"Doctor Who" The Faceless Ones: Episode 2 (TV Episode 1967) Poster

Frazer Hines: Jamie


  • [first lines] 

    Commandant : You're quite sure you've never met these men? They say they know you.

    Polly Wright : But they can't know me. This is my first visit to England!

    Jamie : But Polly, it's us, me and the Doctor!

    Dr. Who : Would you mind telling us your name?

    Polly Wright : I am Michelle Leuppi from Zurich.

    Dr. Who : You have a passport?

    Polly Wright : Yes, of course. Here.

    [she hands it over] 

    Polly Wright : Have I done something wrong?

    Commandant : Oh no, I don't suppose there's anything for you to worry about, Miss. May I just ask what you're doing in England?

    Polly Wright : I have come here to work. Look, here is my work permit.

    Commandant : Oh, yes, that's quite in order. Thank you. Excuse me.

    Dr. Who : Where did you learn such excellent English?

    Polly Wright : I had an English governess. Would you mind telling me what's happening?

    Commandant : Nothing that need concern you, miss, everything's perfectly order. Now if you'd just like to go through there?

    Polly Wright : Thank you.

    Jamie : Polly, wait!

    Commandant : Just a minute young man.

    Jamie : But she's a friend of ours - and she saw the murder!

    Commandant : You're going to wait here until the Superintendent of police arrives - now understand that?

    Dr. Who : Ah, you're going to tell him about the dead body, very sensible.

    Commandant : No. I am going to tell him about you.

    [into the phone] 

    Commandant : Put me through to Superintendent Reynolds.

    Dr. Who : [whispering]  Jamie, I don't think we're very welcome here. When I say run, we run!

    Commandant : [into the phone]  Hello Super, Commandant. I've got a couple of illegal entrants here. Yes... Immigration Desk Number Five.

    Dr. Who : Run!

    [before anyone can stop them the Doctor and Jamie shoot past the barrier and run out of the reception area, disappearing into the crowds that throng the main concourse] 

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