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David Gyasi: Romilly



  • Cooper : Everybody ready to say goodbye to our solar system?

    Romilly : To our galaxy.

  • Romilly : Of all these anomalies, the most significant is this: out near Saturn, a disturbance of space-time.

    Cooper : It's a wormhole?

    Romilly : Appeared 48 years ago.

    Cooper : And, it leads where?

    Dr. Brand : Another galaxy.

    Cooper : A wormhole's not a naturally occurring phenomenon...

    Brand : Someone placed it there.

    Cooper : "They."

    Brand : And whoever they are, they appear to be looking out for us. That wormhole, lets us travel to other stars. Came along right as we needed it.

    Doyle : They've put potentially habitable worlds right within our reach. Twelve, in fact, from our initial probes.

    Cooper : You send probes into that?

    Doyle : Mm-hm.

    Dr. Brand : We sent *people* into it. Ten years ago.

    Cooper : The Lazarus missions.

    Dr. Brand : Twelve possible worlds, twelve Ranger launches, carrying the bravest humans ever to live. Led by the remarkable Dr. Mann.

    Doyle : Each person's landing pod had enough life support for two years, but they could use hibernation to stretch that, making observations on organics over a decade or more. Their mission was to assess their world, and if it showed potential, then they could send out a signal, bed down for the long nap, wait to be rescued.

    Cooper : And what if the world didn't show promise?

    Doyle : Hence the bravery.

  • [after Cooper and Brand return to the Endurance 23 years later] 

    Brand : Why didn't you sleep?

    Romilly : Oh, I had a couple of stretches. I stopped believing you were coming back. Something seemed wrong about dreaming my life away.

  • Brand : [reuniting with Romilly, after just a few hours on Miller's planet, deep in Gargantua's gravity well]  Hello, Rom.

    Romilly : I've waited years.

    Cooper : How... How many years?

    Romilly : By now it must be...

    TARS : It's twenty-three years, four months, eight days.

    Romilly : Doyle?

    [Cooper stares at floor, walks past] 

    Brand : I thought I was prepared. I knew the theory, I... Reality's different.

    Romilly : Miller?

    Brand : There's nothing here for us.

  • [as they pass through the wormhole a space-time distortion appears inside of the Endurance] 

    Romilly : What is that?

    Brand : I think it's them.

    [she reaches toward the distortion] 

    Doyle : Don't, don't!

    [Brand touches the distortion; the Endurance exits the wormhole and space returns to normal] 

    Romilly : What was that?

    Brand : [grinning]  First handshake.

  • TARS : Sir, I'm having trouble completing the bootup.

    Romilly : I don't understand.

    TARS : There is a security lockout, sir, it requires a person to access function. It's all yours, sir.

    [Romilly accesses archives] 

    Romilly : [confused]  This data makes no sense.

    Cooper : [lying on the floor of the Ranger after the fight with Mann]  I'm sorry.

    Brand : What?

    Cooper : Mann... was lying! Go, go! Romilly!

    Brand : [transmitting]  Romilly! Romilly, do you read me, Romilly? Romilly!

    [Romilly puts in his ear piece] 

    TARS : [realizing that KIPP has been booby-trapped]  Step back professor! STEP BACK!

    [Mann's landing pod explodes with TARS and Romilly inside] 

  • [Booting up KIPP] 

    Romilly : This... data makes no sense.

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