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A mind is a terrible thing to lose...
borderline_maniac5 December 2009
I just watched this movie without any greater expectations, though I was curious about the kinda mysterious plot. Adrian Paul - he may forgive me - is not exactly t h e reason that attracts a cineaste like me to the box office nor even my DVD-player - usually. Today I made an exception, because the short description of the movie was too intriguing for me as being a huge fan of the thriller-, mystery- and horror genre; and the film delivered all of these. Sure, it's a B-flick with B- and C- (Kate Nauta, "Transporter 2") faces and mainly an intimate play by the two main characters, a male investigator who meets a mysterious yet very appealing young woman at a broke down drill site, somewhere in the Arabian desert. I like movies that deal with illusions, delusions, previsions - and the occult. The question, our "hero" Jackman (and the audience) is asking himself over and over again is: Is this reality - or just an illusion? And there is another, highly philosophical question, "9 Miles Down" is dealing with: Is hell a place - or just a state of mind?? And remember: When it comes to hell, it also comes to guilt - always. Though the acting wasn't on a Strasberg level, it was OK. The Suspense could have been an ounce higher and the plot just a little bit more subtle, so my rating is "only" a 7 out of 10 - but a very good one, almost an 8.
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Much better than expected
kanenasanonas23 January 2011
When you see a 5.5 rating usually you expect near-trash stuff. Well it turned out to be so much better than expected. The strongest thing about this film is, you get what you expect from a thriller (suspense, twists, gore etc), but in a believable way. You don't get bored and constantly you have to question whether reality or insanity is driving the characters of the film. Adrian Paul is above average, Kate Nauta is fine but surely cannot pass as a... scientist. If it was shot with bigger star power, it would get the rate it deserves, but still a 7/10 is fine, considering the budget. Now the 100 people that rated it with 1 or 2, where surely expecting something else. My recommendation: see it
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surprisingly better than the 10 last Hollywood movies of the kind
henry-tv8 December 2009
In so many details "Nine Miles Down" was very different from the average blockbusting US-made movie telling this kind of tale. Following Jackman through that somehow horrific place in the desert is a promising start into a solid, almost old fashioned end-of-the-world adventure. Normally, nowadays the story tends to dwindle to something stupid. Not here. You can really stick with it, from the very beginning the whole thing is intriguing and every single step and turn makes sense. If there is danger, the guy uses his brains, he turns around, and a blind spot doesn't automatically mean a noisy monster jumping out of it. Dialogues are kept short, but to the point, and casually even enter deeper realms. No cheap effects, thrilling story, good acting, and guessing participation is guaranteed to the very end.
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Decent, but that's about all
Heislegend17 December 2009
There's really not many directions you can go with this type of movie. Anybody whose seen the pathetic attempts to reboot The Exorcist (i.e. Exorcist: The Beginning) has seen this premise. I'm not really sure it was a great idea to begin with, and beating it to death isn't helping. Still, this movie's got some going for it. Most of the horror is based on jumpy, sudden moves of creepy imagery. Yes, that's a bit cheap but that doesn't make it less effective. The actors do fine. Not outstanding, but they get the job done.

The story is pretty basic. Security officer Brit McStudly and scientist Dr. Hotpants (ok, not their real names but they were clearly chosen for their looks rather than talent) get stuck in the middle of nowhere in a research/drilling station where things have apparently gotten very real. So the two of them hang out there and one of them may or may not be under assault by demons. There's some vague connections to religious angles and a good deal of psychological tension. Again, decent...but not great.

Would I recommend it? Sure, if you've got nothing better to do. It's not stellar but it's far from the worst thing you've ever seen (then again this is IMDb so I'm sure at least one person will claim it is...and that person will be an idiot).
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Hell Is in Our Minds
claudio_carvalho11 February 2013
The GNE security agent Thomas 'Jack' Jackman (Adrian Paul) travels to the Jebel Afra drilling station in a remote area of the Sahara desert to seek out twenty-five scientists from the research team of Professor Borman (Anthony Waller) that are missing and without any contact with the base. Jack finds the station deserted and weird marks painted with blood on the wall.

