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Stickin It To The Man
I must say I wasn't expecting much from this when I bought the DVD, but ended up having an absolute blast. Matthew Nelson gives a surprisingly sympathetic performance. I found myself feeling so sorry for the character, and wanted things to work out for him and his love interest. Suffice it to say he finally slips all the way into madness, and seeks bloody retribution on his numerous tormentors. The best moments in this film come from Nelson really showing the characters pain. Nothing goes right for him, and literally every single person in his life is abusive to him in one way or the other. The dark humor here is hilarious, although some may find the side characters who torture Monty, to be way over the top. Still that makes all the more amusing when the movie goes all out slasher in the final 20 minutes or so. One negative a couple kills showed the films' low budget. Most of it is actually quite effective, but the sprinkler scene for example doesn't quite work. Still Delivery caught me off guard, and entertained the hell out of me. Definitely check this one out.
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Very entertaining! Can't wait for a sequel
reeves20027 June 2007
I rented this DVD last night and actually really enjoyed it.It was a good realistic movie with a believable plot and real ordinary looking people.Even though it's a horror,I haven't laughed so hard in my life. Even though the humor was dark and cruel,it was hysterically funny.For a movie made on a very low budget,this was impressive.It began with a gory scene in a thunderstorm and then begins years later.The actor that played Monty was perfectly cast.I loved it at the end when he got back at his tormentors since they sure had it coming! I enjoyed the original gruesome deaths.That pizza scene really stays in your mind

since it looked so real.I hope there will be a sequel to this movie and that it doesn't end there.
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Saw it last night, had a blast.
glorifiedcameraman10 June 2007
If you know what you are getting into, you'll enjoy this. Sick,perverted, twisted, cheesy and funny.

One of the best independent horror flicks I've seen in a long time.

Many recent "B-films" decide to show everything from the start, this film has the balls to develop the character, to take its time, I kind of liked that.

Matt nelson is dead on balls perfect for the character, Kevin O'Neil is hysterical and newcomer Tara Cardinal brings some heart into this sick film.

Even though the special effects are cheesy (as expected with this budget), the cinematography is great, good angles, a clear effort to create a "bigger"looking picture, with scenes that look so close to film that one forgets we are seeing a DV 24p project.

Very good effort.
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Finally, a great little slasher film.
lisetta4929 December 2007
I got this through I saw the cover and though this would be your typical slasher low budget flick (the kind I love to watch).

What I got instead was a well written and developed character for the first hour or so, and then a cheesy but extremely fun finale that reminded me of the best low budget horror films I grew up with.

Not many filmmakers have the cojones now days to just tell a story in detail, without MTV cutting or ADD narrative. That is why I guess some people were turned off by the film.

I loved this film!

I think Jose Cassella is a triple threat, he scored the film, he shot it very, very well (for DV24p), wrote the thing and directed it. The film looks better than your average $100,000 grade B film ( I am told this thing cost $3500!, try that somebody!).

I like to discover little treasures like this, it restores my faith in the new generation of filmmakers.

Is it silly and cheesy?...yes, is it insulting for some?...yes, is this for everyone?...nope, but for my money this was a fun ride, a surprising well acted (by the lead), written and made low budget film.

I'll be looking for more work by Jose, with a bit more money and a bigger script...who knows? He could throw one right out of the park.

Congratulations, you have made a great little film.

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Sleazy, gory, hilarious fun!
aprilcruz731 July 2007
DELIVERY definitely falls into the low-budget, done on a shoestring, splatter flick category that seems to be all the rage these days. I've seen plenty of these digital horror flicks over the last 5 years and I have to say that Delivery ranks up there amongst the better ones. This is way more than a bunch of dudes running around their backyards with a video camera. This is cheap done with skill.

High Points: character development! Finally a low-budget flick where characters aren't just setup to service a killing. Monty the pizza guy has a dark family history, and you get to see his life slowly unravel... Hilarious politically incorrect supporting characters, including a belligerent transvestite and her gay swimming pool mafia... Good performances by the leads (Matt and Tara?)... Notable technical work- good lighting, camera-work, direction... The last 25 minutes is a cathartic, kill all the a**holes climax just as satisfying as "Carrie." And lots of NAKED SORORITY GIRLS! I'm female, and love this great American pastime. More jugs the better! Low Points: The pacing is VERY moderate. Basically Monty the Pizza Guy getting sh*t on by a series of jerks for an hour got a little tedious. Some weak performances here and there, but forgivable.

