr averaged 1.8m viewers last year.

MasterChef: The Professionals was fourth for Tuesday overall behind Seven News (1.192m, Nine News (1.163m and Today Tonight (1.108m).

However, in the key advertising demographics of 16-39 and 18-49, MasterChef was most watched show of the night.

Yesterday Mumbrella editor Tim Burrowes held a live Google Hangout with hosts Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston. Watch the replay here:

The post MasterChef: The Professionals
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Sam Kekovich gets Lambnesia in this year’s Mla Australia Day campaign

Meat & Livestock Australia’s front man Sam Kekovich suffers a head injury which causes him to hallucinate about rugby players in tutus, getting his fingernails painted and dancing Gangnam Style in this year’s Australia Day campaign.

Kekovich tells viewers that he is suffering from “Lambnesia” which causes symptoms of unAustralianess.

The scene was set for the campaign with Ten uploading a video to its YouTube channel last week which appeared to show Kekovich being injured by a misdirected cricket ball during a live cross with weatherman Tim Bailey.

The reveal was due to take place on Seven’s Today Tonight yesterday evening, but the network extended its news bulletin to cover the bush fires emergency, with Kekovich appearing on Sunrise this morning.

The ad retains Kekovich’s signature rant to camera. The campaign, from creative agency Bmf, aims to drive consumers to a website where they are invited to
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Buzzmakers: Bieber Death Plot & Golden Globe Noms

Buzzmakers: Bieber Death Plot & Golden Globe Noms
What had Et readers buzzing this week?

1. N.M. Men Suspected of Plotting Bieber's Death

Police confirm to Et that two New Mexico men have been suspected of plotting to murder pop sensation Justin Bieber.

As first reported by Albuquerque news station Krqe, the plot was allegedly hatched by two prison inmates and one of their nephews to murder Bieber at a sold-out show at NYC's Madison Square Garden.

According to a police report obtained by Et, a New Mexico prisoner named Dana Martin, serving out two life sentences for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl, enlisted the help of former fellow inmate Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane to carry out four murders. Two of the reported targets were Justin Bieber and his bodyguard.

The report continues to claim that Martin actually has a tattoo of Bieber on his leg.

The report also delves into the details of the planned murders, which involved
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Kate Middleton Prank Victim’s Suicide Note May Point Finger At Hospital: Report

Jacintha Saldanha’s husband, Ben Barboza, and children, Lisha and Junal

Every detail that emerges about the death of King Edward VII Hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha just keeps getting sadder, and unfortunately, the blame game has only escalated over the past week. The nurse, who was working as a receptionist when she patched Queen Elizabeth-impersonating Australian radio hosts through to the nurse treating Kate Middleton, left three notes when she hanged herself last week. According to U.K. tabloid The Mirror, it seems that the 46-year-old mother of two felt persecuted by senior staffers at the hospital.

“One of the letters, which is the longest, deals with the hospital and is critical in its tone,” a source reportedly told the Mirror. “Needless to say, [husband Ben Barboza] wants a full inquiry into what happened, and he wants to make sure the truth comes out. Within the letter Jacintha calls into question some of
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1m+ audiences tune in to hear from prank call presenters

Audiences of more than a million tuned in to both A Current Affair and Today Tonight on Monday evening as both shows aired tearful interviews with prank call presenters Mel Greig and Michael ‘Mc’ Christian.

According to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTAM, Nine’s A Current Affair, which featured Tracy Grimshaw interviewing the pair rated 1.094m.

Today Tonight’s, on Seven, rated 1.023m.

The duo discussed for the first time their reaction to hearing that a nurse involved in their call to a hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge had apparently taken her life. They also revealed that they did not know the approvals process within Southern Cross Austereo before broadcasting a prank call.

In the official non-ratings period, it is unusual for these shows to get more than 1m.

Ten’s The Project featured Southern Cross Austereo boss Rhys Holleran. The show rated 575,000.

Lifeline: Call 13 11 14

The post 1m
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Kate Middleton Prank Call DJs “Devastated” About Nurse’s Suicide

In a tearful TV interview today, Australian radio DJs Michael Christian and Mel Greig expressed their regret for a prank that may have played a role in the suicide of a nurse at the hospital that treated the pregnant Kate Middleton last week.