On the next morning, Jack meets the gorgeous and sexy Dr. Jennie J.C. Christianson (Kate Nauta) alone in the base and she explains that the research team had drilled very deep and released something. After that, they have been affected and started killing each other and shows the bodies of Professor Borman and another scientist in the refrigerating chamber. J.C. wants to leave the place a.s.a.p. but Jack contacts the operator Kat (Amanda Douge) and she tells him that they should wait for the police. Further, they had met a Russian scientist wandering with sample of gas.

Jack, who misses his wife that had committed suicide and killed their two children, continues to investigate the station and find videotapes from Dr. Borman advising that his team had released evil from the depths of hell. Jack has visions and daydreams and believes that J.C. is actually a succubus that wants to seduce him to leave the location. What is the mystery in that remote station?

"Nine Miles Down" is a surprisingly good low budget horror movie, basically in one location and great performances of Adrian Paul and the extremely gorgeous and sexy Kate Nauta. The plot is engaging and well- developed keeping the mystery until the very last scene. In the end, hell is in our minds indeed. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Nove Milhas para o Inferno" ("Nine Miles to Hell")
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Freightening and Mysterious
adog32811 December 2009
To start off... I watched this movie with nothing better to do. I figured it would be a sad B Class Movie. I was wrong.

This movie had a creepy feel to it, like that of Paranormal Activity and other movies like that. The whole movie is psychological warfare of sorts. You never know who is telling the truth in the movie. This movie may confuse some people with its constantly changing view points, but to Horror fans, it will appeal greatly. The Gore is great... One complaint I did have; The special effects were "limited". Which is to be expected from a "B" class movie. The plot of the movie is what really drew me in the most, the psych of this movie will have your mind battling itself for the whole film. The Good vs. Evil theme prevails through the entire movie. I have to say, This was quite a good movie. If you get a chance to watch it, watch it. It will keep you awake.
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Despite good direction and an interesting premise, "Nine Miles Down" just can't quite elevate itself beyond the status of "Average B-Movie"
MaximumMadness1 February 2014
I both was and was not surprised to learn that this film was once scheduled to be helmed by John Carpenter in the 1990's, before he dropped out. While I didn't expect to hear that news, it made a lot of sense, since this seems like the sort of film that Carpenter could really sink his teeth into, and I'm actually quite sad that we never saw his version of the film.

Regardless, Anthony Walker stepped in to fill Carpenter's empty director's chair, with a cast including Adrian Paul of "Highlander: The Series" fame, and Kate Nauta, known for roles in films like "Transporter 2" and "The Game Plan." And despite this being a very obvious and often-times heavily flawed B-movie, it's actually fairly well made for the most part. Though unfortunately its flaws are too great for it to elevate itself to anything beyond "average."

Based loosely on the infamous "Well to Hell" hoax (a sort-of social experiment/prank in which heavily modified audio from 70's horror film "Baron Blood" was circulated with the claim that it was audio from deep underground of people being tortured in Hell), the story focuses on tormented Security Expert Thomas "Jack" Jackman (Paul), who is sent out to investigate a remote drilling facility in the Sahara. He discovers that the team working at the facility on a deep-drilling experiment have suffered many casualties, with only one member remaining- JC, portrayed by Nauta. After a series of grisly discoveries, including wording written in blood and a bizarre audio clip from deep underground that sounds eerily similar to the wailing of people being tortured, "Jack" begins to question his sanity, and whether or not the situation has a logical explanation... or if the situation is being controlled by the forces of Hell itself.

The acting unfortunately is fairly underwhelming. As much as I liked Adrian Paul in his "Highlander" glory days, he's unfortunately just not a particularly skilled actor. But I will give him credit, because he is at very least clearly trying to give a good, compelling performance. And he is quite charming in the role. The same could be said for Nauta, who similarly is just not very good here, but is giving it a very decent shot. Bit parts by the likes of Amanda Douge and even director Anthony Walker are decently played, however.