Overall, a commendable feat accomplished with little resources. A fun flick when you have the gang over with a fridge full of Pabst. Have a ball!
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My hopes for indie films has been restored....
marion-linda121 March 2008
I got this in Canada, through

They say that "Automaton Transfusion" is the "Holy Grail of indie horror films". And that it was a miracle for being shot for $30,000. I guess those folks didn't see THIS movie miracle.

I think Delivery was shot for around $4500?, somewhere in that range. I mean..they spent what producers spend in sodas and bubble gum in ONE day of shooting in a real film set.

And the film looks great, in fact, better than most $60,000 and up micro budget films.

Character development?, in a horror film?, who knew there were people that still used that.... Delivery takes its time, it makes you work for it, but if you know what you are getting into, you'll find something there, you'll find true smart film-making behind the silly situations and cheesy effects.

An awesome performance by the lead, who is dead on perfect for the film. Lets see what these guys can do with an actual budget.

Very good, very entertaining, very well done for the budget, huge congratulations!
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Solid little horror film.
filmentity9 September 2009
This is one of those little films that one finds on the bargain bins, I found it that way, the DVD box got me hooked. Shot, as mentioned in the commentary track, for $5000. I am shocked. It looks just like the average $200,000 B-movie horror flick.

I am not saying this looks like Lawrence of Arabia, but it is a great indie horror film, with actual character development, it takes its time, that is ballsy.

Matt nelson is amazing in his performance, I mean, the guy threw himself into this role and that is admirable. A great film, great concept and a fantastic effort by Jose Cassella and his team.
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A great horror flick!
ksfilms12 December 2006
This is the best looking $4500 film I have ever seen. Not that I have ever seen a film with that budget.

Great performance by Matt nelson, great cinematography and cool editing. Very happy to hear that Warner's/ Polychrome picked it up.

Your average slasher film begins with a body count, this one actually has the balls to have some kind of character development. We truly feel for the lead character and understand why he ends up doing what he does.

I still cannot believe how Jose Cassella captured the images he did on such a low/ nothing budget.

If you go in thinking this is Schindler's List, then you will not get this. This is a gem designed for late 70's horror fans, a must see.

great job. great flick.
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Strong and upsetting portrait of one man's descent into madness and despair
Woodyanders22 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Disturbed loner Montgomery Goth (a sound and sympathetic portrayal by Matt Nelson) struggles to maintain his sanity while working a thankless job as a pizza delivery man. Montgomery's miserable life perks up after he meets his dream girl in the form of the sweet Bibi (a fine and appealing performance by stunning redhead Tara Cardinal). However, things go awry and Montgomery's inner demons push him to go off the murderous deep end. Writer/director Jose Zambrano Cassella relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, takes time to establish Montgomery as a genuinely pitiable character (he's the unbalanced product of a tragic and terrible childhood), grounds the premise in a believable everyday blue collar reality, does a good job of presenting Montgomery's lonely life and troubled mindset, maintains a bleak unsettling tone throughout, and pulls out all the harrowing stops for the gruesome last third. Moreover, Cassella not only further spices things up with inspired moments of black humor, but also delivers a substantial amount of unflinching graphic gore and tasty gratuitous female nudity. The solid acting by the competent cast rates as another definite asset, with especially praiseworthy contributions from Kevin James O'Neill as Montgomery's abusive boss Mr. Hand, Melissa Gruver as a mean junkyard owner, Trhea Danae as cheerful therapist Dr. Martha, Luis Miranda as the bitchy Belinda, and Loretta Breanan as shameless slut Lola. Better still, this film offers some painfully spot-on accurate insights on man's cruelty towards and lack of compassion for his fellow man. Both Cassella's crisp cinematography and moody score are up to par. A neat little indie fright flick.
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Waste of my time
Marctitchenell10 December 2008
I rented this with very low expectations and thought i would at least have a good laugh or two. But 40+ minutes go bye and absolutely nothing happens except terrible camera work along with worse acting. As i further watched this "film" i became aggravated and eventually turned it off. If you are looking for a horror movie that could possibly make you pee yourself out of laughter. This is not it. One that i would personally recommend because it is very comical throughout is Mr. Jingles. Better camera, Just as corny but keeps your attention throughout and doesn't cause you to want to shoot your self in the foot.
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