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Wilson has a scene near the end with Marley that's the most wrenchingly tender acting of his career.
When Marley is not on the screen, Wilson and Aniston demonstrate why they are gifted comic actors. They have a relationship that's not too sitcomish, not too sentimental, mostly smart and realistic.
It's an enjoyable and unpretentious perspective of life that reminds us how important and rewarding the little things can be.
Chicago Tribune
And then there's Alan Arkin, who, as John's editor, is hilarious and dry--it's frankly a shame he's not onscreen for every single scene.
The Hollywood Reporter
A warm and fuzzy family movie, but you do wish that at least once someone would upstage the dog.
This perky, episodic film is as broad and obvious as it could be, but delivers on its own terms thanks to sparky chemistry between its sunny blond stars, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, and the unabashed emotion-milking of the final reel.
Marley & Me might be easy to watch, but -- even for die-hard canine lovers -- it's as easy to forget.
If characters talking to dogs and dog reaction shots are some of your favorite things, add some stars to this review.
Rolling Stone
Watching the stars try to out-cutesy the mutt is one for the puke bucket.
We watched a story of a Labrador. Who eats the couch and disobeys. I said to Lady, "It's a labra-bore."

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