Walker's direction is the standout part of the film. While I have hated some of his earlier works ("An American Werewolf in Paris" being particularly noteworthy of being poor-quality), here, he gives us a very stylish, slick visual representation of the story, and I liked a lot of the touches and ideas he brought to the film. Although I will question some of his choices, including a bizarre and unintentionally funny detail during the opening sequence, in which "Jack" investigates the drilling facility, and every single one of the hanging lights is "wobbling" for creepiness-effect. It just seems forced and silly that every single light in every single shot is wobbling.

The script by Walker and Everett De Roche is unfortunately the undoing of the film, and is the main factor in bringing it down a few points. Because, frankly, despite having a lot of cool ideas, it's very confused, contrived and convoluted. And it is so over-stuffed with double-crosses, tonal shifts, twists and turns to maintain a sense of ambiguity, that I ended up finding myself losing interest, since it was trying too darned hard and giving me a headache trying to follow the story in any capacity. I understand that Walker and De Roche want the film to be dripping with mystery, intrigue and have an ambiguous tone where the audience has to decide what is happening... but it's just so forced here. It feels very amateurish in how the story was constructed. Ambiguity can be accomplished with tact, class and deliberation in good films, but here, it's accomplished through poor writing and needless amounts of twists. And without spoiling anything, the final 20 minutes are a cluster of constant twists and shifts that are so overwhelming and needlessly confusing, it almost ruined the entire film for me. I also will admit that I found a recurring motif of suicide (as "Jack" lost his family when his wife killed herself and their children in a murder-suicide) to be very uncomfortable, off-putting and somewhat too exploitive for the film. (Though this could just be my gut reaction as someone who is dealing with the recent suicide of a friend.)

And unfortunately, that script drags down what would have been an otherwise pretty good, decent film down to the score I am giving it- a very average and sadly underwhelming 5 out of 10. I would still say that horror fans should give it a shot, because the direction is very good, and there are things to like about it, but the sloppy script holds it back from achieving its full potential.
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A surprisingly good movie
yves-najman8 December 2009
From the first few minutes, I grew the bad feeling it would be just one more horror movie, about maybe ghouls or something.

The acting is good and solid: Kate Nauta is not just another acting top model, she can be pretty convincing. I discovered Adrian Paul in this movie, and even if he looks a bit like a Colin Farrell replacement at first, I found him good.

The movie achieve to remain captivating from beginning to end, even if relying obviously on a tight budget.

The psychological side of the story is in fact quite strong and surprisingly good. I strongly recommend it!
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Good Movie
zabano-697-21928027 March 2010
Good movie. I strongly recommend it. Great acting, original plot, as well as a strong message.

It is nothing like avatar or dear john where you can easily predict what is going to happen. At the same time it is pretty realistic and deals with a subject that is becoming of increasing importance in our society today: how to rationally deal with unexplained or apparently unnatural phenomena. The struggle between rationality of science and the irrational instinct of humans.

I was captured by the movie for its entire duration. The end is very convincing to me, however the movie did not end after the last scene, if you know what i mean :)
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An interesting premise poorly executed, could have been much better
Mikel330 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
We watched an interesting, yet flawed horror film last night called 'Nine Miles Down'. The premise is that an oil rig drilling farther down than ever before may have reached Hell or some other world. They detect what sounds like countless people moaning in pain and agony. The drilling crew disappears and one security man is sent out to see why. He does meet one survivor, but is she real or is she a demonic seductress from hell sent to steal his soul? The film had great potential based on the premise of finding hell, if only it was directed and written properly. It's one of those films that leaves it up to the viewer at the end as to what really happened.
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The mind is a terrible thing to lose and so is your soul...
Siamois9 December 2009
Despite the somewhat weak rating, I must say I enjoyed many aspects of Nine Miles Down. The movie shares similarities with several films we've enjoyed, others not so much but it has a cool premise and some interesting ideas are explored.

The story follows Jackman (Adrian Paul), a security expert investigating the disappearance of a crew of scientists and drillers in a remote station located in the desert. Initially and for most of the film, the viewers follow the story from the perspective of this character. A second character is quickly introduced. It is that of Jennie Christianson (Kate Nauta), the only person left on the site who claims to be part of the scientific team.

