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  • Charlie decides to find out how O1 Boxer travels between universes and see if he can take him back to the BetaVerse, but O1 gets taken in by the police first. So Charlie impersonates an FBI agent to take control of O1 as a terrorist. The police figure out that Charlie isn't a real FBI agent and are questioning him. Meanwhile Vex-Cor sends in people to take out O1 before he can talk with the police. In the melee that results Charlie takes O1 away for interrogation. After some extensive discussion Charlie seems to trust O1 and is willing to work with him for some reason (to save the BetaVerse?)


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  • Lubinsky reminds Charlie that Gemma risked her life to save him because she knew he could stop Vexcor powering up the Link that would destroy Betaverse. But Charlie is torn between his obligation to save Beta, and getting back home to Jasmine. Now 01 is a hunted man: Charlie thinks he may be the one person who can transport him home; and Vexcor just wants to kill him. But 01 has just been picked up for the murder of a bar patron and has landed in police custody. While Porter hatches a plot to transfer him out for his own nefarious reasons, Charlie masquerades as an FBI agent and convinces Inspector Blues Paddock that he's been assigned to take the known terrorist in for questioning. Blues catches Charlie in his lie; and soon after, a squadron of Vexcor henchmen posing as police open fire inside the police station. Charlie sees his chance to nab 01 and rush him into Lubinsky's waiting vehicle. Meanwhile, Reena is privy to a heated power struggle between Porter and Galt, but her proximity to the heart of Vexcor triggers a series of tormented dreams as she wrestles over her mission to take down the Company.

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