“There’s nothing that can make me feel worse than what I feel right now. And for what I feel for the family. We’re so sorry that this has happened to them,” Greig told Today Tonight, when asked whether she felt like the object of a witch hunt after the apparent suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, 46, the nurse working as a receptionist who put the DJs’ call through to the nurse treating the Duchess of Cambridge.

While seeming very sorry for the aftermath of the prank — in which they called Edward VII Hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles — the 2Day FM hosts said they
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Australian DJs Cry In First Interview Since Nurse’s Alleged Suicide

Mel Greig and Michael Christian are 'gutted, shattered and heartbroken' over Jacintha Saldanha's death, the nurse who allegedly committed suicide after she took their prank call to Kate Middleton's King Edward VII Hospital room on Dec. 4. The DJs gave their first interview on Dec. 10 as they shed tears and apologized for their actions. Watch the full interview! Mel Greig, 30, and Michael Christian, 25, who work for Sydney radio station 2Day FM, opened up to Clare Brady on Channel 7's Today Tonight, regarding their infamous prank call to Kate Middleton's King Edward VII Hospital room that allegedly resulted in a nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, taking her own life out of guilt. Mel and Michael said they were devastated and wanted to apologize to the family of Jacintha, a mother of two. "The first thing I asked was: 'Was she a mother?'" a very emotional Mel said. "If we played any
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DJs Behind Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Apologize

DJs Behind Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Apologize
Sydney (AP) — They expected a hang-up and a few laughs. Instead, the Australian DJs behind a hoax phone call to the U.K. hospital where the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was treated were in tears Monday as they described how their joke ended up going too far.

The phone call — in which they impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles — went through, and their station broadcast and even trumpeted the confidential information received. Whatever pride there had been over the hoax was obliterated in a storm of worldwide public outrage after Friday's death, still unexplained, of the first nurse they talked to.

"There's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about her family and what they must be going through," 2DayFM radio host Mel Greig told Australia's "A Current Affair," her voice shaking. "And the thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching.
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Ratings year sees Seven win overall audience battle and Nine win key advertising demographics

Nine and Seven have shared the honours in the 2012 ratings year which officially came to an end at the weekend.

Nine won the year in the key advertising demographics of 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 while Seven won across total viewers.

Because of lower ratings over the summer and during easter, the networks agree to only officially do battle for 40 weeks of the year.

Seven won 30 of the 40 weeks in total people, leaving Nine to claim 10 weeks across the five city metro markets, according to consolidated data from OzTAM.

In 16-39, Nine beat Seven by 25 weeks to 13, with Ten winning two weeks. In 18-49 Nine beat Seven by 22 to 18 weeks. And in 25-54 Nine beat Seven 21 to 19 weeks. These figures include the Olympics.

Excluding the Olympics, Nine and Seven tied in the 25-54 demo.

Nine also claimed year-on-year audience growth of 3.3% in total people while Seven dropped 0.8% and Ten dropped 12.8%.

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Today Tonight host Matt White leaves ‘to play somewhere else’

The host of one of Australia’s most popular public affairs shows, Today Tonight, has resigned.

Matt White is to leave after four years fronting the program, saying in a statement from Seven: “It’s time to play somewhere else – so watch this space.”

White spent much of his career at rival Network Ten on Sports Night. He joined Today Tonight in September 2008.

A statement from Today Tonight broadcaster Seven reads:

After four years in the chair of Australia’s number one nightly public affairs programme, Matt White has decided to leave Today Tonight.

“It’s time for me to take on other challenges at Seven and continue pursuing my number one love – live television,” Matt said.

“I’ve always prided myself on being versatile, and hosting Today Tonight allowed me to see a different side of television under the spotlight of 6.30. It’s been a lot of fun, a
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Beauty and the Geek finale ratings down on last year

Beauty and the Geek winners Millie and Chard

The final episode of Beauty & The Geek was the most watched non-news program last night.

Running for an hour and a half from 8.30pm on Seven, the reveal of the winners – Millie and Chard – rated with 740,000, while the earlier part of the show brought in 736,000.

But numbers were down dramatically on last year’s season finale, when the winner reveal rated with 1.255m and the earlier segment 1.076m.

This year’s finale was also significantly lower than the first episode of this season, which drew an audience of 892,000.

But the show, which placed seventh and eighth for total viewers, dominated the key advertising demographics 18-49, 16-39 and 25-54.

Ten secured a show in the top ten, and claimed a higher audience share than the ABC.

Ten News At Five brought in 684,000, ranking ninth. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals and a repeat of Modern Family
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