The direction and writing aim at a somewhat claustrophobic, intimate journey for these characters and this is both where the movie shines and fails. The story is interesting but the direction lacks some punch.

But the most important thing for such a film to succeed will be the acting. The whole movie depends entirely on the performances of the two leads as the whole dramatic impact of the film is related to their relationship and their changing state of mind. And this where the film goes... nine miles down. Adrian Paul is slightly subpar in what would be a challenging role for even the finest of actors. Kate Nauta has a very important part but much easier to play. Unfortunately, I think she gives one of the worse performance I have witnessed. Quite simply, her delivery for most of the film is on par with a porno actress. She's literally "speaking" her lines as if doing a (bad) first reading.

It is very unfortunate that Nauta has not improved because she has an atypical look and style but at this rate she would be better off in secondary parts where she has few or no lines. Her body language is OK, it's the line delivery that is not there at all.

Another aspect that disappoints is the scares. I am OK with a thriller or horror movie without jump-out-of-your-seat moments. My problem is more with movies that TRY to make you jump and fail lamentably. Sadly, Nine Miles Down is in this category. A few scenes seem designed to shock you or scare you but they never do. The quality aspects are the display of the characters' mindsets (particularly Jackman). We, the viewers are constantly challenged to determine whether what we are witnessing is real, an illusion or something worse.

The script inserts cool little references and hints here and there that will keep you on your toe and might even make you want to give this a second viewing. It's just unfortunate that the direction and acting wasn't up to the task.

Could have been a 6 with better direction. Should have been a 5 with decent acting. But sadly, Kate Nauta drags this down to a 4. (she's more tolerable in the second half of the movie if you make it there).

Solid idea, shame the execution was botched a little.
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At times I thought the film may redeem itself...
CrimsonSilver17 December 2009
This film could have had potential however the story lacked any depth and scenes were very diluted with long, unnecessary, and repetitive craziness. I use the term craziness since I cannot find a better way to describe such strange and pointless parts in this film.

It's as if the director himself was trying to recreate some twisted concept that popped into his mind however when put into action this did not materialize.

The film started well while unfortunately and continually progressing very predictably and lacked any positive progression. I might add the female character was rather intriguing; the second unfortunate part was they showed more ass of the guy then anything else which leads me to believe the director must be a homosexual.

At times I thought the film may redeem itself when again and again it kept letting me down and just continued to get worse until I got to the point when I couldn't wait for it to just end since I already wasted so much of my time trying to get into it.

Possibly worth a watch if you really have nothing else to watch. Don't expect anything great other then a 5 second creative skeleton demon scene and a sexy blonde in nothing but a chefs apron; I know for many of you me simply stating this will lead you to view this piece as soon as possible.
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Could have been much better
erinjbauer25 August 2018
The effects, scares, creepiness - all work very well. The "going out of his mind" sequences are all very well done. The dialog his horrendous. Had there been more care taken with this and some better editing this could have easily been a 8 to 9 on the imdb scale. Instead too much focus on the "horror movie" look and feel.
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an average movie
z_nicolle8 December 2009
Having seen the trailer to make sure it was OK, i thought the movie looked quite good delivering a story that contained a little horror, drama and mystery all rolled in to one.

There is nothing bad about the acting or the idea behind the story. It was just that the plot was weak and confusing at times (for me at least).

If you are looking for something that will scare you then, you will be disappointed, it may have you wondering at times like the previous comment mentioned as to whether "hell is real, or a state of mind." but that is about all. The characters are just planted in the middle of no where with no introduction as to who they are or what they doing in the sahara.

The howling wind and the sand beating against the facility windows and doors in the first 5 minutes, is probably the most frightening thing about the movie but the rest is just average looking for cheap thrills with peeks at partial nudity at times and the old scary hag routine.

