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A Fishy Tale - Disappointing and often silly this is one of Doctor Who's least successful stories.
A_Kind_Of_CineMagic21 August 2014
This 4 part story has to go down as a major failure in the series history. It takes place on Atlantis and sadly it is silly and badly produced in most respects compared to the series usual great standards. Being quite ridiculous at times it is at best camp fun but it mostly fails to maintain that fun as it is also pretty boring much of the time. The attempts at humour often fall flat and its implausible story (from writer Geoffrey Orme) is not a good idea.

A disappointing adventure in almost every respect with only the regular cast's performances and a few small elements raising it above an Atlantis like descent into total awfulness. One of the worst Doctor Who stories but with just enough fun and decent aspects to keep it above the level of a lot of the dross you see on TV.

One word in its defence, many people accuse the villain Zaroff of having an awful accent but that was the actor Joseph Furst's own natural accent!

All 4 Episodes - 4/10
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