There are however elements of good effects giving you a glimpse as to what could have been if it had been thought about more but instead you are left feeling a bit disappointed knowing there was so much more scope to the storyline and the female character at the end.
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Excellent, much more than i was expecting.
AJCrowley18 January 2013
OK, i admit, that with Adrian Paul being the star i wasn't expecting much, but i finished this being really quite impressed. it doesn't end up being a rework of traditional horror films, and has quite an intelligent feel to it.

i think to compare it to much bigger and slicker films would be a mistake, which is why i'm rating it high, the interior sets were good, and the exterior filming was very god indeed, i felt the first third had some really spooky feeling engendered by the exterior dark environment. Adrian Paul i think has aged better, and he looks nice and rugged now, and comes across much more interesting than his highlander days.

the only downsides were the slightly contrived sexual tension going on, which i found a little detracting from the main story, and by the last third the overall flow could have been smoother. the production values were good, with little need for visual effects. i really enjoyed this film, which i saw on Netflix almost on a whim, really good stuff.
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Nothing worth seeing
marty823 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This doesn't even live up to the promise of the picture on the DVD cover. There's nothing about "9 miles down", except some fumes coming out of the drill hole. There's practically nothing about Hell. There isn't even a drilling rig crew. Conveniently, they went missing in the desert, thus saving the cost of hiring actors. We mainly see only the same man and woman throughout most of the movie. We also see the desert. The man requested backup, and I was desperately hoping someone else would come to add a little variety. Unfortunately, nobody else came until the end of the movie. This is a "psychological thriller," only because both the man and woman are completely irrational. There's so little to this movie that I have no idea what they spent the millions of dollars on.
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Decent horror/psychological thriller but too ambiguous about what exactly is going on. Really good acting by Adrian Paul.
reb-warrior29 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A security expert, Thomas Jackman or Jack (Adrian Paul) goes to check out an apparently abandoned science base and discovers weird things going on there. A mysterious woman, JC, shows up claiming to be part of the science team, but there is no record of her when he radios back to his superiors. She has a good excuse for this and many other things, however, she never really gives him a direct explanation of what happened which makes him suspicious of her.

He starts seeing things. The question is, is he really seeing things, or is he having a mental breakdown? Did the drill site really dig down so deep that it opened a gate from hell, or is he going crazy? The story itself, about a deep hole opening the gates to hell, is actually based on a real-life story from Russia that was later claimed to be a hoax. However, some claim that it was covered up by saying it was a hoax. Whatever you believe, it gives it an interesting grain of sand to consider.

The problem for me was that it was too ambiguous all the way through to the end. Sometimes this works for horror movies, but for some reason, it didn't work for me here. I wanted to know exactly what was going on, or at the very least, have a twist at the end with the character of JC to imply one way or the other what was true. I think that was a missed opportunity that could have led to a sequel.

Adrian Paul from the Highlander series has never received enough credit for his good acting in that series. I mean the guy had to do several different accents from several different time periods and do all the drama as well as fight scenes. Unfortunately, he is usually ignored in the acting aspect of that show. Here we see him as a guy who becomes paranoid, perhaps having a mental breakdown, yet has some sane moments where he questions things and wonders if hell is really causing all of this. He goes in and out of different emotions and facial expressions and really pulls off a great job.

I gave the movie 6/10. I recommend for people that like psychological thrillers, horror, and don't mind the ambiguity. Also, for people that liked Adrian Paul from Highlander and wanted to see him deliver some good acting in another role.
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Padded out endlessly
Leofwine_draca15 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
NINE MILES DOWN is a typical slice of low budget schlock, suffering from laughable over-direction and a general aimless feel. It's a two-hander involving Adrian Paul as a worker investigating an abandoned drilling station in the Sahara. He hooks up with an attractive young blonde woman and the two investigate mysteries surrounding the place. It's all very artificial and limited, with a lengthy, drawn-out plot that just seems to keep going on and on - the kind of plot that's been relentlessly padded out just to fill the running time. The end result is a good cure for insomnia.
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Psychological horror disguised as occultic horror.
frankblack-7996121 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Starts out pretty good. You think you think you are about to watch some crazy hell on earth story but no. Ended up being quite lame in my opinion. Nice eye candy though.
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Good premise, disappointing execution.
fatfil-414-45179723 August 2019
This is yet another of those "not" horror movies. I was intrigued by the blurb, based on a myth that Russia had drilled so deep into the earths crust they could hear the screams of the damned from hell. Obviously filmed under a tight budget, the majority of the film features just two actors. And neither of them will win any awards for their performances, not even from the local drama club. I would have to class this as a psychological thriller rather than a horror movie. Nothing much actually happens through out the film, just some cat and mouse between the two main characters. And the ending is a bit of a mess. Not sure how this rates 5.5.
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Don't waste your time (contains spoilers)
Shizuka200810 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your time with that one.

Starts promisingly.

A corporate cop is sent to an oil rig in the desert to investigate why all the crew there is gone missing.

Well that was the promising start - it lasted about 5 minutes.

After that it is one downhill, confusing, boring, have-seen-it-a-thousand-times-before, weird and disappointing ride downhill.

He finds one "survivor" there - a woman of the science team and ...that's the last chance you get to do something better with your life than watching the utter crap that follows.
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Interesting idea, pulled of badly
stalkingwolf8324 June 2011
It's one of those movies that had potential but somehow does not really uses it.

The storyline is your typical ingredients for a good psychological thriller/horror movie that constantly has you and the viewer questioning their mind. A man is sent to a deserted drill site in the Sahara desert, where a series of unexplained deaths have taken place. As soon as he arrives, a mysterious woman appears who claims to be the survivor of the scientific team, but who is she really ?

Already at the start the movie just rushes by without letting the atmosphere really do its' work. And as soon as the storyline really gets off, the film deteriorates into one big confusing mess. It just uses the same old "hallucinations within an hallucination within an hallucinations etc." formula over and over again ad tedium.

The female character barely adds anything to the storyline, she's just eye candy and the ending still doesn't explain anything about her.

Shame, because the movie did have some potential. Oh well, still better than Rob Zombie I guess.
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j-stewart18 September 2010
There's nothing good to say about this movie. Its over-long, the acting's bad, the special effects are crappy, the plot is weak and its utterly un-entertaining.

This is the single worst film I have seen in years. Starts out with a promising premise, but dissolves into cliché.

The no-name actors do an awful job. The acting is wooden and utterly unconvincing.

The thing thats most irritating about it is that there is virtually no plot. The premise gets ridden out after about the first 45 minutes and then its just a bunch of standard devices used over and over to try to 'keep you guessing'. The result is phenomenally tedious.

There's nothing here for lovers of this genre. Its just badly done. period. 90 mins of your life you will never get back if you are unlucky enough to get stuck in front of it.

1 out of 10.
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Prepare Yourself
atenawings6 January 2010
When it comes to rating this movie it's a huge shame IMDb doesn't have minus numbers. This is the most terrifying and horrifically poor movie I've ever come across. Now I know when people start describing films as poor and awful you may put it down to difference in taste. But if you have any clue as to what makes a good movie, you can leave all those tick boxes empty. If the US fancied changing their tactics for their detention centres, it would be to stick the prisoner into a cell with this movie on loop. I can guarantee he would spill any truth before the film even hit the half way point!!!! That or he'd personally pluck the eyeballs from it's sockets! The plot is shallow and pathetic. It's unfortunate to see that the ideas have been taken from various other horror movies such as the exorcist or the blood from the shining, and then been mixed to cook up this sin of a movie. I feel really sorry for those people who sat in a cinema and watched this movie without the option to fast-forward. I think if I hadn't have had that option I would be drinking my way down a bottle of petrol and hope that death will bring an end to the unbelievable torture this movie provides.

In summary, if you want to see how not to make a movie, watch it, but be prepared with something strong to drink near you or some heavy sedatives. If you want to save 90 mins of your valuable life, hit the back button now on your browser and go find a proper movie!!!

Good luck
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A waste of time
rhastaman24 February 2013
I torturously watched this movie all the way to the end just to figure out what it was supposed to be about. Other than an opportunity for the hot chick to display her goods the movie was so obscure and muddled in tidbits of reality and hallucination that it lost all interest or belief. It must've been on a very low budget with only a few main characters and what appears to be a deserted drilling operation. It was probably a test drilling for water and then abandoned. So the location was cheap the facilities were cheap and special effects were cheap. And they only had a few actors. Otherwise a good springboard for the attractive blonde.
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